How to create a DVD copy on HDD with menus like the DVD on Windows and macOS

You may new to DVD ripping or not computer savvy or just not family with a program to create a media copy of a DVD on HDD with menus like the original DVD. My wife is such one who just purchased the Leawo Prof Media recently but was totally confused about how she may “rip” an exercise DVD (PIYO, CIZE, etc by Beachbody) onto her computer external drive even though all seemed to install and work quite well. She was able to run it but only had one title that copied as a single Mp4 but there are no options to menus~

If your goal is to be able to copy the DVD onto the computer hard drive and be able to run it with all menus pointing to the correct chapters/titles as if you had just inserted the DVD into the drive, but you do not want to copy it to make another DVD or you want to be able to playback with menus other than to make one big file for playback and then scroll through it to find what you want from the HDD or external storage drive, let’s make it happen.

A DVD Copier that can Copy DVDs with menus

You can create an MP4 file with the video and audio tracks, and your video players or devices like Apple TV, iPhone can switch between them. However, as far as I know, MP4 is not able to keep the menus like the original DVD and ISO or a DVD VIDEO_TS folder seem to be the only way out to maintain menu options of the DVD PIYO that allow you to select what program you wish to work out. Leawo DVD Ripper, as a part of Leawo’s Prof Media, is featured-rich in producing MP4, H.264, MOV, FLV, MPEG, M4V, AVI, QT, etc from any DVD, commercial or home-made. However, to create an ISO file or VIDEO_TS folder from DVDs to HDD with menus that keep everything in the original DVD including menus, titles, chapters as well as extras we need Leawo DVD Copy.

Leawo offers three copy modes as we do in ripping. Full Mode is a 1:1 backup with everything in the original DVD like the menus and chapters. You can use the main mode or custom mode to compress an 8.5GB DVD 9 to a 4.7 GB DVD 5. You are able to copy a DVD to a folder, ISO, or disc all at a time in one click! Let’s see how it works.

Lewo Prof Media

Create DVD with Menus to HDD on PC and Mac

Before we create DVDs copies on hard drive, follow the below buttons to download a free trial on your PC or mac. Install and launch it. Insert a DVD you want to copy.

I’m going to take my recent DVD movie Spectre as an example to show you the process of the DVD to ISO backup.

Step 1. Load DVD

You will always have to choose a function module before coping. Go click the DVD Copy or the Copy tab on tap and click the “Add Bluray/DVD” button to load the DVD, Spectre of my example, to the program Leawo DVD Copy.

The program will start analyzing the DVD and you will hear the DVD drive making noises, but don’t worry, it only takes a few seconds.

Step 2. Three Mode for Copying

After the DVD is loaded you will see three copy modes for coping. As explained above, to be able to rip DVD to ISO and keep all menus, chapters, video, audio, and subtitle, we go Full Mode. Cloning the full movie to the VIDEO_TS folder is also 1:1 backup.

Step 3. Copy Option

Click the Copy button and you will be presented the below copy options of coping DVD to Folder, ISO or a blank DVD, the Disc Label and Save to folder for Folder or ISO option, which is also the temp folder for copying DVDs to blank discs. Please always be sure to set the destination folder with enough space.

Step 4. Start Coping

Now we can go directly to Copy and start ripping DVD. You can copy create a DVD copy with a menu to ISO, VIDEO_TS, to disc simultaneously.

How to Play ISO/VIDEO_TS folder on PC and Mac

If you are on Windows, either Windows 10 or Windows 7 or 8, I’d like to recommend MPC-HC for ISO and DVD VIDEO_TS folder playback. VLC Media Player is also one of my favorites. Both support dragging and dropping.

For macOS users, VLC also works and you can play ISO on macOS with the built-in DVD

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