PDFLiner Review: Efficient Solution for PDF-Related Tasks

Nowadays, there’s hardly any document format that can be compared to PDF in terms of popularity, frequency of use, convenience, and presentability. Whether you work in an insurance agency, need to file a tax form to the IRS, or send a business contract to your partner — PDF covers all document needs. Its ubiquity and demand have led to the creation of specialized software options that help an average user to manage their files in either online or offline mode. Here we’d like to focus on one of such tools that can simplify your PDF-related routine PDFLiner.

PDFLiner Review: What Is it?

If the name “PDFLiner” says nothing to you, it is a multi-purpose online platform for working with PDF documents. Its powerful functionality includes but isn’t limited to creating, filling out, editing, converting, password-protecting, sharing, and storing PDFs, which has placed it among the top electronic document-management services on the modern market. 

PDFLiner Homepage

Text-editing ability

This smart software comes with a handy editing function you can apply to either already existing or freshly-created PDF files. Just place a cursor in any place you need and add text there. Then you can make swift edits to the file, such as making your text larger or smaller, transferring it around the doc, and deleting it for good. A backup button will help you return the notes you have accidentally erased.

PDFLiner Review: Add Text

Image-editing ability

At some point, you might want to make your document more lively and add means of visualization to it. Here is when PDFLiner offers you the image-editing ability, which allows you to insert an image in your file in several simple steps. This can help if you are engaged in collaborative projects, need to add your photo to a legal document, or supply your PDF with a personal touch. You can also convert your PDF into JPEG with a helpful online converting tool. Just upload your file, press the “Done” button, and save it in JPEG. You will get a zip archive with a freshly generated JPEG on your email address. Unzip it and enjoy using it.

PDF pages manipulation

With PDFLiner, you can add, delete, or merge the pages in your document to get a neatly organized file in the end. Since most freeware apps don’t provide their users with the possibility to merge PDF files, this platform can help you avoid addressing pricey yet more powerful services on the Web. You can also benefit from the ability to rearrange the pages in your PDF the way you’d like them to be.

Highlight, whiteout, blackout

If you need to pinpoint some important moments in your doc to make the recipient understand their importance, PDFLiner comes with a convenient highlighting ability.

Its simplicity can be compared to using a marker pen in physical reality, yet you can do it online in no time. Thus you can effortlessly underline the desired text fragment and continue working on your PDF or save a finished version on your device.

Though the whiting-out ability might sound extra-complicated for a lot of online users, this procedure can be completed in a mere moment. This function comes in handy when you don’t want to delete notes from your PDF but need to hide them. The whiteout remover becomes entirely available with a single tap on the upper panel.

The “blackout” option might sound a bit strange, yet it is incredibly useful. Sometimes you might need to secure certain spots in your file but let the readers know the fragments are still there. The “Blackout” tool can help in situations when you have to work on numerous files during a day and don’t have enough time to edit each file line-by-line scrupulously. 

Annotate PDF

PDFLiner enables users of any skill level to annotate their PDFs online in a few simple steps. You can effortlessly add the notes you would like to see in any place of your file for them to pop up there. Further, you can edit them, change the color of the text to your liking, or alter the shade of the background to make these annotations stand out in your file.

E-signing ability

Signing your file helps to increase its protection rate and allows you to use it later for legal purposes. PDFLiner empowers you to choose between 3 convenient alternative tools to supply your file with an electronic signature. For instance, you can take a photo of your existing physical signature and insert it into your doc, draw it by hand, or write it in text format. You can also modify the size of your signature with the controllers below the toolbar.

Sharing PDF file as a link

The sharing function enables you to allow access to your files to another party by sending a public link to them. The procedure of creating a URL link is effortless if you follow the guide the team of PDFLiner supplies you with. You can also define the expiration date and permissions for your link. This function is highly appreciated by all business owners who have to finish working on one doc, send them to their clients, and swiftly move on to another file.

Editing Documents With PDFLiner

The PDFLiner service has an understandable and user-friendly interface, making editing any document as clear as if you had a personal assistant helping you. You don’t need to install any additional and memory-consuming application on your device to take advantage of its multiple editing tools: Everything can be conveniently completed online. Here is a quick 3-step algorithm that will familiarize you with how to use PDFLiner to your benefit:

1. Visit the official PDFLiner’s website: https://pdfliner.com/.

2. Upload the doc you would like to polish or choose a new template from the extensive service’s library.

3. Start editing your file right away by using the features that PDFLiner provides.

4. Press “Save” after you’re done to download the finished file on your device or send it to your email address.

PDFLiner: Helpful Set of Tools in One Service

Filling out a tax form, signing a contract, or creating a new invoice is possible with PDFLiner. Don’t hesitate to try this potent software: A free-trial option lasts five days, after which you can decide whether its potential will cover your PDF-related needs or look for other solutions.

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