Wondershare dr.fone Transfer Review-Best iTunes Alternative to Transfer Photo Video App

I was trying to fix my wife’s iPhone as she actually crammed more GBs on the iPhone, transferring videos and photos to Mac to free the space. Don’t ask me how she did it, but this is the second time, even though it has 128 GB of RAM. 

In this post, I’d like to share my review of Wondershare dr.fone iOS Transfer after my bad experience with iTunes, iExplorer, and iMazing.

2022 the Best iTunes Alternative

In order to free speed on the iPhone, I first downloaded and installed iExplorer.  I’d really like to see how this works as I hate iTunes and look for a program that will do all iTunes does and hopefully more, but, I just cannot get the iExplorer app to connect the iPhone.  I started with my iPhone unplugged, plugged it, still no connection.  I have done this a few times with the same results.  I have even tried each of my three USB ports, on my MacBook Pro. Thinking it would take a while to connect, I left it plugged in for several minutes, nothing! Then I went to iMazing but I was having heaps of problems and it kept freezing my machine.

When I almost gave up, I was recommended Wondershare dr.fone by one of my friends and found and there were always great reviews for it. After a couple of days trying, I assume this is arguably the best program on the net, super-fast, easy to use. With this program I had no worries, it’s a lifesaver and I’d like to bring my dr.fone review for all of you, as the best alternative to iTunes, iExplorer, and iMazing.

You are able to download dr.fone from the above two buttons. Please note Wondershare dr.fone is a collection of iOS or Android tools for you recover, transfer, backup & restore, switch, repair etc. What we will use is a function module named Transfer and you will have to move your mouse over and download Transfer as shown below. This is just because Recover is the default function and others can be activated separately. 

Transfer Photos from Mac to iPhone/iPad/iPod

Besides of transferring photos from iPhone, iPad, and iPod to Mac or PC for backup or free up space, I’d also like to transfer photos from my Mac to iPhone. There are my wedding photos that are stored on my Mac that I want to transfer to iPhone so as to show to others. 

Transfer Photos to Camera Roll

Before my dr.fone Transfer review, I was quite wandering around why we couldn’t transfer photos from Mac to iPhone’s Camera roll and checked with some other iTunes alternatives like MacX MediaTrans, Leawo iTransfer and the free one iFunBox and found none of them being able to add photos to Camera roll. I assume this is always what Apple does, she limits a lot about we can do on our iPhone, iPod or iPad. 

But today, I’d like to give you a quite guide on how to transfer photos on your PC/Mac to Camera Roll with Wondershare dr.fone Transfer that you cannot do with other so-called best iTunes alternatives! 

Firstly, click Transfer on the main UI, wait til the your iPhone/iPad is automatically connected. Go Photo tab, click the Add button and choose a photo to do so.

Secondly, you will be promoted the below guide on how to install dr.fone app on your iPhone/iPad/iPod, authorize it and allow it for access to photos on your iPhone/iPad/iPod so as to transfer photos to Cameral Roll. 

Transfer Photos to Photo Library

Besides of transferring photos directly to Camera roll with the help of the dr.fone app, we can still use dr.fone Transfer as an iTunes alternative in order to transfer photos or images to the Photo Library or create new albums to iPhone/iPad/iPod directly on macOS.

So we just need to click Photo Library. and the Add icon is right there and by clicking it, it asks you to add photos on your Mac, and once you select the photos to transfer to iPhone, it starts the syncing automatically!

To create new albums, you will have to right click on Photo Library and choose New Album.


Accessing iTunes Library

As the best alternative to iTunes, dr.fone Transfer from Wondershare is able to access iTunes library and manage your library within it. To those who want iTunes, you just need to use this function once, moving all your library to iPhone and replace iTunes with dr.fone after you use it as it comes with more user interface, and definitely is able to do all iTunes does and more!

With the access to iTunes library, you are able to transfer all content in iTunes, including music, movies, TV shows, Podcasts, iTunes U, audiobooks, ebooks, PDFs, to the Mac as well as your iPhone, iPad, and iPod. Besides, you don’t have to open iTunes when you visit the library.

Transfer Any video to iPhone/iPad/iPod

When I was transferring videos to the iPhone, I happened to transfer an MKV file. As far as I can see, MKV is not supported by iPhone. Generally, I always convert MKV to MP4 H264 so it is compatible with iDevices. When I was doing so, Wondershare dr.fone Transfer started to convert the MKV and finally sync it to iPhone with an MP4 file. I notice it is able to transfer any videos including M4A, MOV, WMV, AVI, FLV, convert them to iPhone/iPad/iPod compatible MP4 file and sync it to the device.

When you try to transfer any video that is NOT supported by iPhone/iPad, you will be presented the below window, asking your permission to convert and then transfer.

Besides, transferring AVI, WMV, FLV to iPhone with dr.fone iOS Transfer won’t lose you any video quality.

Your iPhone/iPad/iPod is a USB Drive for you

All that use devices from Apple are very frustrated about it’s not being able to work as a USB drive as Android does. Well, with dr.fone Transfer, it turns your iPhone/iPad/iPod to be a USB drive. Unfortunately, this function is limited. All files including photos, songs, audiobooks you move it to iPhone/iPad or iPod with the flash drive option cannot be detected on your device. I assume this is due to the iOS limitation as Apple always does. But, it is still quite useful if you use it to transfer your important files or data to iPhone and then move it to back to Mac or PC with dr.fone. Importantly, this feature is free to use. However, please note the below pop-up will always be there if you don’t register it. 

If you are interested in the full version, don’t forget 20% discount

Apps Mangement

With dr.fone iOS transfer, you are also able to manage your apps. You can install, uninstall and export them! And this feature is free to use as well, no pop-up for you to register at all!


There are my pros and cons for Wondershare dr.fone iOS Transfer.


  • Transferring MKV, AVI, WMV is possible. Transferring quality is like the original. 
  • Transferring videos and photos to iPhone are super fast.
  • You are able to transfer photos to Camera Roll! 
  • App backup


  • It does not seem to remember which pictures/photos, songs, videos, or books have been download from the iPhone so it does not download them again.

Do you think Dr.Fone Transfer is a good alternative to iTunes? 

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