YouTube Thumbnail Grabber: How to Download YouTube Thumbnail Online, on PC and Mac

Not only are there a lot of excellent videos on YouTube, but the thumbnails or the cover images of those videos are also well-made, beautiful, with high definition. And, when I see a great YouTube with beautiful thumbnail, I have the impulse to collect them for preservation. Others are likely to download or grab YouTube thumbnail for reference for future use. Well, here comes the question? How can we download and grab? In this post, I’d like to introduce a YouTube thumbnail grabber for you to do so!

The Best Way to Merge Photos Vertically or Horizontally

Combining and merging photos is a necessary tool for today’s generation of photo lovers. With countless shots taken on smartphones and high definition cameras, there must be an easy-to-use service that can successfully merge them together. It is difficult to replicate the same effect that occurs when viewing something in person versus a photo. By merging and combining photos, you are able to widen the field of view and recreate a real-life viewing experience.