Long YouTube Downloaders for You to Download Long YouTube Videos and Large Playlists

I want to convert 3 long YouTube videos into small parts. And after I want to strip the video and just keep the music so that I can play it in iTunes. The two long videos are of two entire albums. This is why I want to cut them in pieces so that I can listen to songs individually. I’ve tried buying the albums in the US iTunes Store but all his work isn’t available. He’s based in London and it’s expensive to import his music.

However, I have questions about downloading long YouTube videos before when I first tried the software YouTube Downloader HD as well as YTD YouTube Downloader, the two were really fast but now take forever to complete downloading my long YouTube videos.

I then tested some free YouTube Downloaders, but I was trying to download a long YouTube video (6GB) and every time the download stops in the middle. I am now wondering if there are limitations to those free YouTube downloading software for downloading long YouTube videos or large YouTube playlist or is something else wrong? Is possible to download long YouTube videos in 1080P or even download 4K, 8K YouTube video entirely?

I am going to recommend you guys some awesome long YouTube video downloaders, for both PC and Mac, that can download long YouTube videos as well as large playlists. Ok, let’s begin.

DVDFab Downloader is a newly released program by DVDFab and it supports downloading videos from over 1000 sites. It works more like a browser so you can download long YouTube videos right with it. It supports 320 kbps MP3 downloading and 8K video downloading. 

This long YouTube video downloader is really easy to use. What you need to do is to visit the long YouTube video and hit the Download button as shown below:

Wondershare says its AllMyTube is able to download videos from over 10,000 videos sites, however, interestingly they only list 50 with the explanation below:

Please note: we only list the most popular 50 sites here for space limitation. Actually, we are able to support more than 10,000 video sites.

I don’t know what the other 9950 sites are and I don’t have time to test them as what I concern about is how this long YouTube video downloader works for downloading long YouTube videos and large playlist.

Wondershare AllMyTube does a great job in YouTube downloading. You are able to download long YouTube videos and large playlists as well as 4K, 8K, and 3D YouTube videos. With Wondershare AllMyTube, you can download the whole playlist and download YouTube videos directly to MP3 audio files without converting.

If you are running Firefox or Google Chrome, Wondershare installs an extension for you to download long YouTube videos or playlist directly within your browser. When you are watching the YouTube videos, you will see the below Download button from Wondershare, hit it to start downloading with the preset video resolutions and preferred format.

To save time in long YouTube downloading, bandwidth must be fully made use of. And Wondershare’s multithreading technique is right here for the job. According to TopTenReviews.com, Wondershare AllMyTube scores 9.8 out of 10 and is much faster than iSkysoft iTube Studio, Replay Media Catcher, Video Downloader Ultimate, Xilisoft YouTube HD Video Converter, Total Video Downloader, etc.

AllMyTube is also working as a video converter and video recorder. Video recorder seems to be double insurance just in case when a YouTube downloading fails, you are still able to record the whole video.

Besides, Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate [renamed to Wondershare UniConverter] is also a long YouTube downloader as well as 360 Video Downloader and it does more that than AllMyTube like DVD ripping, DVD and video burning, video converting, editing, Video Metadata fixing, video casting to TV, VR converting, GIF making, etc. As the name suggests, it could your ultimate solution of your World Cup videos, like downloading, recording, editing, burning and GIF-making.

It is also more expensive, but there is a 20% discount for it. 

Leawo YouTube Downloader is more than a built-in browser to me. Instead of browsing the YouTube videos in IE, Firefox, Chrome, etc., you can watch the long YouTube videos directly in the large YouTube video downloader and download the specific video in the sidebar.

Since it works like a browser, you are always free to preview and watch YouTube videos. With advanced video loading and downloading technology, Leawo YouTube Downloader could load online video and download them in a fast way by default. Leawo manages the downloaded long YouTube videos in the Downloaded tab.

Since this long YouTube video downloader is also a component of Leawo Prof. Media, you are also able to convert and burn those YouTube videos. 

Leawo works well in downloading long and large YouTube videos but it does not seem to work with the playlist. I mean you cannot download the all the playlist with one-click but you are able to download them one-by-one.

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Ross Jagger
Ross Jagger
2 years ago

You can use Tube Geter. Its great! http://www.tubegeter.com

Fred Green
1 year ago
Reply to  Hunk

No, You can use Tube Geter for IOS as well,

Fred Green
1 year ago

You can also use TubeGeter.
Just follow the steps to download videos with TubeGeter:

Step-1) Go to TubeGeter – download the entire playlists from YouTube in seconds.
Step-2) Download and install the software.
Step-3) Then just copy the link from your browser and click ‘Paste Link’ in the application. That’s it!

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