Media Preview—Smart Thumbnail Maker for Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7


It’s really a pity that Media Preview is no longer working on the latest Windows 10 since there are no updates since 2014. But I am glad I find an alternative that can custom thumbnail for me on both Windows and macOS.

How to Custom Thumbnail | Add Thumbnail to Videos like MP4 MOV M4V on Windows 10

When I rip a DVD, the thumbnail icon for the video is the first frame of the title I am ripping. I was always wondering if there was any way to make it the icon/picture of the video itself? For example, the Toy Story Series all have the same look. Is there a way to place the DVD cover be the thumbnail icon?

I also have a large collection of DVDs and I have another 1TB hard drive to backup all my DVDs just in case my collections get scratched. What I really cannot tolerate is that all I get are hidebound icons of players, generic thumbnails, or meaningless black screen. It really helps if the computer shows a preview or thumbnail of every media file. Media Preview is such a thumbnail maker that helps you so.

Actually, Microsoft has added a thumbnail preview function to ensure you get the first frame from the video clips Windows Media Player supports since the release of Windows XP in 2001. However, the fact is, Microsoft only supports very few video formats like MP4, AVI, WMV even in the latest version Windows 10. Some users, like me, cannot imagine how difficult it is for my little kids to recognize their favorite movies as they are too young to know words. It really does not make sense of the very first frame of a movie. There are even black screens!

Media Preview—Smarter Thumbnail Maker

Windows Media Preview from BableSoft redefines your experience of Windows Explorer with full previews for all kinds of media files. It is a thumbnail maker that is able to show you a better, smarter, and more relevant thumbnail with a clever rendering algorithm. And, it is FREE.

Let take a look at how your media files look like before and after Media Preview is installed:

How to Setup the Thumbnail Maker

It is going to be up and running within 4 steps!

  • Leave the program to do all for you if you are not so tech-savvy, but feel free to adjust all the settings and parameters. It would be great fun, isn’t it? Just enable Customize and remember to Apply.
  • Select Video Formats. Completist please check “Select All”!
  • Clear Thumbnail Cache and Enable Force Update.
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4 years ago

Video format is mp4. I did restart my computer and cleared the thumbnail cache.

6 years ago

When I transfer the movies onto the iPad there is no cover photo for the movie so my son does not know which movie is which. He can’t read yet. Is there a way to transfer the movie photo?

5 years ago

Thanks for the guide! I’m no computer whiz, but this seems simple.

5 years ago

This doesn’t seem to be working on my Windows 10 machine. I run through the process and the thumbnails remain the same with no changes. Any thoughts or recommendations?

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