DearMob iPhone Manager Review-Best iTunes Alternative to Manage iOS Photos, Music, Videos, Contacts and Backup

DearMob iPhone Manager Review 2024: Manage Your iPhone/iPad without iTunes

In the past few years, iTunes has been a must for iOS device management because anything related to iOS requires iTunes to provide drivers. Nowadays, some awesome third-party iPhone, iPod, and iPad management software can manage your iOS devices to transfer photos, music, videos, books, voices, etc., between your PC and Mac. Importantly, iTunes is no longer needed. DearMob iPhone Manager is such an iTunes alternative. 

And it comes with a straightforward user interface for a better user experience. Do you want more details? Please go ahead reading my review for DearMob iPhone Manager.

DearMob iPhone Manager Main UI

Full Spec, Installation, and Trial Limitations

DearMob is a branch company of Digiarty Software Inc. It develops 5KPlayer as well. For more details about DearMob iPhone Manager, please check it out here:

NameDearMob iPhone Manager
PublisherDearMob, Inc.
Supported OS

Windows 7 to Windows 10, Windows 11, macOS 10.6 to macOS 12

Supported DeviceiPhone, iPad, iPod with iOS 7 or later

Is DearMob iPhone Manager Safe? DearMob Installation

Definitely YES! DearMob is a subsidiary corporation of Digiarty Software, Inc, a verified developer by Apple and Microsoft. And installing DearMob is very easy. On Windows, you just need to allow it to make changes to your computer and hit the big INSTALL button. And that’s it! It takes a few seconds, and you can open the program right after the installation.

Install DearMob iPhone Manager PC

If you are on a MAC, including the Apple Silicon Macs, you just need to double-click the .dmg file to mount and then drag the to the Applications folder as the arrow suggests.

Trial Limitations

DearMob iPhone Manager offers 100 points each day for the trial. You can transfer up to 50 photos, 20 music files, or 600 MB videos, a backup, and restore. For more details, you can check the below chart:

DearMob iPhone Manager Key Features

In this part of the review for DearMob iPhone Manager, you will see the key features. And they are also the main reasons it is recommended as a great iTunes alternative. 

Easy to Understand Interface

DearMob iPhone Manager is easy to use with a straightforward and self-explaining user interface, as you can see below. When you see Photos, we know that’s where we manage our photos. And so do Videos, Music, etc.

DearMob iPhone Manager Main UI

Backup Your iPhone/iPad without iCloud

As a qualified iTunes alternative, a full backup and restore feature is what we cannot miss. If you use iCloud for backup, you may have to pay extra for space, and a good internet connection is needed. Unlike iCloud backup, DearMob is the offline backup without iCloud. And I do believe DearMob iPhone Manager does a better job. The Backup is fast, and the Restore is easy.

Change Backup Location

I always found my C drive full when using iTunes on my Windows. And this is just because iTunes automatically did a full backup of my iPhone without my permission. It is about 40 GB of data right into the C drive! And there is NO WAY to change that.

In this respect, DearMob iPhone Manager is very easy to understand. Importantly, we are free to change the location of our backup. As you can see, I set it to an H drive, which is an external drive!

DearMob: Change Backup Location

Encrypt Your Backup for Comprehensive Security

We can encrypt our backups with a password for comprehensive and better security. You can set it here in the program:

DearMob: Encrypt Backup

However, always be sure to remember the password. If you forget it, there is no way to restore it. But you can erase the password by resetting all the settings on your phone.

I myself prefer to leave it unprotected for the following two reasons. First, I don’t remember passwords at all. Second, an Apple ID password is required if you want to access the restored apps, which I believe is secure enough for me.

iOS Photo Manager

It’s one of my main reason, or maybe yours too,  to find an iTunes alternative that I need to save and transfer photos taken with my iPhone to my computer. While we have the to manage all our photos, there is no way to organize pictures in iTunes on Windows. And there doesn’t seem to be a good iOS photo manager on Windows. Things are getting worse that I usually cannot see any contents in Drives and drives, and it says, “This folder is empty.” Isn’t it very annoying?

Empty iPhone Folder PC

With DearMob, managing your photos and pictures taken by your iPhone or iPad becomes much more manageable. Once connected, go for Photo Transfer to manage all your photos. All the photo thumbnails will be displayed for your preview within seconds, even for thousands of photos. Here, you can sort your photos by day, month, or year.

DearMob: Group Photos

Since iOS 11, photos taken by your iPhone or iPad are saved as .heic by default. HEIC is a highly compressed image format and was adopted by Apple in 2017.

You can convert HEIC to JPG with DearMob iPhone Manager, so you don’t need another paid add-on to view your HEIC files on your PC. But you can also export your photos initially as HEIC, which keeps the original date created.  

One more thing for your attention, please. If you want to transfer photos, images, or pictures from your PC/Mac to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod, you must create a new album first.

Transfer Music/Video Between iOS, PC/Mac

You can go for Music Manager and Video & Movie to manage your music and videos. You can transfer music and videos between your iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Windows PC or Mac.

