WinX DVD Ripper Platinum Review-Top DVD Ripper Software for PC and Mac

Why do you want to rip DVDs? And what are your requirements for DVD ripping? I’d always like to rip DVDs to MP4. This is the most compatible video for my iPhone, iPad, Plex, NAS. With it, I just have to rip the DVD once. Which program do you use? It’s WinX DVD Ripper Platinum! In this post, you will see my WinX DVD Ripper Platinum review, and I’d like to recommend it to you all, and you will see the detailed reasons in the view.

Leawo Blu-ray Ripper Review-Best to Rip and Backup (1080P & 4K) Blu-rays and DVDs on PC and Mac

Here’s what I find the best solution to backup your Blu-ray DVD collections, prevent them from being scratched and watch them again anytime, anywhere you like: find a Blu-ray or DVD Ripper and get all your Blu-ray or DVD collections backed up with Leawo Blu-ray Ripper. Check my review for it.

Leawo DVD Ripper Review-Best DVD Ripper for PC/Mac, Fast in Ripping Protected DVDs

I like traveling and I’d always like to digitize my DVD collection before I leave. When I am ripping DVDs, one of my main concern is the time that the rip takes to process. Below is my review for Leawo DVD Ripper, one of the best DVD rippers for PC and Mac users that is fast in ripping protected DVDs.

Best Bluray DVD Rippers to Easily Rip Your DVDs & Blu-Rays on Windows and Silicon Mac Computers

I don’t agree with Mark O’Neill on most of the other tools because what he recommended is really limited and I do believe there are better programs for DVD and Blu-ray ripping and video converting. Besides, most of the 9 tools mentioned by Mark are for Windows only. There are better choices for Mac users. And I decided to share my opinions on those Bluray and DVD rippers as well as my recommendations or alternatives, especially for macOS users.

How to Rip Beachbody Workout DVD CIZE/PiYo/Insanity on Windows and macOS

DVD rippers in the market do not seem to know the right title for CIZE, only picking up one title for one routine or even the wrong one, and you will always have to check titles before you rip the workout.
In this post, I’d like to share my ideas on how to rip and backup Beachbody workout CIZE. And the below screenshots are taken on my Windows, but for macOS, it is exactly the same!

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