DVDFab Guide-How to Always Rip DVDs with Forced Subtitle and Custom File Name

I am a regular DVD ripping user and have recently started to rip all of my 1000 plus DVDs again to standardize the format and improve the quality. I am finding that I was constantly having to do the same tasks with each disc with some of the DVD rippers and I was wondering if there is a way to set defaults somewhere?

A DVD Ripper That Meets My Needs

The things I want to set as defaults are:

  • The output format. I only want to rip DVDs to MP4 and it’s the same for every rip so why do I need to select it again and again. I should be able to change it if I want but shouldn’t have to select it for each disc.
  • I don’t want the title number on the end of each file name. Some softwares do a good job of naming the output file with the movie name but why would anyone want the track name appended.
  • I want forced subtitles for every disc if possible. 

And I am glad to say that DVDFab DVD Ripper is the very DVD ripping solution that meets my needs.

This is the guide of using DVDFab DVD Ripper to always rip DVDs to, say, MP4 with forced subtitles and custom your own output file name. Once you have done the settings, you don’t have to go for the same tasks for every DVD ripping.

Rip DVDs with the Same Profile

DVDFab DVD Ripper is able to remember the very last output profile for the next ripping and you are free to custom the video quality, bitrate, frame rate, resolution as well as the encoding method, like one-pass and two-pass coding and CRF, and you are able to save the profile as the default for your next and every ripping. All those options are available in Advanced Settings as you can see here:

DVDFab Save My Profile

You are free to set the Audios and Subtitle options here as well. I myself would always like to check the option Copy Audio so I get the original audio quality. The original DTS sound is amazing! And you are able to increase DVD sound by up to 500%.

DVDFab Copy Audio

As for the subtitle option, I’d like to recommend you to choose “Remux into file”. This way, you are free to turn the subtitle on and off or change to another subtitle during playback in any players like MPC-HC and so does Extract to idx/sub file but you will get separate subtitle files and will have to load them before playing with subtitles.

Rip DVD with Custom Output File Name

It is good to have the title number on the end of each file name when I rip TV series to MP4, but I don’t think it will be good to have a title number on the end for a movie DVD as I know there will be only one or two titles that are right for ripping. I even wrote a guide on how to select the right title for ripping. Therefore, the title number on the end really drives me crazy and I will always go manually and remove it. Recently, I find it actually easy to custom the output file name and remove the title number. It is right in the Common Settings-Conversion-Output here and you just have to remove the title tag as highlighted below and confirm with OK.

DVDFab Custom File Name

Rip DVD with Forced Subtitle

If you like watching science fiction movie, it’s quite possible that there are subtitles that appear only when a foreign or alien language is speaking. This kind of subtitle is called Forced Subtitle. 

I don’t want subtitles throughout the movie, just the ones that appear as they do normally when the language switches over. Using the MP4 DVD ripper by DVDFab, it is extremely easy to have forced subtitle only. After a DVD is loaded, the program automatically selects the right title for you with all English subtitle by default. You just have to click on the drop-down mean and enable Forced Subtitles:

If you just want forced subtitles, you are able to set it as default here in Settings:

Forced Subtitle Default

Troubleshooting-Forced Subtitle Not Working?

In my previous post, I have discussed in detail how to rip DVDs with forced subtitles with another DVD ripping solution, along with troubleshooting why the forced subtitle is NOT working and it also works for DVDFab as well. You can have a check here.

However, I do think DVDFab does a better job here as other forced subtitle is marked as you can see:

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