AOMEI Partition Assistant Review-Free Partition Manager to Lossless Copy, Merge and Split Partitions

I had to go for a free partition manager software to manage the HDD partitions especially the system partition C. AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard is recommended by my friends to help me split the system partition losslessly to 40GB as I would like to and merge the rest 360GB with all the left.

How to Create Facebook Cover Online Free with FotoJet Online Collage Maker, Graphics Designer and Photo Editor

FotoJet, is a free online collage maker, graphics designer, and photo editor. You can use it to turn your photos into splendid collages, create social media covers, and make up for the shortages of your photo. You are allowed to share well-finished works with your family and friends via the social platform. FotoJet provides 700+ creative collage templates and 80+ classic collage layouts for you to use. You can use it smoothly in any browser without the need to download.

DesignCap Review: How to make an awesome poster with DesignCap

It’s really not an easy task for people who are little design experience or knowledge to make a typesetting poster. However, as a cost-effective advertising and publicizing tool, posters are schools, restaurants, and beverage stores best choice to promote events or products. Therefore, it would be a great need to make brilliant posters. Fortunately, massive graphics tools and software are created to help people do their design work. And here is a dead-easy and powerful poster maker tool– DesignCap to assist you creates stunning posters to achieve your marketing goals and communicating your ideas.

Watch Star Wars-How to Rip Bluray/DVD Solo: A Star Wars Story for Watching on PC/Mac/iOS/Android/TVs

As always, Star Wars movies are specially encrypted and I did remember many Bluray or DVD Rippers failed to rip the Last Jedi when it was released last year. If you have a Bluray or DVD version of Solo and want to rip or have a trouble ripping it, there is my way to rip Bluray DVD Solo A Star Wars Story to MP4, MKV etc for playback on PC, Mac, iOS, Android or TVs.