MakeMKV Discount Coupon and MakeMKV Lifetime Key for PC and Mac

I recommend MakeMKV as one of the best DVD and Bluray rippers for both PC and Mac users since 2018. Mike, the author of MakeMKV, says MakeMKV will remain free while it is in beta, but you will have to get a beta key every month. If you want to keep ripping your Bluray and DVDs and support MakeMKV, I wonder if you are interested in a MakeMKV coupon or MakeMKV discount code so as to get a cheaper MakeMKV lifetime key?

MakeMKV Coupon

So, is there a working MakeMKV coupon? Yes, as you can see below! It’s a 25% discount coupon for MakeMKV! And the coupon is still available!

However, I am asked NOT to share the discount coupon publicly. If you want to save money, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me at [email protected] for the direct buy link, and promise NOT to share the buy link!

And don’t worry, this is NOT a subscription, and I won’t send you SPAM emails.

valid makemkv coupon

I did a lot of Google searches on keywords like “makemkv discount coupon”, “makemkv coupon”, “makemkv discount,” “buy makemkv” etc. At first, I was glad that Google gave me a lot of results. Some offered me 10%, some 15%, and some even offered me a 50% MakeMKV discount coupon. Are they true?

There is the five MakeMKV discount coupon code that I found over the web:


But none of them are working, and when I enter it, I get the below error message that reads:


Filds marked in red must be filled in correctly.

To continue, please review the entered data.

makemkv discount coupon error

There is another coupon website that shows you the MakeMKV coupon code with the below words:expired sometimes works.

invalid makemkv coupon

I think the author is tricking and making fun of you because the truth is it will never work.

How to Get MakeMKV Lifetime Key

It is really a pity to hear that there is no MakeMKV discount. If you want to support MakeMKV and get a lifetime key, you can do as follows.

Step 1. Visit MakeMKV Buy Page

For some reason, the MakeMKV buy page is unavailable on the index page. But you can click the below button, and it will take you to the official MakeMKV buy page. You can also go to step 2 for the direct buy button.

Step 2. Buy Button

PayPro Global is a third-party payment company that officially handles all MakeMKV purchases. You can click the Avangate buy button to get a MakeMKV lifetime key.

Step 3. Buy MakeMKV

You will have to fill the Billing Information like name, address, email as well as the payment option and click Continue. It is one-time payment and what you get is a lifetime full license key for MakeMKV and you can use it on PC and Mac! Once again, there is no MakeMKV discount.



PayPro Global is the only payment platform for buying MakeMKV. 

If you don’t want to give out your credit card number for things like this, someone on Reddit suggests prepaid, but I think if there is a 7-11 around your house, you can pay cash here, which I believe is safer because you won’t expose your personal details.

Credit/Debit Card is the default way to pay. Simply click it to change it to PayPal. 

MakeMKV won’t issue a refund if you are unsatisfied because it is sold as a “try-before-you-buy” and offers a long enough time for testing. One thing you must note is that registering won’t make a difference if the trial does not work.

But we should have the confidence to MakeMKV. From its update log, GuinpinSoft keeps updating MakeMKV every month, fixing bugs, adding support for the latest Bluray DVD protections, etc. If you give MakeMKV some time, I am sure MakeMKV won’t let you down.

If you have any problem buying MakeMKV, call the below hotline. Please note they are for English only and online payment-related issues only.


+ 1-888-317-4868 (Toll free)
+ 1-647-977-7769 (International)

If you have trouble ripping Bluray or DVDs with MakeMKV, I myself am glad to help if I can. You can contact me here: [email protected]

Also, you can go to the official forum, and many people here are friendly and kind to help.

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No cash payment (money order) no buy.

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