How to Remove DRM from iTunes Movies/TV Shows on macOS High Sierra Mojave

Why those DRM removers are not able to remove DRM on High Sierra or Mojave? The below guide explains possible ways to remove DRM on your Mac machine that is running High Sierra or Mojave. If you don’t want to downgrade your OS or if you are looking for a lossless way to remove iTunes DRM on macOS High Sierra/Mojave, this guide helps.

MakeMKV Beta Key January 2019, MakeMKV Lifetime Key, MakeMKV Discount Coupon and Best MakeMKV Alternative for Bluray DVD Ripping on Windows 10 and macOS High Sierra, Mojave

I try to visit recently around Sep. 2017, only to find all MakeMKV website, including its main site and the forum, is down and suspended. There is the most current beta key code as well as an alternative for MakeMKV beta version which can be used in Windows, macOS and Linux versions for Bluray and DVD ripping.

Handbrake fails to encode Blu-Ray Wonder Woman! How to Rip Bluray Wonder Woman with an alternative

Wonder Woman seems to come with a new AACS, BD+ or MKB protection but Leawo Blu-ray Ripper is able to handle it, making it perfect Wonder Woman Blu-ray Ripper. Not only does this Wonder Woman Blu-ray Ripper rip directly to MP4 or MKV, AVI for you, but you are also free to crop, trim or add watermark to your Wonder Woman copies! Besides, it runs on the latest macOS High Sierra and Windows 10.

How to Rip Disney DVDs and Convert videos to Innotab 3/3S/3S Plus, Innotab Max for kids

Innotab is a popular learning tablet for children from VTech. And I have two for my kids as their birthday gifts, Innotab 3S for the younger and Max for the elder and I think this Android-based tablet is a great tool to develop kids’ intelligence but I have great trouble in ripping and converting Disney DVDs to Innotab 3S and Innotab Max. I tried a number of DVD ripping programs, both Windows and Mac and I will list all my troubles below and a possible solution to truly rip Disney protected DVDs to Innotab 3S or Innotab Max compatible format.

How to Rip Encrypted DVDs with Original Quality to Smart TCL/Samsung TVs on Windows 10, macOS High Sierra, Mojave?

I plan to rip DVDs to MP4 for the two smart TVs, TCL and Samsung and a DVD Ripper is needed with the following requirements:
Rip Encrypted DVDs from Disney and other companies, mainly Disney cartoons
Retain high quality of playback
Retain subtitles, especially when a alien or foreign language is spoken.

How to Rip DVDs with Forced Subtitle for Foreign or Alien languages on Windows 10 macOS High Sierra, Mojave?

While ripping DVD to MP4, I’d like the forced subtitles at points in the film where the action takes place in another country. Watching the DVD directly, the subtitles appear automatically when the actors start speaking alien or other languages. I don’t want subtitles throughout the movie, just the ones that appear like they do normally when the language switches over.

Troubleshooting-Cannot Play Apple TV 3 Video on Apple TV 4? Guides on How to Rip DVD and Convert Videos to Apple TV 4

I just recently updated my Apple TVs from Generation 3 to Generation 4. Many of my movies are now not compatible, the format, for the Generation 4 Apple TV and can not be viewed and it says “this content cannot be played because it’s format is not compatible with this device”. And it seems to be a common issue all over the world and questions are asked in Apple’s forums. Here are my solutions.

How to Rip DVD Remotely without a Local DVD Drive

winx dvd alternative

My personal Windows 7 doesn’t have DVD drive and have no external USB drive neither. But I work within a LAN and have WIFI connection so an access to other PC disposing DVD drive and another internet BOX which have too a DVD drive. My question is to see whether there is a DVD ripper for Windows 7 and Windows 10 could rip for me at a distance the data on a DVD installed on a distant drive ?