How to Download All Videos from a YouTube Channel on Apple Silicon Macs with Big Sur, Windows 10

I don’t download YouTube videos much, but when I do, I find the YouTube video in Chrome, copy the URL and paste it into my YouTube Downloader. It analyzes the URL and I choose the resolution and format I need and click to start downloading. If there is a playlist, it goes the same. However, today I am thinking about downloading the entire YouTube channel that comes with a couple of playlists? Or, if there are no playlists but all videos in the whole channel, do I have to download all videos from a YouTube channel or download the YouTube channel to MP3 one by one? Obviously, I don’t want to do so… Okay, this is how we can download all videos from a YouTube channel on Windows and macOS, Big Sur, and M1 chip Macs supported. 

YouTube Channel Downloader for PC and Mac

I have a couple of programs that support YouTube downloading but I am not quite sure if they can download YouTube channel all videos because this is my first time I think I could do so to save my time. And I am very lucky to say my first try works with Wondershare UniConverter.

Wondershare UniConverter, whose name was Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate, is your one-in-all solution to rip DVDs, convert all kinds of videos, even some unpopular formats like MMV and AVCHD, download online videos, burn YouTube to DVDs and Bluray, transfer videos to iOS and Android devices, etc. Wondershare says it is able to download over 1000 online videos but YouTube is my main site for downloading.

wondershare video converter ultimate ui

Upon my first try for the YouTube channel downloading, it works, which really impresses me a lot! I am recently watching a series of SEO tutorials by Brian Dean that has about 18 videos in total into 3 playlists. It is OK for me to download the playlist three times for the whole channel, but with Wondershare, the very YouTube channel downloader, you can download all YouTube channel videos to Mp4 or MP3 once. And if there are a lot of playlists on a channel, it will save you a lot of time! Also, it supports downloading 360-degree videos and long and large YouTube playlists.

youtube channel ready for downloading

Wondershare UniConverter works on both Windows and macOS. For macOS, Wondershare is 100% compatible with the latest MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Mac Mini with Silicon M1 chip running Big Sur. 

How to Download All Videos from a YouTube Channel on PC/Mac

Downloading all videos from a YouTube Channel with Wondershare UniConverter, your ultimate YouTube channel downloader, is extremely easy as we do in downloading long YouTube videos or playlists and downloading the 360-degree videos. I will walk you through how to download the entire YouTube channel. Before that, please follow the below two buttons to download, install and launch the YouTube channel downloader according to your OS, no matter it’s Windows 7, Windows 10, or macOS Big Sur or Catalina on Intel or Silicon Macs.

Step 1. Download Tab

To download YouTube channel videos, we can go directly to the Downloader tab.

Step 2. Paste URL

You will have to locate the URL first in your browser, copy it, and click Paste URL. The downloader will then automatically analyze the channel URL and display all videos in the channel for you to download.

Tip: click the VIDEOS tab in the channel and the URL is the right one for downloading.

Step 3. Video/Audio and Quality

Wondershare can analyze a YouTube channel in seconds even there are hundreds of videos on the whole channel. And after that, you will be presented the below window, where you can choose to download YouTube channel video in MP4 or YouTube channel audio in MP3. And you can choose the videos, set the resolution you need in Quality. You can download up to 4K videos and MP3 up to 320 kbps when downloading the entire channel.

If the highest resolution in a YouTube video only goes up to 720P but you select 1080P as the output, it won’t re-convert your video to 1080P but leaves the highest resolution 720P.

Step 4. Downloading

Hit the Download button and Wondershare will start downloading your required YouTube channel videos in MP4 or YouTube channel audios in Mp3 on your PC and Mac machines. 

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B ruce
B ruce
6 years ago


This is a great post. To be honest, I had no idea that you could download entire channels at once. I have never had the need to do that but in case I need to, I know where to look.

I was wondering if you have any tricks for downloading Facebook videos. I haven’t found any working method.


3 years ago


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