Lists of the Best DVD Ripper Software in the world for PC and MAC

Every time when a new DVD from Disney, Warner Bros. Pictures, or Paramount, etc, is released, I’d always like to rip and backup the DVD disc to MP4 on either my PC or Mac for future playback on computers, phones, or TVs. And until then, I can see a good DVD ripper software can be a lifesaver and preserver for me in many regards especially when my DVDs are protected, mishandled, or ruined in some fashion.

What follows is a list of DVD ripper software for PC and MAC that I think is the best in the world. I paid close attention to them in the past few years and tested them one after another.

Which is the best DVD ripper software? My suggestion always goes that you try them first and make the decision.

What Features Makes the Best DVD Ripping Software?

A DVD ripper that can do the below 12 things better will be marked by me as a good DVD ripper. Among those good DVD rippers, you can pick up your best DVD ripping software.

  • Encrypted DVD Support

As is known, most of the commercially purchased DVDs are encrypted. Thus, it becomes one of the most significant features a good DVD ripper software should support. Or, there would be problems, even loading those protected DVDs.

  • Update Frequency

I do believe a good DVD ripper should keep updating itself to fix bugs and better support copy-protected DVDs. Also, the profiles need to be updated because there are new phones and tablets every year. 

  • Fast Ripping Speed

It’s always better to rip DVDs at a faster speed. Some DVD rippers can rip DVDs in just 5 minutes.

  • Great Output Video Quality

The DVD quality nowadays is just so-so. If we can keep the original quality, that’s good. We don’t want to lose quality anymore.

  • Rich profiles and functions

You may think it would be too complicated for a DVD ripper to have a lot of profiles with different functions as you may only need the software to do the basic ripping. However, the best DVD ripper should be able to meet the various needs of different people. 

  • Good Stability

It’s annoying for a program to keep giving errors and troubleshooting may take days and even months! So, stability is important.

  • User-friendly

A nice and user-friendly makes a DVD ripper software better to effectively and effortlessly understand how it works.

  • Customer Support

Email support is basic. Autonomous service via FAQ or on the forum is acceptable, but it’s better to have a phone/Skype or online support. Remote assistance sometimes is more efficient.

  • Full trial for free

Most of the DVD ripping solutions are NOT free. It is extremely important to have a full trial for free to see if the program can 100% meet your needs.

  • Reasonable Price

Life is tough, especially during the epidemic, the COVID-19. Accessible and affordable price is good for different people considering those DVD ripper programs are NOT shareware.

  • Your native language support

It is truly a bonus for a DVD ripping software to support your native language for better understanding one option does.

  • Malware-free

Zero tolerance for malware apps!

Best DVD Ripper Software by ChatGPT

ChatGPT is really popular nowadays. Since it is trained with billions and billions of data, how does ChatGPT think the best DVD ripper software? Let’s see the answer from ChatGPT. And I found something interesting.

ChatGPT explains it cannot offer a subjective answer to my question but did offer a response about “popular DVD ripper software” from its database.

Best DVD Ripper Software ChatGPT

Well, I am really sorry that I missed one of the best DVD ripper software that is FREE to use: MakeMKV. I will add more details about MakeMKV to the post soon.

Also, you need to pay attention that Handbrake does not support protected DVDs. If you search for such topics on Reddit, people would recommend MakeMKV and Handbrake as the best DVD ripping solution. The reason is that you can use MakeMKV to decrypt any DVD protection and save your DVD video to uncompress MKV file. Then, you can reconvert the MPEG2 MKV file to MP4 or MOV for better compatibility with various devices.

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum is from Digiarty and widely recommended all over the web as it is indeed an ideal DVD ripping software that is powerful, easy-to-use, fast, and stable in ripping. I’d also here like to recommend it as my best choice to rip protected DVDs with the original video quality and super-fast speed.

