[NO BLACK BAR]Convert Any Video to 18.5:9/19.5:9 iPhone X Galaxy S9/S9+

I know there are a great of many video converting programs on both Windows and macOS that are able to convert videos to iPhone X, iPhone 2 SE, Galaxy S9/S9+, Google Pixel 3 XL, Mi MIX 2, OnePlus 6/5T, etc. You may probably notice all the phones that I mentioned are bezel-less phones and people may also call them full screen, full display, all screen, or entire screen as Apple calls its iPhone X, and their screens are in 18.5:9 or 19.5:9 and others are between 18:9 and 19:9. However, as you can see one of the complaints on Reddit, there are black bars on videos:

Personally I prefer 16:9, as 18:9 adds black bars on video (no immersive feel), makes the phone harder to use one handed (to reach upper left especially), and gives me a cramped keyboard…I really hate that part. I’d rather it be shorter to where it’s 16:9 or wider to where it’s 16:9, many of the issues would be solved. What do we get for to the longer display in exchange? I don’t see it being worth the trade off, an extra text message on screen?

And you may wonder how is it possible to convert any video in any aspect ratio like 16:9, 16:10, 4:3, etc to 18.5:9, 18:9, 19.5:9, 19:9 bezel-less phones like iPhone X, Galaxy S9, etc? Well, today, I am giving you an absolutely no black bar solution for converting any videos to perfectly fit your full-screen display phones with any aspect ratio.

It is important to know the phone’s aspect ratio if you want to convert videos like AVCHD, MKV, AVI, WMV, M2TS/MTS, etc with no black bars. When the video’s aspect ratio matches your phones aspect ratio, it can be perfectly fit your phone with no black bars upside down or left and right. 

So, how do we know our phones aspect ratio? It can be checked on the official site of each phone but sometimes it just doesn’t work. I suggest you guys go Gsmarena.com for details.

Do a search on Gsmarena.com, locate your phone and check the aspect ratio in Display-Resolution. Below is an example for Galaxy S9 Plus:

If you know the screen resolution of your full-display phone, you can also calculate yourself: Divide length by width and you get the aspect ratio. Let’s take Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus in the screenshot above as an example:


And this will be used for us to calculate the customized resolution for the 18.5:9, 18:9, 19.5:9, 19:9 full-display or bezel-less phones in converting.

Bezel-less/Full display Video Converter PC/Mac

I myself use different video converters to do different video converting. Generally, Wondershare UniConverter, once named Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate, is my main one as it is really powerful and stable and does almost anything I need and I am a big fan of Wondershare’s other programs like Filmora, Dr.Fone, Recoverit, etc.

However, when I try to convert videos to full display phones, Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate works, but it just doesn’t give me a perfect copy to fully fit the full screen without black bars. I notice I am not free to set the resolution and the aspect ratio is fixed.

The same thing happens to my other main converter, Leawo Video Converter, and the free one Handbrake. I also tried DVDFab, it is able to convert videos with a customized resolution I need, but it adds black bars…

Black Bar

A perfect solution is found until I try MOVAVI Video Converter Premium. I do have MOVAVI Video Converter long ago and used it for converting videos to Innotab Max for kids with customized baseline, main or high profile for H264 videos, but I don’t use it much since then. But for converting videos like AVCHD, M2TS/MTS, MKV, AVI, VOB, WMV, etc to 18:9, 18.5:9, 19:9, 19.5:9, and other aspect ratio full-display or bezel-less phones, it works much better as you are able to customize the resolution and aspect ratio and stretch any video to full screen without black bars on your iPhone X, Galaxy S9/S9 Plus, OnePlus 6, MIX2S, HTC U12, Google Pixel 3 XL and all the others bezel-less phones! 

Convert Any Video to 18.5:9/19.5:9 Full Display Phone

In the post below, I will give you a very detailed guide on how you can convert videos to full display phones, and it does not matter what video formats you have and what the aspect ratio your bezel-less, entire screen phone is.

Please follow the link below to free download a 7-days full version trial of MOVAVI Video Converter from its official site, install and launch it. 

Step 1. Load Videos

You can simply drag and drop MKV, WMV, AVI, AVCHD, M2TS/MTS, photos and even unprotected DVDs. You can also click the Add Media button to do so. Folder is supported. 

MOVAVI Add Video

Step 2. Check Video Resolution

We need to check the video’s resolution in order to calculate the new resolution to fit the full screen display on your phone. Right click on the video you add and select File Information.

Step 3. Select Profile for Full-display Phone

MOVAVI lists all its profiles below and choose one you need. You can also choose popular formats and follow the next step to custom the profile to meet your needs.

Step 4. Custom Profile for 18.5/19.5:9 Full Screen Display

Click the Gear icon as shown below to custom profiles.

Customize Profile
  • Select Custom in Frame Size
  • Uncheck “Scale proportionally” (The chain looks broken). And custom the resolution according to the below rule:
Keep the Height as origin, and Multiply height by PHONE's aspect ratio as Width.

So, in my example, my video’s resolution is 1280×720 and Galaxy S9 Plus’ aspect ratio is 18.5:9, which equals to 2.055555555555556 (18.5÷9). So we keep the height 720 as original and multiply 720 by 2.055555555555556 (phone’s aspect ratio) and we get 1480 as the width.

  • Select Stretch in Resize method.
Custom Resolution

You can also set the resolution as you need and you are free to save all your settings as your own profile by clicking “Save as”.

Step 5. Start Converting

Click the Convert button to start converting video to 18.5/19.5:9 full display phones.

Troubleshooting-Still Have Black Bars?

It is possible that you still have black bars when you play the converted video on iPhone X, Galaxy S9, HTC U12. And I find it is because there is black bar upside down in the original video. In this case, in order to remove those black bars, we need to use the Crop function in Edit in the full-screen video converter.

Please always note, since you changed the aspect ratio of your videos, you enjoy the videos or movies without black bars, you are still possible to lose some pixels in converting.

Uncheck “Maintain aspect ratio” and crop as you need.

Crop to Full Display

Rip DVD to Full Display Phone?

It is really a pity that MOVAVI does not support protected DVDs, which I notice when I was trying to rip DVDs to Innotab 3 for kids. So, how we can rip DVDs to full display phones without black bars?

I recommend you to decrypt the DVD encryption and then convert with MOVAVI. And below is some DVD rippers that I’d like to recommend you as I do in 2018 best Blu-ray DVD rippers:

  1. MakeMKV. [Review]A free program to decrypt all kinds of DVD copy protections and save all video, audio and subtitle tracks in MKV container in MPEG2, the same as DVD VOB files. Since there is no change in the codec, the ripping speed is fast. You are always required to get a beta key for MakeMKV here every two months and if you are interested in the lifetime full license, you are possible to get a discount here.
  2. WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro. The fastest DVD ripper for Windows. It supports all kinds of DVD copy protections including CSS, Disney, etc and I just rips Disney/Pixar DVD COCO for me. You can save $5 and get the full version at just $24.95.

Other DVD rippers are also recommended and you can check more details in my recommendations in 2018 best Blu-ray DVD rippers. I recommend MakeMKV and WonderFox here just because they can decrypt the protection and rip DVDs to MKV or MPG in MEPG2 with 1:1 quality at a really fast speed.

Now, there comes the questions, are you guys able to convert video and DVDs to your full-display, bezel-less phones like iPhone X, Galaxy S8/S9, Pixel 3 XL etc now without black bars?

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