Mac Fans Control-a Fix for Mac overheating and noise problems

Apple says the control system in a Mac is very quick to react to temperature changes. The fans are supposed to speed up to provide additional airflow when you are playing 3D games watching Bluray or HD videos . But it is still a big pain when a Mac, specially a MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, is overheating and the system does not ramp up the fan speeds until things get quite hot. Certainly not hot enough to cause a thermal shutdown, but hot enough to perhaps cause undue stress and cumulative damage over the long term. One can only speculate as to why this is.

Mac Fans Control UI

Fix for Mac Overheating or noise problems

If you want to monitor and control your computer’s fans on a MacBook (Macs Fan Control also works flawlessly in Boot Camp Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1 and Windows 10!) or if your Mac/Windows is overheating, you may try Mac Fans Control for you to control fan speed with a temperature sensors pane, menu-bar icon. And it can auto-start with the system. It is your top choice for the noise problems such as those caused by iMac HDD replacement, or overheating problems like those found on a MacBook Pro.

How to Solve the MacBook Overheating

Mac Fans Control is right for you to monitor your mac’s fans speed and temperature for batteries, CPUs, GPU and HDD or SDD in real-time. It is easy to see which one is overheating and you are free to set each fans rotating speed for different conditions. You can set a constant RPM value for your fans or sensor-based value if your CPU, GPU, HDD etc is over a certain temperature. I always control my CPU to be below 78 ºC. Just click Custom to specify a custom controlling mode:

Custom Mode

And then set the sensor-based value on CPU cores. The CPU cores’ temperature are almost the same, so it is Okay to choose any of them.

Custom CPU Temperature

How to Solve the Noise Issue After You Replace iMac HDD

Problem comes right after you replace your iMac HDD to whatever a SSD or another HDD that the hard drive always spins at the maximum speed of over 6000 RPM and causes unbearable noise. Things get even worse if you cannot set the rotating of a HDD to its minimum speed. A HDD overheating may cause your computer restart and you will probably lose data. A quick way out of this worry is the Mac Fans Control app that is only about 8 MB. Follow the two tips below to prevent your iMac from noise problems.

  • For those who replace the HDD with a SSD, please set Constant RPM value for “HDD” fan to minimum
  • For those who replace the iMac HDD to another HDD, please set the rotating in relation to HDD temperature


The default temperature values is good and enough for daily use. Advanced users should refer to technical manual of your HDD and your preferences for noise/performance balance.

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