Handbrake Alternative Windows-Rip DVD/Convert Videos to iTunes AVI WMV in 6CH

Handbrake is a great free program and I used Handbrake before and it was great for DVD TV shows, most of which are unprotected and had two different audio tracks. The quality of video and audio was great and I could even have it import 4 shows in a cue and no worries. But it couldn’t handle movies because of DVD encryption and when I was trying to rip a Disney DVD and it kept giving up after about 11 minutes. The disc plays fine, but just does not rip! That’s why I was looking for a Handbrake alternative for my Windows machine.

Also, if you have trouble with Handbrake Subtitle not showing up or Handbrake crashes while encoding, this Handbrake alternative for Windows won’t let you down. Besides, it’s fully compatible with the latest Windows OS Windows 11

Handbrake Alternative for DVD Ripping on Windows

Talking about handbrake alternatives, there are many free applications that are able to rip DVDs to iTunes or AVI or WMV that Handbrake doesn’t support. But when it comes to the protected DVDs, like Disney DVDs, Lionsgate movies, Beachbody workout DVDs, or BBC DVDs, those free handbrake alternatives or replacements let me down. You know there are different DVD copy protections out there, but Handbrake does not support them.

WonderFox DVD Video Converter is a combination of its own DVD Ripper Pro and HD Video Factory Pro. I believe is the fastest DVD ripper. Unlike Handbrake, it easily decrypts any protected DVDs and save them to AVI, WMV, MP4, MOV, AC3, MP3, or iTunes format and keeps original 6ch video and it is fully compatible with the latest OS Windows 11, Windows 10 as well as the previous ones Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7, Windows XP and Vista. 

Ripping DVDs to iTunes 6ch or Handbrake missing format AVI and WMV with WonderFox is as easy as three mouse clicks and I assume it to be the true and best Handbrake alternative on Windows. I will walk you through how to rip DVDs if you are not clear about this.

Rip Protected DVDs with Handbrake Alternative

One of the main features of Handbrake is to rip DVDs even it only supports homemade ones that are not protected. So, when you are looking for an alternative to use on Windows 10 or Windows 11 in the near future, DVD ripping may be one of the crucial functions that people need.

Wonderfox DVD Video Converter is such an alternative for you to rip protected DVDs. It supports almost all kinds of copy protection in the DVD, especially those from Disney, BBC, and Beachbody, with no third-party programs needed.

Rip DVD to iTunes/AVI/WMV/M2TS

DVD ripping with Handbrake on Windows only goes to MP4/M4V or MKV. AVI was once supported by Handbrake but was removed a long time ago. I admit that MP4 and MKV can meet a majority of people’s needs, but ripping DVDs to AVI, WMV, M2TS, MP3, AAC, etc are also widely needed. That’s why people are looking for an alternative to rip DVDs to different video formats. As you can see below the screenshot, Wonderfox DVD Video Converter provides a number of presets that are fully optimized for different devices.

Abundant Output Profiles

1:1 Backup DVD to Hard Drive

Yeah, it is still about DVD ripping, something that Handbrake does not support: backup DVD to the hard drive in ISO file or VIDEO_TS folder! Wonderfox can do so for you! And, it is a 1:1 backup, meaning you can keep all menus, chapters, credits, and everything.

Wonderfox ISO

Fastest yet Stable DVD Ripping

Ripping DVDs with Handbrake takes time. If you don’t quite care about the output file size, WonderFox gives the fastest DVD ripping profile, possibly to rip the whole DVD in about 5-10 minutes! It’s mind-blowing.

While it gives a fast ripping speed, the software itself is very stable. I mean, it does not crash itself every now and then.

Faster Video Converter than Handbrake

Despite ripping DVDs as a Handbrake alternative for your PCs, Wonderfox DVD Video Converter can do video converting as well. And, it shares the abundant output profiles with the Ripper. With the multi-core CPU and GPU acceleration supported, it can be faster than Handbrake in converting.

Optimize Video for Web

Handbrake can optimize videos for streaming. Wonderfox can do so as well. With Handbrake, you need to check the option “Web Optimized”, but here in Wonderfox, it comes with different profiles. With so many built-in profiles, there is a category for the web with HTML5, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc supported. 

