How to Rip Bluray DVD Incredibles 2 to MP4 AVI MKV on PC and Mac

I was recently trying a DVD ripping software in hopes to backup our DVDs that wear out due to our children watching them repeatedly. I started with our most recent purchase: Incredibles 2 and I am trying to rip DVD movie Incredibles 2 to either MP4, AVI or MKV file to play digitally.

After converting Incredibles 2, we began watching it and started out with no problems. At the title page, firstly, it was Spanish and I need English, and then it just repeated the title over and over and over and never played any further. It was my understanding that the program would convert Disney movies, which is what 95% of my movies are. I also tried Google for help and notice that there seems to be some kind of new copy protection in Incredibles 2 and some other Blu-ray or DVD Rippers fails to rip it as well. Some reported that the source data is corrupted and there are read errors and some reported that the ripping of Incredibles 2 to MP4 or MKV stops at 21% or 31% of the whole movies.

My good news is, after a couple of tries, I have successfully ripped Incredibles 2 to MP4 and MKV and in this post, I’d like to share my experience of how to rip DVD Incredibles 2 to either MP4, MKV, AVI, etc. As the program works for Blu-ray as well, you can also use it to rip the Blu-ray version of Incredibles 2.

How to Rip Bluray DVD Incredibles 2 to MP4 AVI MKV on PC and Mac

The program is used to rip Incredibles 2 to MP4 and MKV is Leawo Blu-ray Ripper, which also works for DVDs. I will walk you through how I use the Incredibles 2 Bluray DVD ripper to backup and rip Incredibles 2.

Leawo Bluray and DVD Ripper are two function module of Leawo’s all-in-one media solution called Leawo Prof. Media and it is available for both PC and Mac users. It handles all kinds of Blu-ray and DVD copy protections and you are able to rip Disney Bluray and DVDs to different video and audio formats, devices etc. You guys are able to have a free trial of the program via the below links.

Please note the steps of ripping the Blu-ray and DVD version of Incredibles 2 are exactly the same on PC and Mac. OK. Let’s go.

Step 1. Download and Install

Follow the above buttons to download, install and launch the Incredibles 2 Bluray DVD Ripper. Insert your Blu-ray or DVD disc to get ready.

Step 2. Load Bluray DVD Incredibles 2 

Click Bluray Ripper or DVD Ripper or the Convert button on top, and load Bluray DVD Incredibles 2 from the Bluray DVD drive by clicking the Add Blu-ray/DVD button.

Load Incredibles 2

Step 3. Incredibles 2 Main Movie

Leawo analyzes Incredibles 2 and displays almost immediately the below window for you. For movie Bluray and DVDs like Incredibles 2, I just you go for Main Movie. You are also able to preview the movie here. 

Step 4. Profiles for Incredibles 2 Ripping

MP4 or the previously used profile is the default for ripping Bluray DVD Incredibles 2. Click on it and edit or change to one you prefer. 

Step 5. Rip Bluray DVD Incredibles 2

Everything is ready now. Hit the Convert button and leave Leawo for the rest of the job and enjoy the movie anywhere in a half an hour. 

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