I am using Handbrake 1.0.7 (2017040900) 64 bit on Windows 10.0.15063 64 bit. I am attempting to use Handbrake to encode a rip of my Wonder Woman blu-ray disc using the Super HQ 1080p30 Surround preset. The only modification I make to the settings is to a) Remove the first audio track, the Dolby Pro Logic II mixdown, and b) change the second audio track from AC3 Passthrough to TrueHD Passthrough. Everything else I leave at the preset defaults.

After Handbrake says “Preparing to Encode” it changes to “Queue finished with 1 errors or cancellations detected” immediately after I click “Start Encode”. I also try a General profile Very Fast 480P 30 with everything in Default but it gives the very same error. 

handbrake error

MakeMKV gives me an ‘Read Error’ for ripping Blu-ray disc Wonder Woman.

A Wonder Woman Bluray Ripper for PC/Mac

Leawo Bluray Ripper is recommended by me in many of posts to be an alternative for MakeMKV and Handbrake for its better performance and more direct way to rip and convert Blu-rays to almost any video format or devices you need including MakeMKV’s featured format MKV and Handbrake’s MP4/M4V.

Wonder Woman seems to come with a new AACS, BD+ or MKB protection but Leawo Blu-ray Ripper is able to handle it, making it perfect Wonder Woman Blu-ray Ripper. Besides, it runs on the latest macOS High Sierra and Windows 10.

decrypt bluray dvd

Not only does this Wonder Woman Blu-ray Ripper rip directly to MP4 or MKV, AVI for you, but you are also free to crop, trim or add watermark to your Wonder Woman copies! If you are ripping a 2D version of the Bluray Wonder Woman, you are also able to rip 2D to 3D MP4/MKV for your smart TVs or VR devices like Gear VR, Google Oculus Rift for better watching experience!

Besides, Leawo Blu-ray Ripper works as a Wonder Woman DVD ripper as well! If you have trouble ripping the DVD version, Leawo Blu-ray ripper is also right here to help!

How to Rip Blu-ray Wonder Woman to MP4/MKV

Ripping Blu-ray disc Wonder Woman to Mp4 or other video formats including MKV, AVI, MOV or iPhone/iPad, Apple TV does not require much special steps. But this is the first time you use Leawo for ripping Blu-ray disc, this guide helps.

Before ripping Wonder Woman, follow the two buttons to download a copy of Leawo Prof. Media, which is an all-in-one launcher for Leawo’s media programs and Leawo Blu-ray Ripper is part of it.

Step 1. Launch Leawo Prof. Media and click the Blu-ray Ripper modules or the Convert tap on top.

Step 2. Click Add Blu-ray/DVD-Add from CD-ROM to add the Bluray Wonder Woman. Also, you can drag the Blu-ray drive directly to the program!

Step 3. You will be presented the below window to choose the Full Movie, Main Movie or custom mode for ripping. As Wonder Woman is an action/adventure movie, Main Movie is recommended.

Leawo automatically detected the right title for you and you can preview it or see if it is the right title for ripping.

Step 4. MP4 comes as the default output for Blu-ray ripping that keeps the original resolution, aspect ratio and frame rates. But you are always free to custom those options as well as the audio and video codec and bit rate and save as your own profile. Leawo will always remember your last choice.

Step 5. We are almost ready. Just hit the Convert button and set the output folder as well. C drive is the default in Windows but I’d always recommend you to try other drives and the output is still large for Blu-ray ripping.

One more thing

Leawo Prof. Media is a combination of Leawo’s all media solutions and Leawo sells different modules for different prices. You can purchase the whole package to do everything regarding Bluray/DVD ripping, copying/creating and burning, video converting, downloading and photo slideshow making etc.

If you actually have trouble ripping the DVD version of Wonder Woman, Leawo DVD Ripper is able to help. It is cheaper but does DVD ripping only. 

All programs come with 25% discount and you able to save up to $52.49.

Handbrake fails to encode Blu-Ray Wonder Woman! How to Rip Bluray Wonder Woman with an alternative
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