Enjoy 300% Faster PC & Enhanced Privacy Protection
Enjoy 300% Faster PC & Enhanced Privacy Protection

Often when we go to delete or move files or folders, Windows will tell you “can not delete the file: the file is being used by another program or user”, but it does not tell us what the program is in the end. Also, this happens a lot when you try to reject a USB or removable hard drive as you are told that the device is occupied.

I believe when we have encountered the above problems, the problem persists even we shut down all applications. What we recommend is a free unlocker tool that helps you restore any file/folder’s status so that you can delete/move or modify. IObit Unlocker is free and perfectly supports Windows XP, Windows 7, 8/8.1 and Windows 10 and it is believed to be the best solution for “Cannot Delete” or “Access Denied” problems.

IObit Unlocker-free file unlocker features:

After installing the IObit Unlocker, you can simply right click on the “stubborn” file/folder that can not be deleted or drag and drop the file/folder to program to unlock. IObit Unlocker is a free file unlocker and works as simple as that and it has similar functions with the program Unlocker but Unlocker works no better than IObit Unlocker which is more user-friendly in design and operation.


IObit Unlocker provides normal unlock and force unlock. In face of some more difficult circumstances, the force unlock can often be more effective to help users solve the problem!


IObit Unlocker also provides a quick option to unlock, such as “unlock & delete”, “unlock & rename”, “unlock & copy”, “unlock & move”, so you don’t have to do those again manually.


IObit Unlocker also supports batch unlocking with multiple files and folders added to the program. Although actually we don’t use this function much, but just in case of some specific circumstances, this feature will make you exclaim its convenience!

As a light, easy, and free to Use file/folder unlock tool, IObit Unlocker provides a very simple and clean interface and convenient way for operation. It supports XP until the latest Windows 10 and also provides 17 UI languages. If you, like me, have encountered the problems like “Cannot delete file”, “Access is denied”, “undeleted files”, “The file is in use by another program or user”, or “There has been a sharing violation!”, try IObit Unlocker! In addition, IObit’s other free tools such as IObit Smart Defrag (disk defragmentation) and IObit Uninstaller (software uninstall tool) are also good.

IObit Unlocker Review-Free utility to unlock “Access Denied” file or folder
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