It comes with 350+ profiles to meet different people’s needs for convert DVDs to MP4, AVI, WMV, MKV, iPhone, iPad, Plex, as well as many Android phones, tablets, and smart TVs. An, it’s the fastest solution! 

The program is easy to use and UI is simple and user-friendly. Generally, it just takes three steps to get all the ripping done. And, you can see almost all options on the main screen, so anybody can easily get their ripping done.

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum UI

And, the price is reasonable considering all the above. And you can get a LIFETIME license here at just $29.95, while it’s only a ONE-YEAR subscription and it’s $67.95 for the lifetime license on the official site. Please note, this  is a time-limited offer just for my readers:

WinX DVD Ripper Software Key Features

Remove DVD Copy Protection with ease: You can easily decrypt different DVD copy protections with WinX DVD Ripper with just three mouse clicks. It handles DVDs that are region coded, CSS, RCE protected from different manufactures like Disney, Paramount, Sony, etc. What’s more, Digiarty regularly upgrades WinX DVD Ripper Platinum to be always compatible with the latest copy protections.

High-speed DVD Backup without quality loss: Main Title Content Copy is one of the four copy modes in WinX DVD Ripper Platinum and it copies DVD to an MPEG2 video without re-coding. So, it’s super fast and no quality loss at all. What’s more, it supports GPU acceleration as well. Your NVIDIA or Intel GPU is right here to make the DVD ripping faster!

Latest Profiles for iPhone, iPad: WinX DVD Ripper Platinum builds in rich many profiles, so you can easily rip and convert DVD movies to MP4, AVI, MP3, etc. And, it is perfectly compatible with the latest iPhone 12 with the latest profiles for all iPhones and iPads. Other Android phones, tablets, and smart TVs from Samsung, Huawei, Amazon, Sony, etc are well supported too!

Tailor parameters for Advanced DVD Ripping: In particular, you may need to change your DVD video’s frame rate or audio bite rate to over 192 or 320 kbps instead of the original 128 kbps. Those are all just possible with WinX. For advanced users, you can set your preferred video codec, bit rate, frame rate, aspect ratio, resolution, and audio codec, channel, sample rate, and bit rates.

Set Display and Artist name for Plex: For Plex, iTunes, iPhone, as well as NAS, they read the metadata of your movies, and the name it displays may be different from the target/output name. “Set Target” in WinX is easy for you to edit the display name and artist name for your Plex server.

Safe Mode for Stable Ripping: You may notice there is a Safe Mode within WinX DVD Ripper Platinum and it looks to be the unique mode that other DVD ripper software does not have. I believe Safe Mode reads the DVD and rips and extracts the content more carefully. So it is slower once checked in DVD ripping, but it does help with some damaged DVDs.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • 4 Copy modes to rip DVD to ISO, VIDEO_TS folder, main or full title backup DVD to MPG.
  • Super-fast ripping speed with Intel® QSV and NVIDIA® NVENC/CUDA, and multiple CPU cores and threads supported.
  • Built-in player for you to preview and take screenshots
  • Enable Trim to cut off the trailers, ads, credits, or highlights that you are not interested in.
  • External subtitles can be added to your DVD movie


  • No full trial available, just 5 minutes.
  • Some pop-ups or warnings are annoying for advanced users, and there is no way to disable them.

Easy DVD Ripping with WinX

For any reason you are looking for a decent DVD ripper software, WinX DVD Ripper Platinum can be the top choice. It’s easy to use and everyone, even those who are NOT tech-savvy can handle it. Wanna confirm you are doing the right thing? No problem, here we go. 

First of all, follow the below button to free download, install and launch WinX DVD Ripper Platinum.  The Mac version is called WinX DVD Ripper for Mac. Insert a DVD to the drive to get ready. 

