Neural.Love Review: Its Uncanny AI Had Me Convinced I Had Superpowers by Making my Photos/Videos/Voices Pop

In my previous posts about AI video upscaling, AI Image Sharpeners, colorizing black and white videos, FPS boosting, I recommended an online tool called Neural.Love. Actually, besides of all the recommendations, it does more.

If you are looking for a way to create amazing content with the help of artificial intelligence, you might want to check out is a platform that offers a variety of tools to enhance different types of content, such as images, videos, and audio. Whether you want to create stunning art, make your own avatar, restore old photos, or improve the quality of your media, can help you achieve your goals. uses advanced deep learning models to generate and edit content based on your inputs and preferences. You can choose from different styles, filters, effects, and features to customize your content and make it unique. You can also get feedback and insights from to learn from your content and your audience.

In this blog post, we will review the main features of and how to use them for content creation. We will also show you some examples of content created by and how to interpret them. By the end of this blog post, you will have a better understanding of what can do for you and how it can help you create amazing content.

AI Art Generator[FREE]

During my review, I see one of the most popular features of is the AI art generator. This tool allows you to create beautiful and original art with the power of artificial intelligence. And, it is FREE. You can use different styles and prompts to generate art that matches your vision and mood.

To use the AI art generator, you need to choose a style from Fantasy, Painting, and many more to No category and enter a prompt in the text box. A prompt is a word or phrase that describes what kind of art you want to create. For example, you can enter “a sunset over the ocean” or “a fantasy castle” or use a random text for testing. You can even upload your own image for restyling without text.

Neural.Love Review: AI Art Generator Free

Once you enter the prompt, will generate an artwork based on it. You can see the artwork in the preview window and download it if you like it. AI Uncropping, enhancing, re-mixing, etc are all available. 

You can see that can create diverse and realistic artworks that capture the essence of the prompts and styles.

Specific provisions has some specific provisions for its AI Art Genertor and AI Avator(Custom Model).

Here is a summary of the key points:

  • Uses CreativeML Open RAIL++-M License
  • love claims no rights to generated content, which is licensed CC0
  • Custom models and their outputs are private by default
  • Users can remove or download custom models anytime
  • Safeguards prevent abusive use like nudity, hate speech
  • Cannot use services unlawfully, to harm others, spread false information, discriminate, exploit vulnerabilities, provide medical advice, aid law enforcement profiling and predictions, etc.

Make AI Avatar

Another feature of that you might find useful is the make AI avatar tool. This tool allows you to make your own avatar with your own custom mode.

Make AI Avatar

When creating an AI avatar with, uploading more source images allows the AI to generate a higher-quality final product. The recommended minimum is 20 original images to take full advantage of the avatar customization capabilities.

The images you provide should capture the subject from different angles and perspectives. Take photos showcasing front, side, and rear views to give the AI a fully dimensional understanding of the person’s face and body.

Capturing different backgrounds, lighting conditions, and poses also adds crucial variety. The subject’s shoulders and torso should be visible in images, avoiding shots that are just headshots or closeups. Sunglasses should not be worn so the AI can analyze facial features.

A range of emotions and expressions in the photos allows for a more lifelike and expressive avatar. Happy, sad, surprised, angry, laughing – provide images spanning the emotional spectrum.

Additionally, use a distinct background in each image. Indoor, outdoor, plain backgrounds, natural backgrounds – this variance in setting will improve the avatar quality.

Remember to make sure each uploaded photo features the subject alone without any other people. The AI works best by analyzing one person per image.

While supplying 20+ varied images takes some effort, it pays off in the end. The wider perspective and additional data points give the AI the material to generate an incredibly detailed and multifaceted avatar. Once processed, the original images are automatically deleted from’s systems so you don’t have to worry about managing those files. Putting in the work on the front end by providing diverse, high-quality source images leads to superior avatar output.

Uncrop Image

If you have ever encountered a situation where you wanted to see more of an image but it was cropped or incomplete, you might appreciate the uncrop image feature of’s latest AI model for image outpainting makes expanding and uncropping photos easier than ever. This new Uncrop tool lets you artificially extend the edges of an image to reveal more of the scene.

There are two main modes of uncropping.

Outpainting Mode

The first one: Outpainting Mode. This setting generates new image content beyond the original borders, outpainting the scene to create a larger field of view. It is great for expanding cropped photos without changing the original aspect ratio. The AI generates realistic scenery and details in the expanded areas.


Change Aspect Ratio

This uncrops your photo by converting it into new aspect ratios for social media or other uses. Options include 16:9, 4:3, 3:2, 2:1, 9:16, 4:5, 3:4 and more. The AI fills in the new edges intelligently.

When changing aspect ratio, you can convert to horizontal formats suited for YouTube, Twitter, Facebook covers, and more. Vertical ratios optimize images for Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, YouTube Shorts, phone wallpapers, etc.

