I was on Reddit some days ago and found some users were wondering how to convert videos into 60FPS. The full question below:

Wondering if there is other programs to convert videos (like mkv,mp4,avi etc) to 60 FPS. I remember using one called InterFrameGUI and it was the best. Just recently upgraded my PC and InterFrameGUI is now dead. Wondering if anyone knows a good alternative. And yes, I already tried Hybrid and it was too slow. In addition, I also tried something called Internet Friendly Media Encoder. If you also know an alternative, can you kindly give me a guide to do so? Thanks in advance.

As far as I can see, a couple of years ago, most videos are in 30 FPS, but the most recent years, video cameras from SonyNEEWER etc, as well as smartphones like iPhone and Samsung, are able to record videos over 60 FPS even 120 FPS. Also, some HD DVD and Bluray discs are in 60FPS. Most of the video formats as I can see are M2TS/MTS or AVCHD, and MKV is able to contain videos in 60FPS as well, and we do have the eager to convert those M2TS/MTS or AVCHD videos to 60FPS with a decent and user-friendly 60FPS video Converter.

I know Wondershare long time ago but didn’t use its programs much until I try to convert my 59.94 FPS MKV to MP4 with the same FPS as I have trouble doing so as Freemake Video Converter fails to start up at all and other majorities of video converters like Leawo Video Converter only supports up to 30 FPS. 

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is the very 60FPS video converter that is able to convert 30 or 60 FPS 4K M2TS/MTS, MKV, AVCHD etc to 60FPS 4K MP4 M4V MOV OGA. I have a sample 4K video in MKV with the video frame rate over 30, actually 59.94, so I decide to have a try and convert it to MP4. 

Is my video 60FPS?

Please follow the above download link and free download a copy of Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate, install and launch it. Drag and drop the file you want to convert to 60FPS to the 60FPS video converter. Right-click on the file and choose Media Information:

You will see the video’s detailed information like the video codec (like MPEG4, H264, HEVC, VP8), resolution (1080P, 2K, 4K), bit rate and frame rate etc. 

How to Convert 30/60FPS M2TS/MTS AVCHD Video to 60FPS MP4 M4V MOV OGA

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate offers a trial version to convert 1/3 of your 60FPS video so you can fully confirm if it is your right one converting any video to 60FPS. With the support of drag and drop, Wondershare makes a very user-friendly 60FPS video converter. Below I will take my M2TS video and show you how to convert 4K M2TS video to MP4 in 60FPS.

With Wondershare the 60FPS video converting app, you are free to convert videos between 24, 30 and 60FPS, meaning you are free to convert a 30FPS video up to 60FPS or 30FPS video down to 24FPS, but I’d always recommend you guys to keep the original FPS, like 30 FPS to 30FPS, 60FPS to 60FPS etc. This will somewhat prevent you from the audio and video syncing issue.

Follow the button above to download the 60fps video converter for 4K videos, install and launch it. Unlike Leawo, Wondershare creates a single setup file for its different programs. So, make sure what you download is called Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate. It is available for Windows and macOS including Sierra, High Sierra, and Mojave.

Step 1. Add video.

Click the Add Files button to add M2TS/MTS/TS or MP4, MKV, AVI, WMV, DPG, FLV, TS, M2TS, VOB, etc to the program(4K videos are also supported). Also, drag-and-drop is supported.

As you can see, what I add here as an example is a 4k (3840×2160) sample. The original FPS is 59.94 and I am going to convert it to a 60FPS MP4 and keeps its original resolution in 4K!

Step 2. Select a Profile. 

Wondershare 60 FPS Video Converter builds in a number of pre-optimized profiles for almost every possible video formats including some 3D and 4K formats in MP4, MKV etc. As far as I can see, formats like MP4 M4V MOV OGA support up to 60 FPS converting. MP4 is my favorite as it offers the best video quality possible and is compatible with almost all devices and players and it is also the default profile. 

Step 3. Advanced Settings.

Go Advanced Settings to set the FPS as “Same as source” is the default. You are free to set the frame rate and convert 30fps to 60fps. I find it no problem converting my source 59.94 FPS to 60FPS as well as 29.97 FPS to 30FPS but I am afraid there would be audio and video sync issue if you convert 25FPS or 30FPS to 50 or 60 FPS. Just do so with caution.

Here you can save the profile as your own so you don’t have to set this again the next time you convert videos to MP4 in 60FPS.

Step 4. Go Converting 60FPS

You can just to “Convert All”and begin converting the 4K MKV to 60FPS MP4.


  • Click the “Edit” button if you want to custom the aspect ratio, trim or crop the 60FPS video, add watermark, flip/rotate etc.
  • “Merge All Video” is always available even when only a single video is added to the program. Add two or more videos to enable Merge and merge different videos into a single 60FPS video. It allows you to set the order of each video. 
  • It is always recommended to enable the High-Speed Conversion to improve the supported video conversion 10x faster!

How to Convert M2TS/MKV 30/60 FPS Video to 60FPS MP4 M4V MOV OGA with Wonderhsare 60FPS Video Converter on PC/Mac
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