There are many formats in which your documents might exist. They might be in a scanned pdf form, a png form, TIFF or GIF form and so many more.
If you see some sort of text present in these documents which you want to convert to DOC or word to obtain an editable form of the text, then you can use the online converters.

Online converters have the ability to do the conversion of these files into words to help you edit, copy, paste, and share them within seconds. Here, we will discuss how you can convert scanned pdf to word online for free.


Many people are not aware of how a normal pdf can differ from a scanned pdf. If you get a file which is in scanned pdf form, it is very important to know the differences it has when brought into comparison with the regular or normal pdf.

In a normal or regular pdf, you contain content or text to which you are able to make amendments.
In a scanned pdf, the content is available in a pictorial form. This is why you need to convert that scanned pdf into a version to which changes in the text can be made.

But the question is, how can you do it and what are some of the best converters which can help you with the process? Let’s refer to the information below.


Obviously, when you have your content in a scanned pdf or pictorial version, you are not able to make changes to it. Writing everything word to word is an impractical thing and consumes a lot of time. Therefore, it is really essential that you convert your scanned pdf file to word. This can be done online and without costing a single penny. Let’s look into the best converters for your scanned pdf to be changed to word.

This is one of the most reliable ones available online. This software is an all-rounder in itself. With a very well-sorted outlook, this software is the simplest to use.
What you have to do is upload your scanned pdf file, then you have to select the format in which you want to do the conversion. In this case, you will choose Microsoft word. And then you just have to hit the convert button to get a conversion. Since this software supports around 46 languages, which include Japanese, Chinese, and etc. therefore, you also get an option to choose or select the language in which you want to do the conversion. This is a very helpful feature that increases the audience which is engaged in the use of this tool. Hence, with this software, do your conversion in the easiest and efficient way.

Prepostseo is a great tool. It has all the features which a perfect converter must-have. From being compatible with different languages to supporting different fonts, the software does it all.
This tool also works with every format of files. From TIPP to scanned pdf. Prepostseo also respects your privacy in every possible way. Just after you are done with your work of conversion, it removes or erases your data so you can easily trust it with the sensitive content. Despite being free, this tool has no limit to the number of files you can convert. Hence, there’s absolutely no obstacle in your work.

The best part of this software is how it recognizes the mathematical equation and the fonts which are present in low quality. hence, this is a complete package.


Since this tool supports almost all the formats, it is very important to select what you want to convert the document and the form in which it is already present. Small pdf, although free to use, has certain limitations to it. You can convert only 2 files per hour for the free version. However, one big benefit that this tool has provided to both the free users and the paid users is increasing the file size to about 5GB.
This tool ensures maximum security and privacy. They say they do everything to protect your files in the right way.

You are also provided with a guide in case you are having trouble to use. What else would you require from a tool?


Let’s go through some of the advantages which make the online converting tools worth using and useful in every possible way.

1. File sharing is made super easy
If you want to share your files with someone online, you can do it easily and within a matter of seconds through the use of these tools.

2. Your files are all safe and secure
The online softwares have made sure that they keep your files safe in every possible way. Protective measures have been taken so you can do the conversion of sensitive content without the fear of them being compromised upon. You can save your content on the cloud without the threat of someone misusing it.

3. You don’t need to install for use
The best thing about the tool is how you do not require the installation of the software. Since you do not have to install it, therefore, you are saved from the hustle of upgrades and all such issues.

4. They are free to use
Obviously, when you get all the great features for free, there is absolutely nothing that should stop you from using the tool.

5. The files are converted in high quality
People expect compromises on quality would be made if the converters are used. However, this is a mere misconception. There are NO compromises made on the quality.

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