DVDFab: the Best Software to Reduce Video Size-Convert MKV AVI M2TS to Smaller MP4 Without Losing Quality

When I was wandering around on Quora, I notice people were wondering how to convert and compress MKV to smaller MP4. To me, I don’t always compress videos to reduce video size and in one of my previous posts, I explained how to convert MKV to MP4 without losing quality. The MKV to MP4 passthrough keeps everything in the original video and the size doesn’t change or doesn’t change much. I realized there may be more people who want to convert and compress MKV to smaller mp4 or reduce other videos size by shrinking or converting.

People on Quora and Reddit recommend Handbrake to be the best software for reducing the size of a video like AVI, MKV, WMV, M2TS, etc. However, I don’t always think so. Handbrake is recommended just because it is totally free to use and it WORKS. Is there a better alternative to reduce video size? Sure!

DVDFab: Best Software to Reduce Video Size

Here in the post, I’d like to recommend DVDFab to be the best Handbrake alternative for you to reduce any video size, like converting MKV to smaller MP4, compressing AVI to MP4, reduce MKV file size, etc.

DVDFab is the all-in-one solution powered by DVDFab for people to rip, copy, burn and create Bluray and DVD, convert videos, transfer files, download YouTube videos, and remove DRM protection. I have been using it a lot to remux Blu-ray and merge DVDs.

And, there are a couple of reasons why I recommend DVDFab over Handbrake.

  • Compression Rate

When compared with Handbrake as well as other free programs like VLC, DVDFab gives a higher compression rate while maintaining good quality. As you can see below, I try to compress and reduce a 110MB MKV file to MP4 and there’s the result:

DVDFab compresses the 110 MB MKV to 15.6 MB MP4 and reduce the video size by 85.8%.
Handbrake compress the 110 MB MKV to 22.2 MB MP4 and reduce the video size by 79.8%.
DVDFab VS Handbrake
  • Conversion speed

With the support of GPU acceleration on both PC and Mac, DVDFab is faster in reducing video size. Enable the AMD and Intel GPU acceleration here by unchecking “Disable all GPU codecs for decoding and encoding”:

  • Video Format

Handbrake is open source and free to use but it only supports MKV and MP4/M4V as the output video format, meaning it is NOT possible for you to reduce the video size of an AVI file without changing the video format. However, with DVDFab, almost all video formats are supported.

DVDFab Choose Profile MP4

The Best Way to Reduce Video Size on PC and Mac

There’s how I reduce video size using DVDFab by converting MKV to smaller MP4 as an example. But, no worry, DVDFab supports almost all video formats like AVI, MKV, VOB, M2TS, MMV, etc!

Please follow the below button to download, install, and launch DVDFab to get ready. 

Step 1. Load Videos for Compressing

Go for the Converter tab and load the video you want to reduce the size by drag-and-drop. You can also click the Add button to do so. 

Step 2. Output Profile for Reducing Video Size

MP4 is the default profile. If you just want to convert MKV to a smaller MP4, then leave it. If not, Click MP4 and locate one profile you prefer for reducing video sizes. Check Web Optimized if you want to.

DVDFab Choose Profile MP4

Step 3. Video Quality for Compressing

Standard is the default quality for compressing videos. If you want to reduce video size without quality loss, then keep the default setting. Or click its drop-down menu and select Fast Speed for a higher compression rate. 

You can even able to go for the Advanced Settings to customize the video quality by bitrate or file size:

Step 4. Reduce Video Size

Hit the Start button to reduce the size of any videos like MKV, M2TS, VOB, MPG, etc to any format you like. 

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