How to Rip Bluray DVD to MP4 AC3 MKV AC3 on PC and Mac

I have a free copy of VideoProc and while I’m very impressed so far, I’m also very disappointed that there is no MKV or MP4 HD AC3 profile available for the DVD ripping. I HATE AAC, and neither my Sennheiser 7.1 headphones, nor my Panasonic 4K Blu-ray player, see any videos converted with VideoProc or any video converting program that use the AAC codec, as being a multichannel/surround sound file, and as a result, they only play back in boring 2 channel stereo. That is absolutely maddening, to be honest.

In order to get the best result to rip Bluray DVD to MP4 AC3 and MKV AC3, I’ve been using a few other Bluray and DVD ripping programs for a while, with very good results, but here I’d like to recommend DVDFab to the best solution for you to rip and convert Blu-ray and DVD discs to MP4 AC3 or MKV AC3.

DVDFab-The Best Bluray DVD to MP4 AC3/MKV AC3 Ripper

I recommend DVDFab because it beats other Bluray and DVD rippers or video converters all hands-down when it comes to video and audio being in sync. It perfectly synced the video and audio while I rip Bluray DVD to MP4 AC3, where four other programs failed miserably! And, DVDFab is far more versatile than other programs, in that I can customize my profiles. For example, I can select audio bitrates up to and including 448 and 640, I can select any resolution I want up to 8K, can change every aspect of the audio (selecting 2, 5.1 or 7.1 channels), etc. And can then save my customized profile.

DVDFab allows ALL audio and video codecs to be selected from the drop-down menu in DVD and Bluray ripping. With DVDFab, you can paste in a source video file, then it reads the data, and clone it, to make a brand-new, unique profile, using the source audio codec, audio bitrate, audio sample rate, audio channel select (2. 5.1, or 7.1)  video codec, video bitrate, frame rate, video aspect.

Finally, DVDFab allows you to select ANY resolution, right up to 3840×2160. Having so much freedom when ripping, converting/downloading, really helps a user to get creative, and being able to paste in another source file, then using that as a profile, is always really useful if you’ve converted a file and love the results, as you can then replicate it ad-infinitum.

DVDFab Advanced Settings

So, it is pretty easy if you want the AC3 codec in audio in DVD an Blu-ray conversion. Besides, the AC3 codec is supported in MP4, MKV, M2TS/TS and AVI.

How to Rip Bluray DVD to MP4 AC3 and MKV AC3?

Playing around with what settings work best in other alternatives, and I definitely got a lot frustrated to find that there is no MKV HD profile with AC3 nor MP4 AC3 in the program. But here in DVDFab, it is easy and straightway. And I will walk you through how to rip Blu-ray and DVD to MP4 AC3 and MKV AC3.

Step 1. Download and Install

Please follow the below button to free download and install DVDFab on your PC and Mac. Also, insert your Blu-ray or DVD disc into the drive.

Step 2. Load Blu-ray DVD

Once you launch the program, DVDFab aromatically tries to analyzes all the discs in the Blu-ray and DVD drives.  You will be presented the below window to confirm the Blu-ray or DVD region. Feel free to disable it by clicking Don’t show it again. Also, you can learn how we can remove Blu-ray region code here.

DVDFab DVD Region

Step 3. MKV or MP4 Profile for Bluray DVD Ripping

MP4 is the default profile for ripping and converting. If you want MKV AC3, click it as shown below to change a profile.

DVDFab Profile

Step 4. Advanced Setting

The default audio codec in DVDFab is also AAC, but you are free to choose AC3 in the ripping here in Advanced Settings:


If you want to increase the sound by up to 500%, check this guide for details.

Step 5. Ripping Bluray DVD to MP4 AC3/MKV AC3

Here, we are really for the ripping. Click the Start button to begin the conversion of the Bluray DVD to MP4 AC3.

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