How to Convert EyeTV file to MP4 AVI QuickTime on PC/Mac

With the purchase of my Mac, I also purchased EyeTV hardware and the accompanying software.  I do some TV video recordings using my EyeTV program. In it’s most current version the EyeTV software offers video editing and exporting of video captured with their hardware/software.  The video files are large so I convert them to mp4 using Handbrake.  Handbrake is OK but lately, I am having audio-video sync problems.  I also would like to edit the mp4 files which I cannot. And it is very slow when I convert EyeTV to MP4.

Also, when I try to convert an EyeTV video capture (it has the extension of “.eyetv”) with another video converter, it appears to be “converting” the file and saves it to the folder but when I look at the converted file it is very small (615K) instead of several megs and no video or sound is available or will play.

Will there ever be an EyeTV conversion option available with a decent EyeTV file converter?

EyeTV File Converter for PC/Mac

I was so very happy to find a software that is able to convert EyeTV to MP4, AVI etc-Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate. It supports QuickSync hardware video encoding on Windows. This makes my encoding so much quicker for all my recorded TV shows. I had previously been using El Gatos Turbo.264 HD device, but that has several limits. Besides, Wondershare EyeTV file converter’s High-Speed Conversion mode is able to increase the speed of file conversions by up to 200%.

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate or Wondershare UniConverter is the very EyeTV file converter that is able to convert EyeTV file to whatever video formats or devices you need, MP4, AVI, WMV, iPhone XS, to name but a few. It supports AMD, Intel, and INVIDIA GPU acceleration on both PC and Mac and is able to convert videos 200% faster if you enable High-Speed Conversion:

High Speed Conversion Mac

You guys are able to have a free trial of the EyeTV converter for your PC or Mac:

How to Convert EyeTV to MP4/AVI/iPhone

EyeTV files are not too difficult to convert. As you can see in the screenshot below, the actual video file in EyeTV is .mpg.  And I will walk you through how to convert EyeTV to MP4, AVI, WMV, iPhone/iPad etc.

Before we start to convert the MPG file in EyeTV to any video format you need, please follow the above buttons to have a trial of Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate.

Step 1. Add Video

Click the Add Files button, locate the .eyetv file and choose the .mpg file in and click Load to add video to Wondershare for converting. Or, simply, you can drag the .mpg file directly to the EyeTV file converter.

Step 2. Profiles

Click the drop-down menu of “Convert all tasks to” and choose a profile you prefer. I’d like to recommend MP4 with everything in its original for playback on PC or Mac. Sure, there are profiles for iPhone, iPad etc for EyeTV file converting.

Wondershare EyeTV File Convereter

Step 3. Convert EyeTV to Mp4

Before converting EyeTV files to MP4, you can crop, rotate, give it a new name etc. If not, hit the Convert or Convert All button to start converting!

Convert EyeTV to MP4

GPU Acceleration for EyeTV Converting

You are able to enable GPU acceleration for EyeTV converting here in Preference:

GPU Acceleration

For more details on wheater your GPU is supported or not, please visit here. However, I don’t find such an option on its Mac version. 

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Frank. J
Frank. J
5 years ago

The program works just great. But, I would like to see audio passthrough supported in your encoding.
This makes the audio setup much simpler, and gives me the highest quality possible. Most of my video is from OTA broadcast sources recorded in EyeTV.
In these cases, the video is in AC3 format (Dolby Digital 5.1 surround). I know i can re-encode it, but why not just use the original source? I have found no way to select an audio passthrough option.

Ulrich Karrasch
Ulrich Karrasch
4 years ago

Now that I did the Catalin update to my MaOS, my previous converter Elgato Turbo.264 HD video converterI used to convert EyeTV files into mp4 doesn’t work anymore as it is 32 bit technology no longer compatible with MacS Catalin.
Is the recommended tool Wondershare 64 bit applicable?

Ulrich Karrasch
Ulrich Karrasch
4 years ago

Thanks a lot for a clear answer

4 years ago

On my Macin Finder, I see the “eyetv”-file, but I can not drill deeper, to find the .mpg-file? Wondershare does not recognize “eyetv” as a format to be converted.

4 years ago

correction: On my Mac in Finder …

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