The outpainting is not historically or contextually accurate – it simply predicts reasonable visual expansions. But despite these limitations, the new Uncrop model makes extending and resizing images easier than ever before. It’s a huge time-saver for social media images, wallpapers, thumbnails, and any situation requiring expanded, uncropped photos.

Image Enhance

Sometimes, you might have an image that is not very clear or appealing, and you want to make it better or larger. In that case, you can use the image enhance feature of This tool allows you to enhance an image with artificial intelligence and make it more beautiful and captivating. You can check how amazing your Midjourney images look like after upscaling them.

Quality Enhance(4x)

Enable Quality Enhance to increase the resolution of your image to 2 or 4 times the original size. It sharpens details and upscales the image without losing quality. However, it works best when the source image is sharp and detailed to begin with. Blurry or low-quality images may not upscale well.

You can also add Smart Noise reduction which helps improve texture and remove artifacts during upscaling. Overall, the 4x size increase can breathe new life into images while preserving crisp quality.

After upscaling, click the preview to compare the original and the result. You can re-enhance, uncrop, re-mix, or download your image as needed.

Sharpen and Unblur

The unblur function detects and reduces blurriness and fuzziness in photos using AI. It can turn a blurry shot into a clearer, sharper image with one click. The default mode provides a balanced sharpening, while Aggressive mode further enhances sharpness and edges.

AI Sharpen UnBlur Aggressive Mode

This works great for rescuing blurry pics but may degrade images that are already sharp. It’s ideal for breathing clarity into older, softer photos.

Facial Restoration

Enhance and add detail to faces in your shots. The AI finds facial features and generates finer textures, tones, and lines to make the face more lifelike and high-quality. For best results, faces should be front-facing and clearly visible.

AI Facial Restoration​

Colorization can colorize black and white photos automatically with just one click. The AI adds realistic color while retaining details and tonality. As with upscaling, this works better on higher-resolution, more detailed source images. The colors are artificially generated and may not represent the actual historical colors.

Photo Restoration

This tool fixes visual flaws in images through AI. Options include:

  • Remove Scratches – Eliminates scratches, dust, blemishes and damage
  • Correct Colors – Balances and enhances colors that appear washed out or tinted

The color correction is designed to improve photos with issues, but may overly alter images that already have pleasing color. Overall, the restoration makes old, damaged photos look revitalized.

AI Photo Restoration

AI Image Variations[Re-mix]

Another way to make your content more diverse and engaging is to use the AI image variations, allowing you to generate different variations of an image, all generated by AI. You can use these variations to explore different possibilities and perspectives for your content. This image-to-image capability provides endless remixing possibilities with just a single source image.

After uploading any image you want to alter, you can select the number of variations you want the AI to produce – 2, 4, 6, 8, 10. The AI will then re-interpret the image in different artistic styles, compositions, colors, and more. No two outputs will be the same, giving you a wide selection of options to choose from.

AI Image Variations

This also works wonderfully with existing paintings and art. The AI can re-paint the image in different brush stroke styles, color palettes, shapes and textures. It’s like instantly obtaining alternate versions from different artists.

However, the results aren’t perfect – some generated images may contain minor AI glitches like distorted hands or faces. These are rare but can occur as the technology continues improving.

Despite occasional anomalies, the AI image variations tool makes remixing and building upon existing images easier than ever. In just minutes, you can prompt the AI to re-interpret any image in dozens of new creative directions. It saves hours of manual editing time and unlocks new visualization possibilities.

Video Enhance provides the world’s best online AI video enhancers, used by over 29,000 people to improve their footage. With, you can significantly upgrade your videos without needing any specialized hardware or software.

The AI-powered video enhancements work entirely online for maximum convenience. Simply upload your video file to’s secure cloud servers. The video remains 100% private, which is encrypted and viewable only by you.

Then, select the enhancements or AI filters you want applied to your video. You can upscale, increase video frame rates, add colors, add face details, or apply slow motion effetcts to your videos. Each comes with different credits and a official preview for you to understand what each filter does.

When you’re satisfied, render the full length video with your selected AI filters by clicking ‘Start Processing for xxx credits’. The automated enhancements can achieve in minutes what would take hours of complex manual editing.’s user-friendly online platform removes hardware limitations and technical obstacles to make video enhancement quick, convenient and accessible to all.

Experience the simplicity of “one-click” AI video improvements that were once only possible with Hollywood-level tools and expertise. Let handle the intensive computations in the cloud so you can enjoy sharing your videos at their absolute highest quality.

AI Video Upscaling to 4K is one of the best online AI video upscaling tools to upscale your video resolution up to 4K ultra HD. You can choose to enhance to 720p, 1080p, 4K or up to 400% larger than the original.

There are two AI models:

  • Default Model: Works well for most videos and is less prone to artifacts.
  • Maximum Details Model: Generates extremely sharp detail but may cause visual glitches on some footage. Test on a preview first.
AI Video Upscaling to 4K

Change Framerate to 120 FPS

Convert your video to high frame rates for silky smooth motion. Options are 30fps, 60fps or 120fps. The AI generates additional frames.