Step 1. Load DVD to WinX

As you can see from the main UI, you can load a DVD disc, a DVD ISO file, or DVD VIDEO_TS folder to the program for ripping, by clicking the corresponding button: “DVD Disc”, “ISO Image”, and the “Folder” button. Click OK to confirm loading: 

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum Load Disc

Step 2. Output Profile for Ripping

It just takes a second or two for WinX DVD Ripper software, the platinum version, to analyze the DVD and display the below window for you to choose profiles. Click OK to confirm. 

WinX DVD Ripper MP4 Profile

Step 3. Run Ripping

Hit the big RUN button to start ripping DVDs with WinX DVD Ripper. 

Leawo is also my favorite program to rip and backup Bluray and DVD movies. Like DVDFab, Leawo Prof. Media is also an all-in-one solution to rip, copy and burn Bluray DVDs and convert and download videos. The Bluray/DVD Ripper are two of the main function modules, the two actually work the same, but each can be activated individually.

Leawo is good at decrypting DVD copy protections in any means, any video format you need, like MP4, AVI, WMV, VOB, MKV, etc. Besides, please note forced subtitle is always enabled in Leawo Prof. Media.

Also, please note the Bluray ripper rips both Bluray and DVD discs and the DVD Ripper only rips DVDs.

Leawo Prof. Media Main UI PC Registered

Leawo DVD Ripper Main Features

Abundant Output Profiles: Leawo DVD Ripper is professional and provides up to 180 profiles for your DVD ripping. Not only does it support DVD discs, but IFO, DVD ISO as well as DVD VIDEO_TS folder. It can extract the DVD to video in MP4, MKV, AVI, WMV, etc, or audios in AAC, MP3, FLAC, WAV, etc, or iOS or Android devices like iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Samsung, Huawei phones, to name but a few. Besides, you can upscale your DVD to 720P, 1080P, or even 4K videos.

Decrypt, and Convert any protected DVD Discs: Leawo DVD Ripper can rip all kinds of protected DVDs, including those that are protected by CSS, region code, DVD Disc Corruption (also known or called as ARccOS by Sony, RipGuard by Rovi, Disney X by Disney, etc).

NVIDIA, AMD, and Intel GPU Support: Leawo DVD Ripper supports GPU from NVIDIA, AMD, and Intel and speeds up the DVD ripping by 600%.

Source DVD Quality: With the world-leading compressing technique, Leawo keeps the original DVD quality with a relatively small size.

DVD Editing with 3D Support: Leawo DVD Ripper builds in an editor for you to freely trim, crop, your DVD, add watermark, set effects, and even enable 3D option to convert normal 2D DVD to 3D.

Set parameters, Change subtitle, audio track, or angle: All video and audio parameters like resolution, frame rate, aspect ratio in Leawo is adjustable. You can even save the preferred options as your own profile. Also, you have full control of which subtitle or audio track to rip. For multi-angle DVDs, you can even change the angle. Note: Forced subtitles are always enabled.

Leawo DVD Ripper Pros and Cons:


  • Stable in ripping, even with protected DVDs
  • Three ripping modes (Full, Main, and Custom) and a large window for preview
  • Nice and straightforward UI, and easy to use
  • Support popular video and audio formats and various devices
  • Updates within the program. So, you don’t have to download the full installer to start over.
  • Over 10 languages support


  • Only the first 5 minutes of a DVD can be converted.

How to Use Leawo DVD Ripper Software

Either you want to rip DVDs on PC or MAC, it is the same here in Leawo Prof. Media. I will take MP4 as the output example for your reference.

Step 1. Load DVD

Open Leawo Prof. Media and click on Blu-ray/DVD Ripper. Or simply click the Convert tab. And then load DVD by clicking Add Blu-ray/DVD and select the disc in the drop-down menu of “Add from CD-ROM”. Please note Blu-ray/DVD Ripper is the function module in Leawo Prof. Media as ripping Blu-ray is the same as DVDs with Leawo. But no worry, the two can be activated each.

You will be presented to confirm the Full or Main Movie mode. We recommend Main Movie mode with the main title. Click OK to confirm.

