Three 100% Working Age-restricted YouTube Video Downloader to Download Age Restricted YouTube Video on PC and MAC

When I watch YouTube videos, I am signed in, and I can play any video, including the age-restricted ones, because Google knows my age. Also, I could download any age-restricted YouTube video previously with my favorite YouTube download Wondershare UniConverter without any problem. However, recently, when I attempt to download age restricted YouTube videos, I have had no luck at all.

After that, I did some Google searches, and this seems to be a common problem for us all because Google may change something and restricted YouTube video downloading is now limited. Fortunately, we still have a couple of age-restricted youtube video downloaders to download age-restricted videos.

Three Downloaders to Download Age Restricted YouTube Videos on PC and Mac

You may not realize one YouTube video is age-restricted until you try to download it because you are signed-in in your browser. However, when you try downloading, it fails. But don’t worry, I’d like to recommend three 100% working YouTube downloaders for the age-restricted YouTube downloading. Let’s go.

4K Video Downloader

4K Video Downloader is one of the most current ones I’ve come across, and it quickly becomes my favorite for a couple of reasons. First of all, it is free to use, and it is fast for downloading general videos. It supports up to 7 threads for downloading. And it is rather simple to use. Its smart mode is really convenient, and we can download the desired YouTube video with just one mouse click. Moreover, it displays FPS and HDR info, making it extremely easy for 60 FPS and HDR video downloading. One more, it actually supports Facebook, Vimeo, Dailymotion downloading too. 

Although it’s named as 4K Video Downloader, it is actually able to download 8K YouTube videos.

Age-restricted YouTube Downloading Guide

4K Video Downloader is defiantly very easy and straightforward. The only extra step for age-restricted YouTube video downloading is to sign in to your YouTube account first. Let’s get started.

Step 1. Sign in

I assume you have downloaded, installed, and launched 4K Video Downloader? OK, let’s go for Tools > Preferences in the menu and sign in to your account as requested.

4K Video Downloader Sign In
Click to Enlarge

If successful, it will show you as “Logged in as xxx.” And you will be notified by Google that you just signed in to a new device. 

Step 2. Copy URL

Now, you need to go back to your browser and copy the URL of the registered video.

Step 3. Paste URL

Click the Paste Link button in the 4K Video Downloader. And it starts by analyzing the age-restricted YouTube video.

Paste Link

Step 4. Choose Video for Downloading

After a few seconds, the 4K Video Downloader finishes the analysis, and you will be presented with the below window where you choose to download the video or audio, the output format. You can select your preferred resolution and quality for downloading.

download age restricted youtube video

Step 5. Download 

Hit the Download button to start downloading age-restricted YouTube Videos.

Tips for Age Restricted YouTube Downloading

  • Smart Mode is actually an option to remember your choice, so you don’t have to select the output format or resolution of everything when you try to download any video. Simply enable Smart Mode, and thus, you can just hit the Paste Link button. And the 4K Video Downloader will start immediately downloading any YouTube video, including the age-restricted ones.
  • Enable Proxy in Preference-Connection for downloading videos that are not available for your region.

StreamFab Downloader

StreamFab Downloader is an all-in-one downloader for YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo, and many others from DVDFab. It was called DVDFab Downloader. However, this name seems to have nothing to do with downloading but DVD ripping. So, it is now renamed to StreamFab.

Furthermore, it can download YouTube videos to MP3 at a bitrate of 320 kbps!

StreamFab Downloader functions similarly to an explorer, allowing you to download videos with it. For age-restricted YouTube videos, it is very simple to use. Just sign in as you do in your browser. 

Sign in YouTube
StreamFab Cannot Sign In

Then, you watch a video in it, and there is a floating download button, click it to download.

Any Video Converter Free[No Login Required]

Thanks for @tallship’s recommendation! Any Video Converter Free version is a totally free video converter that can do age-restricted YouTube video downloading; no payments or login are required!

Since no login is required, Any Video Converter Free is extremely easy to use! After installing, please go to “Add URLs” and paste your age-registred YouTube video URL and click Start Download:

By default, Any Video Converter Free will download the best quality of the age-restricted video. You can set it to Manually Select here in Options-Online Video:

Troubleshooting-Why QuickTime Cannot Play the Downloaded Video?

For the first time, when I download an age-restricted video from YouTube on my Mac, I found QuickTime cannot play it because it is not compatible. And the same happens to the Movies & TV app in Windows, and you need a free AV1 Video Extension.

Well, don’t worry, the video is NOT corrupted. This is just because the video codec is AV01, also known as AV1(not AVI), which is becoming more and more popular in YouTube video streaming. However, your Windows and macOS built-in player does not support it at all.

And, there is an easy fix for you, and I’d like to recommend IINA video player for macOS users or MPC-BE, PotPlayer for Windows. Alternatively, you can re-convert the video for Mp4 H.264 or whatever format your player accepts.

If you don’t want all those, be sure NOT to select AV01 videos for downloading.

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dodgy steve
dodgy steve
1 year ago

4k Video Downloader is NOT free. Clicking the Youtube login button directs you to subscription page where you have to PAY to use it.

1 year ago
Reply to  Hunk

Yes, but you said it was 100% free, for the purpose of this particular thread about downloading “Age Restricted YouTube Videos“, and that is NOT the case.

I recommend you go back and change your article to reflect this in a prominent location to avoid confustion for those of us who know that in the future there will be many others who do as we did, follow your guide, only to find out they have to pay money before coming back here and digging through the comments to find out your article was wrong and misleading.

1 year ago

First, the 4K Video Downloader that Han mentions IS NOT 100% free, so it does not work. As soon as you try to enter in your google account credentials it says that you have to pay for this feature with an upgraded subscription – that’s sort of a non-starter.
Here’s what does work:

AnyVideoConverter FREE – I’ve had this and used it for ages, came across this age restricted thing and ended up here, followed Han’s guide at his site which is also supposed to be current, and represents the 4K Video Downloader as Free. Again, it is not.
but AnyVideoConverter is FREE, so after much frustration I said to myself, “Hm…. I wonder if it accepts account credentials?” Boom Shakalaka! It does, in Edit ==> Preferences ==> Video or something like that, just enter your credentials for YouTube and Voila! Age restricted videos are now downloaded NO PROBLEM at all!

You can get AnyVideoConverter FREE here from AVCLabs dot com and they also have a wealth of other paid applications that are well worth considering :)

I hope that helps!

1 year ago
Reply to  Hunk

I am almost certain you won’t be disappointed :)

And do please let me know how you liked it.

1 year ago
Reply to  tallship

Do you know if this still works?
I have entered my YouTube credentials but AVC still says “Analyzing failed…..sign in to confirm your age” – I don’t know if I am doing something wrong or if it just no longer works

1 year ago
Reply to  Stannis33

I just checked and it is still working for me just fine.

Have you logged in and confirmed your age in your Google/YouTube account before using AVC?

That’s all it seems to be asking for, because it uses YOUR age confirmed account to download age restricted videos.

1 year ago
Reply to  tallship

I think so……I can happily watch the video in youtube and youtube settings says restricted mode is off – but I don’t recall ever explicitly confirming my age, is there something else you have to do to confirm that (I couldn’t find any obvious option)

4 months ago

To download age restricted videos on 4K Video Downloader you need a subscription in order to use

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