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Since Google Chromecast was purchased at the end of 2014, it has always been my first choice for living room entertainment and it always works great for watching Google Play movies, YouTube channels, listening to music, or playing Netflix.

But I am still wondering if there is an Android app that is able to stream online videos from Android to TV, so you just need to lie on the sofa in the living room and watching videos, TV shows or movies on a bigger screen TV.

EZ Web Video Cast-best browser app to stream online videos TV shows to Chromecast

There are surely such apps that is able to meet my above needs, but I don’t think some of them are actually easy to use and some even failed to do the remote playback. Recently, I saw an Android App called “EZ Web Video Cast“, which is simple and easy to use. More importantly, after the actual test, you can stream most online videos from your Android phone to Chromecast, and the speed is very smooth.

When you open EZ Web Video Cast for the first time, it looks like a web browser, and you don’t even to set anything before streaming. You can leave all settings to default and let the app do all for you.

EZ Web Video Cast is easy to use. You just have to search videos in the app or visit online video site directly from the address bar. Click the Chromecast button to launch the webpage video, then click the video play button in the webpage. Below you can see a quick official tutorial.


If the video is supported for casting, you will be presented the notice like below and we then can click on Cast directly.


I’ve tested several non-YouTube video sites and all can be successfully casted to Chromecast with EZ Web Video Cast. Anyone who wants to stream online video TV shows to Chromecast, try EZ Web Video Cast. It is also possible for DVD lovers to rip DVDs to MP4 for streaming.

Optimize MP4/WebM/FLV etc for Faster Streaming

Actually, not all videos are optimized for streaming. Luckily, we are always able to convert and optimize videos for streaming on different video sites like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo or your own website. You can go for this post for four top video converting programs that help you do so. Here, I’d like to recommend AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate just because it is able to rip DVDs, convert all kinds of videos and download online video and optimize them for faster streaming with a lot of profiles:

EZ Web Video Cast-best browser app to stream online videos TV shows to Chromecast
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