Power Rangers Series Ripping-Rip and Backup Blu-ray DVD Power Rangers Series to MP4/MKV Disc on PC and MAC

Power Rangers is an American superhero TV series, and it has its movies in 2017. I have a couple of collections of the Power Rangers series on DVDs and I had trouble ripping them to MP4. The Power Rangers series ripping only goes up to 2 minutes and stops. Do you own a copy of the Power Rangers series in Blu-ray or DVD? If you do and have trouble ripping those discs, especially Beast Morphers and Dino Fury, the latest ones, this guide helps.

Along with this post, I’d like to recommend two bonus gifts for you too.

List of Power Rangers Episodes

How many Power Rangers series do you collect? Do you have Beast Morphers or Dino Fury, the latest? If it’s one of your favorites, don’t miss any of the episodes! Here I have listed all episodes for the latest Power Rangers Beast Morphers (Season 27, 2020).

Data was collected from Wikipedia. And for more and all episodes, please visit:

Blu-ray DVD Ripper for Power Rangers Series

Generally, all Power Rangers series are protected, DVDs with CSS and region code, and Blu-rays with AACS, BD+, etc. And the latest series Beast Morphers and Dino Fury come with the latest protections. So, it is important for the ripping tool to support all kinds of Blu-ray or DVD copy protections. Among all those Blu-ray and DVD rippers, Leawo Blu-ray/DVD Ripper is one of the tops and it is highly recommended by me. It supports all kinds of Blu-ray and DVD copy protection, removes the protections, and saves your Power Rangers series to whatever videos you like.

Also, if you check my posts, you will see how powerful Leawo is to rip Disney movies, convert Lionsgate DVDs, etc. And, Leawo comes with a nice and clean user interface and it is self-explanatory. 

Leawo Prof. Media Main UI PC Registered

Power Rangers Series Blu-ray DVD Ripping to MP4/MKV

If you are unable to rip the Power Rangers movie, any of the Power Rangers series, or other protected series or TV shows, this is the guide that helps! 

Step 1. Install and Launch

Follow the below download link to have a free trial of Power Ranger ripping tool for both Blu-ray and DVD, install, and launch it. Also, insert your Power Ranger series into your Blu-ray/DVD drive.

Step 2. Load Power Rangers Series

Click Blu-ray/DVD Ripper in the main UI or go for the Convert tab on top. Load the any of your Power Ranger series by Add Blu-ray/DVD-Add from CD-ROM.

Step 3. Power Ranger Series Correct Title[IMPORTANT]

For Power Ranger series, Leawo only takes a few seconds to analyze the disc and you will be presented to choose main, full, and custom movie mode for ripping with a preview window as shown below.

You are able to preview the titles to see if it is the right playlist for ripping. The right title I detected for Power Ranger movie is title 41 as you can see below.

However, as for the Power Ranger series, it’s not right to go for the full movie as you may think it would give you the whole and every episode. Wrong! Please go for the Custom Mode as all episodes of the Power Ranger series are divided into different titles. You can play the disc to view which titles are right to go for each episode.

Step 4. Ripping Power Ranger series to MP4/MKV

MP4 comes as the default output profile for ripping. If you want to rip Power Rangers to MKV, click on MP4 Video and change or edit to whatever you need. And hit the Convert button to begin the Power Ranger series to MKV or MP4 ripping.

Power Rangers Series in TV Shows instead of Home Videos

After ripping and importing the Power Rangers series to iTunes or TV.app on your Mac or Windows, you find them nowhere in TV shows but in Home Videos. No worry, there’s a quick guide on how we can import the ripped series to TV shows instead of Home Videos in iTunes on Windows or TV.app on your latest macOS.

First of all, locate your show in Home Videos, then right-click it and choose Video Info. 

Get Info TV.app

In the window below, go for Options and change the media kind to TV shows from Home Videos. DONE!

Power Rangers Series Next Season (2021): Dino Fury

Power Rangers Season 28 will be called Dino Fury and it is about to be released in 2021. I hope it won’t be highly copy-protected, but if it is and you have trouble ripping it, I hope this guide can be of any help. 

Bonus Gift: Power Rangers Series Blu-ray DVD Backup(Disc to Disc)

Despite ripping Power Rangers Series to MP4, MKV, AVI, iPhone, iPad for playback, you may still want to backup the whole discs, remove the region code, and burn them back to another disc. And, there’s a bonus gift for you to do so!

You may also notice that Leawo Prof. Media is an all-in-one media solution for Blu-ray and DVDs. It supports Blu-ray DVD coping as well.

With Leawo Blu-ray Copy, you copy Power Rangers series to BD50 or BD25. You can even compress the whole Blu-ray to a DVD!

Bonus Gift: Play Any Power Rangers series on PC and MAC

If you don’t want to rip your Power Rangers series at all, you can just play them on your PC or MAC. I’d like to recommend a powerful media player that enables you to play any Blu-ray, including the 4K Blu-rays, DVDs, or any video files, with menu support. It also helps if you have trouble playing your series.

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