Step 2. Profile for DVD Ripping

MP4 Video or your last used profile is the default for ripping. If you want to rip DVDs to AVI, MKV, or any other video formats, click MP4 Video to change.

Step 3. Rip DVD

Hit the Convert button to starting ripping DVD disc to MP4 or other video formats you like.

WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro[The Fastest Ripping Solution]

Wonderfox DVD Ripper Pro is believed by me the fastest DVD ripping solution on Windows to rip and backup DVDs to the hard drive. It rips protected DVDs released by different studios, such as 21st Century Fox, Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros., Disney, Universal Pictures, to name but a few. And, it comes with more profiles and devices supported. Because of those, it’s an ideal alternative to Handbrake on Windows 10.

Wonderfox DVD Ripper Pro Key Features

Various DVD Protections Supported: Wonderfox DVD Ripper Pro is fabulous and supports any kinds of DVDs, either they are home-made or commercially encrypted. Copy protections like DVD CSS, Region Code, Multi-angle, RCE, Sony ARccOS, UOP, Disney X-Project DRM and Cinavia can be bypassed without any hassle.

Smart DVD Title Detection: Wonderfox DVD Ripper Pro is specially trained for title detection as it knows this is important for removing the copy protection and it is more user-friendly for users who want to rip their TV shows, BBC tutorials or Beachbody workout DVDs as there are more than one main titles and Wonderfox can detect and select for you.

Smart Fit-Good balance between Quality and Output Size: Smart Fit in Wonderfox DVD Ripper Pro is good option to keep a balance between the video quality and output size. You can see all options like encoder, frame rate, bit rate and channels to be smart fit.

Optimize DVD for online streaming: Despite of the common videos, WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro has an abundant profile for online video formats, like HTML5(MP4, WebM, OGV), YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Yahoo, MySpace, FC2, FLV, F4V, and SWF.

Wonderfox Pros and Cons


  • Rip copy-protected DVDs, and rip animation DVD for kids
  • Fluent update frequency to support the latest DVDs
  • Fastest in DVD ripping and backup the whole DVD to MPG without re-coding
  • Original quality in ripping
  • Easy in DVD ripping. Generally, only three steps are needed to get a whole DVD ripped
  • Cost-effective. 24.95 only for a lifetime license!


  • Only two languages(English and Japanese) supported
  • There is no Mac version available

DVD Ripping Guide for Wonderfox DVD Ripper Software Pro

As one of the easiest DVD ripper software for Windows 10, Wonderfox DVD Ripper is self-explanation. Here’s the general three steps for you to get your DVDs done.

First of all, follow the below link to download, and install the program. Launch it and insert your DVD to get ready.

Step 1. Load DVD

Click the big three buttons on the main interface to load DVD disc, DVD ISO file, or DVD VIDE_TS folder.  It will take a second or two for Wonderfox to analyze the DVD’s main title for you.

load dvd

Step 2. Profile for Ripping

Your last used profile or MP4 is the default profile for ripping. The smart fit is OK to go. But, feel free to set and change parameters to meet your needs.

Step 3. Rip DVD

Hit the RUN button to start ripping DVDs.

AnyMP4 offers a great and easy-to-use solution for DVD ripping. It is very compact, with less than 100M in size. Compared with other DVD ripper software, it takes up less memory and you can run it on your old computers as well. With AnyMP4 DVD Ripper, you can quickly extract DVD video and convert to MP4, AVI, WMV, MKV, VOB, MP3, AAC, iPhone, iPad, etc. Meanwhile, you can edit your DVD before ripping. You can merge different DVD titles and combine them into one. And it’s impressive in creating 3D videos, meaning you are able to rip 2D DVD to 3D MP4, 3D MKV, 3D AVI, and 3D MOV for your VR headsets. It is a must for your DVD ripping.

Also, as you can see, the design is fresh and concise, no useless buttons at all.