DearMob Video Music Manager

Transfer Any Video/Music to iPhone/iPad

As is known to all, the video and audio supported by iOS are really limited, and there is no way to transfer lossless audio like FLAC or APE and HD videos like MKV or M2TS to your iPhone or iPad with iTunes. You always have to convert them to iOS-compatible formats before transferring.

But now, it’s so convenient to transfer any video or music as DearMob iPhone Manager will automatically convert MKV, M2TS, AVI, WMV, FLAC, APE, OGG, etc., to the best compatible format.

DearMob Unsupported Video Format

You can add any music or video to the alternative and then hit Sync. DearMob will do the rest for you. 

Manage Playlist

Managing a playlist within DearMob is just a few mouse clicks. You only need to create a new playlist first, drag and drop all kinds of music to the new playlist, and click the SYNC button to make the changes. DONE!

Create Ringtone

On Android, I used my favorite songs as the ringtone, and it’s effortless to do so. But on iPhone, to be honest, I don’t quite know how to do so as I can only find the built-in ringtones.

After using DearMob, I can now personalize my ringtone by creating one with it. You cannot imagine how easy it is to do so! You just have to move your mouse over to the songs in Music Manager and hit the button “Make Ringtone” to cut 40 seconds of your music to create a ringtone by drag-and-drop. Click OK and then Sync to confirm making the changes.

DearMob: Make Ringtone

And you will see the ringtone you make in Settings-Sound & Haptics-Ringtone.

iOS Set Ringtone

Backup contacts without iCloud

iTunes does not manage our contacts. What if we want to back up our contacts to the hard drive? Practically, DearMob iPhone Manager provides you such a solution to export, edit, delete and merge contacts on your computer. 

You can export your contacts in VCF, PDF, TXT, or HTML for better compatibility with different devices. 

You can also import contacts to your iOS devices. VCF is supported to import.

Encrypt Photos/Videos/Contacts

Like iTunes, DearMob can protect your pictures, videos, movies, recording, and contacts. To protect your data, you need to go for Data Security, add your files or a whole folder and set a password at least eight digits long.

DearMob: Set Encryption Password

Always remember your password because you’ll need it to decrypt the files that DearMob encrypts. Note that there’s no way to recover that password. If you lose it, you lose your data forever.

DearMob iPhone Manager New Features

In this part of the review, I’d like to keep a record of some of the new features added to DearMob iPhone Manager. Most of them are major updates that are worth recommending.

Wi-Fi connection

On April 8, 2021, DearMob iPhone Manager adds some new features for its version 5.2 and now you can connect your iPhone/iPad to the program via WiFi. And, DearMob offers detailed guidance on how to connect via WiFi.

Wifi Connection Guide

For the first time you want to connect your device via WiFi, you will still need to connect it with a USB cable and enable “Sync with this iPhone over WiFi” in iTunes in Settings-Summary-Options:

Sync iPhone Wifi

From what I can see, this feature is unstable to use. Please, pay close attention to the below tips: 

1. Your iPhone/iPad and your computer must be connected to the same network.
2. For a better connection, you must keep your iPhone/iPad screen unlocked and don’t turn off the screen. If you want to leave it during backup or importing/exporting, you may have to set the Auto-Lock to “Never” in Settings > Display & Brightness.
3. A USB connection is always recommended for faster and more stable backup.

Export photos by year/month/date

Even though it’s a new feature, it’s disabled by default. You will have to go for its settings and enable it here:

Pros and Cons

In particular, in this review for DearMob iPhone Manager, I have summarized the points that are good compared to iTunes and the ones that I did not like or want.


  • Easy to install and understand
  • The program is stable to use, with no common errors
  • No need to have iTunes installed
  • Only two clicks required for backup
  • Intuitively manage your photos, videos
  • Files can be encrypted and backed up
  • It’s fun yet easy to make ringtones


  • Not support for iTunes library

DearMob iPhone Manager Review: Final Verdict

What do you think of DearMob iPhone Manager after reading my review? Well, here’s my last suggestion: always have a trial first and make sure it works before you finally decide to purchase it.

From my experience of using DearMob iPhone Manager during the review in the past few weeks, I do believe it works and can be a good iTunes alternative with pleasant and functional features.

Bonus Gift: Free HEIC Plugin for Windows

The Microsoft store has free HEIC plugins or add-ons for Windows 10 and 11. I have tried a couple of them, only to find they are either slow in loading HEIC or come with ads. Here’s a 100% free HEIC plugin for Windows, with NO ADs. 

Windows Photo Viewer would then be used to open HEIC files. Here’s how it looks. Is it what you are looking for? 

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1 year ago

Dearmob allegedly allows you to select individual pictures to delete from your iPhone, but them automatically deletes thousands of pictures in all folders without recourse!! Thousands of irreplaceable pictures were wiped off my phone and disappeared and I need them restored!! There is no customer service to help. Dearmob is a scam.

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