WonderFox Web Optimized Profiles

Extract Audio from any Video

As far as I can see, Handbrake does not extract audio from videos and converts them to MP3, AAC, FLAC, etc. If you want to do so in Windows, you will go for an alternative. I feel certain that Wonderfox DVD Video Converter is one of the best alternatives you can find on Windows to convert any video in MP4, AVI, VOB, M2TS, WMV, etc to various audios including WAV, FLAC, ALAC, MP3, AC3, EAC3, AAC, WMA, MKA, OGG, AU, DTS, AIFF, M4A, M4B. You can even make ringtones for iOS and Android devices. 

Video Editing

It’s really a pity that Handbrake does not support video editing. Wonderfox is not powerful but it just does the basic WYSIWYG editing without problems. 

WYSIWYG Video Editing

YouTube and Online Video Downloading

It’s a real bonus feature for a Handbrake alternative to download YouTube as well as other online videos. Wonderfox does YouTube downloading in just three mouse clicks. 

Download YouTube Video

Handbrake Alternative Guide

The guide is mainly about DVD ripping. And, below is my guide on using WonderFox DVD Video Converter to rip protected DVDs to different formats like AVI WMV VOB that Handbrake just doesn’t support. The program is running on my Windows 11 laptop. Video converting is the same. 

Step 1. Getting Ready

Download WonderFox DVD Video Converter. Install and launch it. Put your DVD or TV shows on the DVD drive.

Step 2. Load DVD

Once we have the DVD in the drive, click the huge DVD disc button to load DVD. You’re being presented the below dialog box to choose DVDs for ripping. If there is one more drive collected to your computer, click on its drop-down menu to select the one you want to rip. For ripping ISO or VIDEO_TS folder on your HDD, go for the corresponding button to load.

Step 3. Specify the right title[Optional]

Specify the right title if you are using the alternative for ripping TV shows as there are always different episodes in a TV show or series but WonderFox only picks up one. Below is my free guide to check the correct titles for DVDs. Also, for workout DVDs, like CIZE and PiYo, you will have to manually check titles for different routines as well. For movie DVDs, WonderFox is able to detect the very one so you can just leave it.

Step 4. Go for Profiles

You see your most recent profile or MP4 comes as the default profile if this is your first use of this Handbrake replacement for DVD ripping. Click the big Output Format icon and choose a profile you prefer. 

Step 5. Set Audio Channel[Optional]

If you want to rip protected DVDs to iTunes, Apple TV, WMV in 6CH, make sure you set it here instead of smart fit:

Step 6. Start ripping.

Click the big Run button to start ripping. The ripped video from this Handbrake alternative for iTunes comes with great visual quality in 6ch.  So, get it synced to iTunes and enjoy the show! The AVI or WMV output is also perfect for playback on VLC or MPC-HC or Windows Media Player if you running Windows prior to Windows 10(There is no Windows Media Player in Windows 11 at all). 

However, please be noticed that not all iTunes videos can be imported to your iPhone,iPad, or iPod. As you can see the resolution is set to Keep Original. However, the codec might be an issue for importing. Apple only accepts MPEG4 videos with a resolution below 640*480 as explained above. But if you do, Wondershare Dr.Fone is right here to help.

Handbrake Alternative DVD Ripping Tips

If DVD ripping is your main reason for a Handbrake alternative on Windows, including Windows 11, here are some tips for you:

  • I highly recommend you guys to keep the codec H264 instead of MPEG4 especially if you want to further import the iTunes video to iPhone/iPad/iPod as MP4 or M4V with a resolution higher than 640×480 in MPEG4 cannot be imported to iPhone/iPad/iPod.
  • Since videos to iPhone, iPad, iPod would have to be synced through iTunes, those profiles can be used to rip DVDs to iTunes. But they are not perfect since you can only get 2ch for iTunes. The profiles for Apple TVs are better since you can set the audio to 6. And you can also create your own profiles for iTunes. MP4, M4V, and MOV can be used to create your own profile for iTunes.
  • If you want to rip your protected DVDs to AVI or WMV that Handbrake does not support at all, go for the Video tab and choose the one you need. However, please note AVI does not support 6CH. For WMV, no problem.
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