AnyMP4 DVD Ripper: Main Interface

AnyMP4 DVD Ripper Main Features

Rip commercial DVDs to popular video and audio formats: We see that DVD discs are easy to get damaged and it is inconvenient to take the discs everywhere. As a powerful DVD ripping program, it can help you convert DVD movies into various popular video and audio formats.  You can easily convert DVD to MP4, MKV, AVI, MOV, WMV, FLV, M4V, TS, DivX, WebM, 3GP, and other 4K/1080p/720p video formats, and save the DVD to your computer for backup. In addition, the software can help you extract audio tracks from DVDs and convert them to your favorite audio formats, such as MP3, WAV, WMA, AAC, M4A, ALAC, FLAC, OGG, etc.  

1:1 Copy DVD to the hard drive: AnyMP4 can copy DVD to ISO or VIDEO_TS folder to hard drive with 100% the original video quality, original DVD structure with menus, all the sound and subtitle tracks, and chapters. You can burn the ISO back to DVD anytime you lick. Lossless copy to MPG gives you an MPEG2 video with the original DVD quality. However, the menus are gone but the speed is super-fast.

Rip your DVD for any iOS/Android Devices: AnyMP4 is the very DVD ripping solution to copy your DVDs to your local hard drive, convert them for playback on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV,  Samsung, LG, HTC, as well as other digital devices. The DVD ripper software builds in different profiles for different devices, so you don’t have to create yourself.

Edit DVD before ripping: It provides multiple editing functions to adjust DVD video effects such as brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, and volume, and even add personal text/image watermarks to the output video. You can also rotate, trim or crop the part you need.

Fast DVD ripping and High-Quality Output: Thanks to the latest hardware acceleration technology, with AMD, Intel, and NVIDIA GPU supported, the software provides you with super fast DVD ripping speed. Also, it can convert DVD to high-definition video formats such as MP4, MOV, MKV, AVI, WebM, TS, etc with fantastic image and sound quality.

Customize Your Own Profile: Within the profiles, you can edit, change, and set up your own profile. The video and audio codec, resolution, bit rate, sample rate, and audio channels are adjustable.

AnyMP4 DVD Ripper Pros and Cons


  • Rip protected DVDs and upscale them to 1080P or even 4K
  • It’s just a few mouse clicks to get your DVDs ripped.
  • Keep all the audio tracks or even add your own track for ripping
  • Forced subtitle track supported
  • 2D DVD to 3D MP4, 3D MKV, 3D MOV with valorous 3D options like anaglyph,slide by slide (Half-Weight or Full), or top and bottom(Half-Weight or Full)
  • Make GIF different from DVDs
  • Edit DVD metadata for better playback or management on Plex, Apple TV, etc.


  • The new version 8 no longer splits DVDs into chapters, which is one of the best features it ever has. Will the feature be back in the near future?

AnyMP4 DVD Ripping Guide

AnyMP4 is concise and easy to rip DVDs with it. Here I will show you how. 

Step 1. Load DVD

Click the Load Disc button on top and add a DVD from the DVD drive. You will have the option to load the DVD ISO file or DVD VIDEO_TS folder from its drop-down menu. 

Step 2. Profile for Ripping 

MPG Lossless or your last-used profile is the default for DVD ripping with AnyMP4. Click the drop-down menu from “Rip All to” below and choose the one you prefer to rip your DVDs. 

AnyMP4 General Video Profiles

Step 3. DVD Titles for Ripping[Optional]

AnyMP4 can choose the main DVD title for your ripping. For any reason, you want to choose other titles for ripping, click “Full Title List”, then select the titles you need.  If you want to confirm the right title yourself, there’s the guide.

Step 4. Rip DVD 

Click the Rip All button to start ripping and enjoy the movie after about 30-50 minutes! 