This works best on video with clear motion and details. It may falter on duplicate frames, jittery footage or blur.

AI FPS Boosting

Facial Restoration

Enhances facial detail and skin texture for lifelike clarity. You can choose the intensity level – default or high. Faces should be clearly visible and forward-facing.


Automatically colorizes black and white video with realistic colors. Quality depends on the resolution and clarity of the original footage. Colors are artificially generated.


Slow your video down to 10-95% slower speeds to highlight details or create dramatic cinematic slow motion. This removes audio.

Duplicate frames, jittery motion, and blurry sources may cause artifacts in slowed video. Clear, smooth footage works best.

Audio Enhance

Whether you have podcasts, music, or voice recordings, you can use the audio enhance feature to make them better. This AI-powered tool can boost the sample rate of audio files up to 48kHz for CD-quality sound. Lower-quality audio like 32kHz or 22kHz files can be enhanced to richer 48kHz with the advanced neural network.

Enhance Voice

Remove background noise and clarify speech with the voice enhancement filters. The AI isolates voices, reduces ambient sounds like wind and traffic, and de-reverbs audio to make speech clearer. Great for interviews, lectures, phone calls and other vocal recordings.

There are 3 modes:

  • Remove Music & Noises – Aggressively strips out all background audio leaving just vocal.

  • Default – Balances voice isolation with preserving ambient sound. Works for most use cases.

  • Aggressive – Intense noise reduction which may potentially remove wanted sounds. Use sparingly.

Remove Vocals

This tool uses AI to extract and subtract vocal tracks from audio, leaving just the instrumental melodies and rhythms. Great for making karaoke versions, sampling beats, or listening to music without lyrics.

The AI analyzes the unique spectral properties of human voices to selectively isolate and remove them from the mix. This works best on modern music recordings.

In summary,’s online audio enhancers breathe new life into lo-fi audio, clarify speech, and separate musical elements – all through the power of AI. Upscaling, noise reduction and vocal removal can achieve studio-quality improvements instantly without installation or technical expertise.

Restore Portrait

In the last part of this review, I’d like to show you the AI restore portrait tool.’s AI portrait generator creates highly realistic HD renditions from low quality source images. Powerful neural networks transform paintings, sketches, drawings, and old damaged photographs into reimagined lifelike portraits. Turn back time by revitalizing your vintage portraits through neural networks.

The AI analyzes facial geometry to recreate refined details, textures, lighting, and tones. Sources should depict clear frontal views of faces without obstructions like headwear or hands. Unique stylization and facial features may not generate well.

The AI restoration process costs 3 credits to unlock the full HD version. To achieve the best results, avoid using modern digital photographs, images with visible texture/noise/damage, obscured faces, or highly artistic renderings as input. The AI performs best enhancing old illustrations and photographs, breathing new life into low-quality antiques.


Neural.Love offers flexible AI creation tools accessible through credit-based plans. Users can customize a plan from 100 credits to 5000 to match their usage needs and budget.

The free plan grants 5 credits to try Neural.Love’s AI. After that, you can choose to pay a subscription or pay as you go. You can see the differences as shown below.

Neural.Love Review: Pricing

Payment is by credit/debit card only through Stripe’s secure encryption. Subscriptions can be canceled anytime – unused credits stay valid for 12 months.

Refunds are offered for unused credits, or if final video output quality is significantly degraded from the preview. AI art and other generation refunds are determined on a case-by-case basis.

Pros & Cons

After my review, I’d like to give you an overview of some of the key pros and cons:


  • Easy to use platform and intuitive UI design
  • No creative skills required to generate high-quality visual content
  • AI models produce results quickly, saving huge amounts of time
  • Massive library of AI content creation tools for art, photos, video, audio etc.
  • Continuously improving AI generates increasingly impressive outputs
  • Tools democratize access to advanced technology like upscaling and editing
  • Can customize AI models for specialized outputs tailored to you
  • Private and secure cloud processing protects user data and files


  • Results still contain some AI flaws and glitches in certain cases
  • Subscription plans and credits can become expensive for heavy usage


In this review, we have shown you its main features. represents a massive leap forward in making advanced AI creativity accessible to all. With its ever-expanding library of artificial intelligence powered tools for generating stunning visuals, audio, and video, creativity is no longer confined to those with artistic skill.

For marketers, designers, social media managers, and other creatives, the platform is revolutionizing workflows. Tasks that once took hours or days can be completed with a single click. This represents a huge opportunity to work smarter, freeing up time for more impactful big picture work.

For hobbyists and casual creators, finally provides access to cutting-edge AI that was once only available to Hollywood studios and high-end production houses. It democratizes creative potential.

As’s algorithms continue evolving, even more complex and personalized outputs will become possible. We are just beginning to glimpse the full disruptive impact AI will have on entire creative industries. But one thing is clear – sits at the forefront of pioneering our creative AI future today.

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