I have been using Wondershare to download videos from YouTube and it works really great in downloading all kinds of YouTube videos. I am able to download 4k and even 8k videos, I am able to download 360° videos, and I am able to download the whole playlist or even a whole channel with it! Recently, when I was trying to download a YouTube video, I notice it says 60FPS on YouTube. However, when I try to download it, Wondershare does not list the FPS info. I try “60fps youtube downloader” and “download 60fps youtube video” on Google, but none of the recommended programs list the FPS information. So, how do we know that the video we want to download is 60 FPS or not?

After a couple of days trying different programs, I find one program that list FPS info before you download: VideoProc from Digiarty, with which you are able to download 60FPS YouTube videos or videos with specified FPS available and it is very easy to use.

It is really easy to tell if there is a 60 or even 120 fps video on YouTube. What you need to do is just to play the video in your browser and check the below information via the Gear icon and then click Quality. And here 60 in 2160p60 means 60 FPS.

60FPS YouTube Video

We don’t always have to do so because with the 60FPS YouTube Downloader, it displays such details like resolution, FPS, duration, video format as well. 

VideoProc-The Very 60FPS YouTube Video Downloader

VideoProc is an all-in-one media solution programmed by Digiarty Software Inc. As you can see from the straight-forward UI, it is able to rip DVDs, convert videos, record screens and download YouTube videos for you. 

VideoProc Main UI

I recommend VideoProc here just because it is the only and very 60 fps YouTube downloader that I have found so far. The Downloader module offers a versatile way to download videos from YouTube as well as other online sites. For YouTube downloading, it is able to download 4K and 8K YouTube videos, playlists, and 60FPS videos as well. VideoProc is available from its official site here:

Besides, VideoProc is able to download YouTube videos directly to MP3, and it’s one of the top 60FPS Video Converters that I recommend. If you are interested in converting videos to 120FPS, here’s the solution.

How to Download 60FPS YouTube Video

Below I will show you a step-by-step guide on how to download 60FPS YouTube video with VideoProc. Don’t worry, it is really easy to use. 

Getting Ready:

Please follow the above button to visit VideoProc’s home page, download, install and launch it. Besides, visit your YouTube video and copy the URL. 

Copy 360 Video URL

Step 1. Go for Downloader

Let’s take a look at what VideoProc says for its Downloader:

Video Downloader

Download video streams, live videos, video playlist, channel and music from YouTube, Facebook and other UGC sites, and save them in different resolution & formats. 

It’s your very 60FPS YouTube downloader.

VideoProc 60FPS YouTube Video Downloader

Step 2. Paste URL

Click Add Video and paste your URL for analyzing. 

VideoProc YouTube Analyzing

Step 3. Download 60FPS YouTube Video

After the YouTube video is analyzed, you will see the details like Quality(resolution), Extension(format), Frame Rate(FPS), and Size. Choose the 60FPS videos in different formats you prefer and hit Download Selected Videos. 

Besides, there’s the URL for the sample 60FPS YouTube video.


  • You can click Show All if you prefer other resolution or format when you download 60FPS videos from YouTube.
  • If you want subtitles along with the 60FPS videos while downloading, click the Search button to do so.

Step 4. Start Downloading

After that, you will have to click Download Now to start downloading the 60FPS YouTube video. 

Start Downloading YouTube

Get The 60FPS YouTube Video Downloader

How does the video downloader work for you to download 60FPS YouTube videos? If it works, I have a BIG Discount for you! You are able to get the FULL and LIFETIME license at just $42.95:

How to Download 60FPS YouTube Videos with the Very 60FPS YouTube Downloader
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