DVDFab always comes as the first recommendation to rip, copy, and burn Bluray as well as DVDs just because it is super powerful in decrypting every kind of copy protection in a Bluray or DVD disc. Some DVDs are specially encrypted and you may find them really different to be ripped, however, with DVDFab, it won’t take you more than an hour (which depends on your PC or Mac hardware level) to get them converted to whatever video formats like you.

You guys are able to download a free trial copy of DVDFab via the below button. DVDFab is available for both PC and Mac. And since it is 64-bit, it is 100% compatible with the latest macOS.

One more thing, DVDFab is an all-in-one media solution for Bluray and DVDs. It is also able to merge DVD and remux Bluray to MP4/MKV without losing quality!

DVDFab DVD Ripper Main Features

Rip any Protected or home-made DVDs: As one of the best DVD ripper software, DVDFab is famous for decrypting different DVD copy protections from Disney, Pixar, Paramount, Sony, BBC, etc. For home-made DVDs, they are generally unprotected and a piece of cake for DVDFab.

Rip DVD to various videos and audios: DVDFab DVD Ripper supports various devices (iOS, Android), videos, and audios as the output. As you can see, it comes with a rich profile library with almost any popular video and audio formats supported. Importantly, it keeps updating its library with new presets, making DVD ripping easier.

Update metadata for your movies: Metadata may not be a need for everyone but is extremely useful and convenient for those who want to play DVD videos on media servers or players over Plex, Apple TV, NAS, etc, just because it would show details about DVD cover art, titles, seasons, or episodes.

Full Control of DVD video, audio, and subtitle: Different people need different chapters, audio tracks, or subtitle track, including forced subtitle from different DVDs, well, with DVDFab DVD Ripper, you have the full control of all those, so you get the best DVD output that 100% meets your needs.

Enlarge DVD to true 1080P: A unique feature from DVDFab, making it the true best DVD ripper software in the market. Unlike other DVD rippers, DVDFab builds in AI enlarging engine to enlarge 480P DVD video to true 1080P HD video. Remember, it is NOT just upscaling, it indeed improves the output quality.  

GPU Acceleration for faster DVD ripping: DVD ripping is time-consuming. However, DVDFab takes full advantage of your CPU, GPU to remarkably increase the ripping speed.

DVDFab DVD Ripper Pros and Cons


  • Copy protections like CSS, region code, etc are fully supported.
  • Rich profiles, flexible functions to meet different needs.
  • DVD editing. It’s more than a basic editor, but you can even add transactions,
  • A modern, user-friendly, and straightforwardness UI, with color themes
  • Batch DVD ripping supported. You can more than one DVD disc, or ISO files, or VIDEO_TS folder to the program for ripping.


  • It’s a bit expensive.
  • AI enlarging takes really long to rip.

How to Rip DVD with DVDFab

Ripping DVDs with DVDFab is easy and straight-forward, even with newly released DVDs. And here’s a quick guide on how to rip DVDs to whatever video formats like MP4, AVI, WMV, MKV, etc.

Please follow the above button to download, install, and launch DVDFab. Also, insert your DVD to the Bluray/DVD drive to get ready.

Step 1. Load DVD

DVDFab is able to load your DVD disc in the drive automatically. If not, go for the Ripper tab and click the Add button or drag and drop to add DVD ISO or VIDEO_TS folder.


DVDFab will ask to confirm the DVD region as shown below. Feel free to disable this window as DVDFab is always able to detect the right region for you.

DVDFab DVD Region

Step 2. Profile for DVD Ripping

MP4 is the default profile for any Bluray or DVD ripping. If this is your first time you use the DVDFab DVD Ripper software, you will be presented to choose your default profile as shown below.

DVDFab Profile

If you want to rip DVD to something else after you set the default profile, you can still click MP4 to choose the one you prefer.

DVDFab: Set Default Profile for DVD Ripping

Step 3. Rip DVD

We are now ready for the ripping. Hit the Start button to begin ripping DVD.

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