Problem Ripping new Disney/Pixar Animation Cartoon DVD Onward and Soul ? Easy Way Here!

I recently purchased the Disney/Pixar animation movie “COCO” (pretty release on Redbox) and, rather than have a whole bunch of titles to choose from in the menu, there were only 2 of movie length. I thought it would be easy for ripping Disney/Pixar animation Movie COCO, Onward, and Soul, but NO… If you have a problem to rip Disney and Pixar animation DVD like Onward, Soul, etc, this post can be helpful.

Problem Ripping New Pixar Animation DVD?

I love MakeMKV and have never (until now) encountered an encryption scheme which the program couldn’t handle. When I tried to rip the first candidate, it copied for a while and then reached a point where the same scene repeated in an endless loop of approx 10 seconds until the end.  The same thing happened with the second title (loop started at the same point).  A friend of mine then rented the movie and he encountered the same problem at the same point.  I didn’t know if this has occurred before but thought I’d mention it as, if it’s a new encryption scheme which can’t be broken, it’s a REAL problem.

I then tried another cartoon DVD Zootopia, as well as the recent leases Onward and Soul, and have tried a couple of times to rip it to MKV format. There are also two titles and I’ve tried to rip both with the same problem. The entire process takes place in backing the movie Onward up to MKV video format. When it plays, I get the Disney beginning followed by the title of Onward and that 3-4 seconds just loops over and over again for the full duration of the movie. Even if I advance to a point further in the video it just pays approximately the first minute until the title “Onward” begins to scroll down. Then it just repeats.

New Disney/Pixar Animation DVD Ripper

If you are having problems ripping Disney/Pixar animation movies like Onward, Soul, etc, to MKV, MP4, AVI, MOV, or whatever formats, I’d like to recommend an animation DVD ripper that works for Disney/Pixar to finally make a perfect copy to MKV MP4.

WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro is believed to be one of the best Disney and Pixar animation and cartoon movie rippers that support various copy protections, especially Disney and Pixar ones. It is fully compatible with Windows 10 and supports a lot of video formats like iPhone, iPad, MP4, MKV, AVI, WMV, etc as you can see below:

Also, as a perfect Handbrake alternative, it is one of my recommendations in Best Bluray DVD Ripper, just because it is the fastest DVD ripper that I have ever used.

How to rip new Disney/Pixar animation DVD like Onward, Soul?

This guide is about ripping new Disney, Pixar protected animation, or cartoon movies like Onward, Soul, Toy Story 4, COCO, The Incredibles 2, etc to whatever video formats and bypass the problems of looping, ripping part of the DVDs you have with MakeMKV or Handbrake, etc.

Please follow the below button to download, install, and launch the animation DVD ripping software. Also, put the new animation movies to your DVD drive to get ready. You’d better register it so you aren’t limited to rip only 5 minutes of the DVD. If you are interested in the full version, you are able to get the full version on the WonderFox official page with a nice discount. 

Step 1. Load DVD

Drag and drop the DVD to the program or click the DVD disc button, and click OK to load. Please allow some seconds for the Disney/Pixar animation and cartoon DVD ripper to analyze the DVD.

Step 2. MP4/MKV for Disney/Pixar Animation DVD Ripping

MPG or your last used profile comes the default one for ripping animation DVDs that are protected by Disney or Pixar. Click on Output Profile and choose the one you prefer. For example, MKV and MP4 are in the Video tab as you can see below. Feel free to click on Settings and custom and save the profile as your own.

Step 3. Audio/Subtitle Setting for Ripping Animation DVDs[Optional]

You can here choose a different audio track, subtitle track, or set the output folder before ripping your cartoon film. Click Edit if you want to adjust the volume, crop, trim. Also, you are able to increase DVD sound volume by 200% in settings.

Step 4. Rip Animation DVD

We are now ready for ripping animation DVDs from Disney and Pixar. Go click the big Run button. With Wonderfox cartoon DVD Ripping software, it takes about 10-30 minutes for ripping Onward, Soul, etc in MP4.

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Tracy R. Dale
Tracy R. Dale
5 years ago

thanks for sharing. i ve tried many DVD rippers, but up to now, i really love wonderfox DVD Ripper Pro, which is really easy to handle. thank again.

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