Recordcast Review-100% Free Online Video Recording and Editing Software

Many programs can do recordings, like Joyoshare Screen Recorder, Wondershare UniConverter, or QuickTime to free record with sound on macOS. However, they don’t seem to be light-weighted and require additional programs installed. Today, I’d like to recommend a FREE web app that is can do recording right within your browser! You can check my Recordcast review below to see if it is something that you are looking for!

[FREE]HDR Video Download Guide: How to Download 4K HDR Video from YouTube

HDR is short for High Dynamic Range. However, it may not make sense to you. To put things as simple as possible, it technically improves video quality. Compared to SDR(Standard Dynamic Range), HDR videos come with a 10-bit or 12-bit dynamic range and higher luminance, making it look identical to what you see from our eyes. HDR videos are now widely available on many streaming sites, and YouTube is still the largest and best place for HDR video download.

How to Download Age Restricted YouTube Videos Without Signing in on PC and Mac

I keep having problems with certain YouTube videos that I want to download and I get the message that says something like “Analysis Failed”. I contacted the customer support and I was despondent as they didn’t support age-restricted YouTube video downloading at all even I was signed in. In this post, I’d like to share my way to download age-restricted YouTube videos on PC and Mac, without signing in. Along with this, I will share a way to free WATCH those kinds of videos without login.

PDF Page Merger Review: Merge and Collage Multiple PDF Pages into One Single Page

We all hear about PDF combining, meaning joining two or more PDFs together in order to result in a single file that contains the contents of all the combined documents. But how about merging PDF pages? Yes, PDF page merging is another PDF-related processing which enables for putting multiple PDF pages together, of the same PDF file. If you are in need of a utility able to merge PDF pages, PDF Page Merger is worth a try. This awesome application is an easy-to-use tool that lets you merge together multiple pages of the same PDF file.

Quite Easy Ways to Download Videos without having a Download Manager

Every time you surf on the web and social media platforms, you will always see people asking help regarding the downloading of popular videos with the help of some online tools or apps for that matter. Video downloading is still a problem in 2020, and that is why we have written this article for our readers. In this content, you are going to learn about the tools that can help you in downloading videos from the web without worrying about any download manager plugin! All of these tools would be extremely helpful for you peeps!

The Best Way to Merge Photos Vertically or Horizontally

Combining and merging photos is a necessary tool for today’s generation of photo lovers. With countless shots taken on smartphones and high definition cameras, there must be an easy-to-use service that can successfully merge them together. It is difficult to replicate the same effect that occurs when viewing something in person versus a photo. By merging and combining photos, you are able to widen the field of view and recreate a real-life viewing experience.