I like traveling and I’d always like to digitize my DVD collection before I leave. When I am ripping DVDs, one of my main concern is the time that the rip takes to process. For the four DVDs listed below that I tried with some free DVD rippers, as you can see the time it took to rip the full movies, they let me down. 

  • Spider-Man 3 21 mins 35 seconds 600 minutes (10 hours)
  • Star Wars – Phantom Menace 16 mins 33 seconds 450 minutes (7.5 hours)
  • Star Wars – Force Awakens 21 mins 45 seconds 600 minutes (10 hours)
  • Fight Club 18 mins 45 seconds 521 minutes (9.66 hours)

I am lucky to have a DVD Ripper called Leawo DVD Ripper, which meets all of the needs of DVD ripping and this is my review for it. 

When I rip DVDs, my main concerns as stated above are as follows:

  1. The output quality
  2. The time that the rip takes to process
  3. The Disney and other protected DVDs’ ripping

Leawo DVD Ripper is believed by me one of the best DVD rippers in the market that is ideal in ripping protected DVDs from Disney, BBC, Beachbody etc with fast ripping speed and 1:1 video quality. 

You can simply follow the two buttons to below and have 30 days full version try and see if it is your ideal DVD ripper.

Leawo DVD Ripper is fully compatible with Windows 10, macOS 10.13 High Sierra and macOS 10.14 Mojave. My Leawo DVD Ripper review will explain why it can be an ideal DVD ripper and the best alternative to other ripping software.

Rip DVD to MP4 AVI MKV with 1:1 Video Quality

Leawo DVD Ripper, while ripping DVDs, is able to maintain almost 1:1 video quality to the original DVD. The H.264 coder is what I recommend as the output MP4 comes with the best video quality and smaller file size. One more thing that is important is that MP4 is the most compatible container for all kinds of the operating system including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Windows Phone as well as smart TVs and even Google Drive, Dropbox etc.

Besides, there are a lot of output formats available for the possible needs, like ripping DVDs VTS to MP4, ripping DVD to Apple TV 4 and ripping DVDs to music files in MP3, AAC, FLAC etc. H.265 videos are ready for DVD ripping as well. Do you want to upscale DVD to 1080P or rip DVDs to 4K mp4 and 4K MKV? Or, how about a DVD ripping without local DVD drive? Although I don’t recommend so, it is now possible with Leawo DVD Ripper. 

Fast in Ripping DVDs on PC/Mac

As one of my concerns to rip DVDs, some DVD Rippers rip really slow, which is one of the main reason for me to find an alternative. And Leawo DVD Ripper did offer a faster way to rip DVDs. Leawo does not advertise itself to be the fastest DVD ripper but it is able to rip a 90 minutes DVD to H264 MP4 in about 28-40 minutes on my old MacBook Pro late 2011. 

Easier Disney DVD Ripping

While ripping Disney DVDs and other protected DVDs, like CSS and region code, Leawo DVD Ripper rips all those DVDs without any problem. It picks up the correct DVD title for me. What I need to do is choose the output profile and hit run. Have myself a cup of coffee and let the program do all the rest for me.

And, Leawo DVD Ripper is able to rip other protected DVDs from, say, BBC, Beachbody, Pixar etc.

decrypt bluray dvd

If you are the one like me who’s not very satisfied with your DVD ripper’s long time for ripping, Leawo DVD Ripper is the best alternative for me. It is faster and more stable in ripping, especially for Disney and other protected DVDs. You are able to follow the below link for a free trial and you are to get a full and lifetime version for just $29.96 here. It’s 25% off and you save $9.99

If you are also interested in more Leawo product discounts,here they are. 

Leawo DVD Ripper Review-Best DVD Ripper for PC/Mac, Fast in Ripping Protected DVDs
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