DesignCap Review: How to make an awesome poster with DesignCap

It’s really not an easy task for people who are little design experience or knowledge to make a typesetting poster. However, as a cost-effective advertising and publicizing tool, posters are schools, restaurants, and beverage stores best choice to promote events or products. Therefore, it would be a great need to make brilliant posters. Fortunately, massive graphics tools and software are created to help people do their design work. And here is a dead-easy and powerful poster maker tool– DesignCap to assist you creates stunning posters to achieve your marketing goals and communicating your ideas.

What is DesignCap?

DesignCap is online poster maker software that provides hundreds of poster templates, thousands of elements resources. With the view of simplifying the designing, DesignCap does not require any professional PS skills; you could simple quick and easy to design your posters just clicking, dragging and dropping these elements resources. In addition, you go straight your poster design without registration that would not bother your creation.

DesignCap Make Poster

How to make an awesome poster with DesignCap?

This is a quick guide on how we can use DesignCap to free make an awesome poster.

First, choose templates

The biggest question of making posters for non-designer would be how to make a layout of posters. DesignCap provides you with hundreds of well-designed posters templates which would give you some ideas how to design your posters. Just click the template menu, all of it categories will present for you to pick the suitable one. Also, a blank canvas is available for you to 100% customized your poster.

DesignCap Templates

Second, decorate your posters

DesignCap offers four major customizing editors named photo, text, clipart, and background to decorate your cool posters.


Plentiful images stock is the key to make awesome posters. DesignCap allows you to import your photos from your computer and Facebook. Besides, you could search Pixabay’s 580,000 free images.


Thought the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, and the text could not be ignored. They would convey what you want to communicate your message. Dozens of beautiful fonts are available for you. You could change the effects by resizing, setting color, etc.


There are a variety of clip art materials to choose from.


This editor would be more suitable for people to design posters from a blank canvas. There are three kinds of background including solid, gradient color and preset pattern.

DesignCap Text

Third, save and download your posters

When you finish with your works, you could save your projects changing names, type (JPG, PNG), and size (Small, Medium, Large, XLarge). And here is a question: how to get your beautiful posters without cost? The answer is sharing DesignCap on your social media.  

Final thought

There are still many more useful editors waiting for you to explore. DesignCap is a user-friendly graphics tool to save your time with massive resources. It is web-based that means you do not need to install and take large storage to run, but it always a handy tool for you whenever you need to create posters. 

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