Wondershare UniConverter-Your Ultimate Utility to Rotate and Flip Videos on PC and Mac

I am trying to convert a video taken on my iPhone 7 with the default camera program. The video plays upside down on my computer. I want to rotate it 180 degrees on my Windows 10 PC or MacBook Pro running macOS Catalina.

Many other people are likely to have experienced the same problem when they play videos from cameras, mobile phones, and tablets, only to find a video being played upside down. It really looks funny if you are now watching your videos with your neck twisted. : )

It is easy to handle this situation if you just want to watch it on the computer. MPC-HC, as far as I know, can rotate during the playback. However, if you want to copy and share it with your friends or families who are not so tech-savvy or upload it to YouTube, Facebook, it is still necessary to rotate videos and make them look normal. Wondershare UniConverter helps and it is easy to use.

Ultimate Utility to Rotate and Flip Videos on PC/MAC

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is a very easy-to-use utility to rotate videos 90 or 180 degrees counterclockwise and clockwise and flip vertically and horizontally. And you can convert your videos to any other video format you need. You are even able to rotate videos 90 degrees counterclockwise and clockwise after flipping them vertically.

Wondershare UniConverter

List Price: $59.95 Now Only: $47.96 Save $11.99 for Lifetime License 

The user interface as you can see below is nice and clear. The left window shows the original and the right been rotated or flipped. You can click the Play button to preview. The underneath window plays the rotated/flipped video simultaneously with the original.

Rotate and Flip Videos Fast Without Errors

Wondershare UniConverter works quite well on my Windows 10 Pro, with an Intel i7 processor and 8 GB RAM. My computer is far more than enough to handle 18 seconds rotation and it does rotate videos very fast in seconds. I have played all the functions and it worked flawlessly.

And, I also rotate and flip videos with Wondershare UniConverter on MacBook Pro and it is 100% compatible with the latest Apple macOS and rotate and flip videos fast without errors!

Besides, it is highly recommended you enable the High-Speed Conversion mode as shown below. And I a detailed guide on how I convert MKV to MP4 200% faster with Wondershare.

How to Rotate and Flip Videos on PC/Mac

Below is a detailed guide on how we can rotate and flip any videos like MKV, MP4, AVI, WMV, M2TS/MTS, AVCHD on PC. The Mac version works just the same. 

Step 1. Load Videos

Simply click Add Files, locate the video file on your hard drive and click Open to load.

Step 2. Output Profile

Your last used profile comes to the default profile for video converting. If it is the first time you use Wondershare, MP4 Video is the default one. Click the drop-down menu of “Convert all files to”, and choose the one you need.

If you want to keep the original video format and codec, make sure you don’t change anything.

UniConverter Crop Video Steps

Step 3. Crop

In order to rotate and flip videos, click the below Crop button.

Step 4. Start Rotate and flip

Click the big Convert button to do so!

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