Download YouTube Vimeo Dailymotion Facebook Videos Right Within Chrome/Firefox/Safari

I am always trying to find a better way to download online videos, mainly from YouTube, and watch offline. You see, I have used Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate as well as Leawo YouTube Downloader. They are both compelling in downloading YouTube videos, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook, and other online videos. Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate even claims to download videos from over 1000 online sites. I tried a few, and they all worked. I was amazed at that, but I am still wondering if there is a better or more convenient way to download online videos that I don’t have to go to YouTube first and copy and paste the URL to the programs, waiting for the program to analyze and then download. Is there any way to download any YouTube, Video, Dailymotion, Facebook, VK, and videos right within your browser? I’ve got you an answer.

Free Online Service to Download YouTube Videos at one click! helper is the answer to help you download files from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo,, and more than 40 others just in one click. It works as an extension to download and supports YouTube downloading right within Google Chrome, Firefox, Yandex, Opera, Safari, and Chromium. For other browsers, you can still open the link, paste the YouTube URL, and get a direct download link for the video.


Google has disabled extensions that can download YouTube videos in its Chrome Web Store, so such YouTube Downloaders cannot be found as an extension or app in the store. So, if you are using other web browsers like Firefox, Opera, etc., you have no problem installing the extension and downloading YouTube and other online videos right within your browser. But if you are using Chrome, you’ll have to manually add helper to Google Chrome before you can download YouTube videos in one click. It’s not hard; just follow the steps below.

How to Add helper to Google Chrome?

There are two ways to install the YouTube downloading extension to Google Chrome: Tempermonkey or Chameleon.


Chameleon is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to run add-ons from Opera, Allow running extensions from Opera add-ons. 

Please install the Chameleon extension first and then the helper from the Opera store. This way, you install the helper to your Chrome and can download YouTube videos within Google Chrome. 

There is the official guide from on how to use Chameleon.


Tampermonkey is used to run so-called user scripts (sometimes also called Greasemonkey scripts). Userscripts are little computer programs that, for example, add download buttons to YouTube pages, clean up your Facebook timeline or help to play an online game. I recommend Tampermonkey because it is potent that can do a lot for you. Also, the user scripts are open-source, so it is 100% safe to use. Please click the below button to install Tampermonkey.

Click Add to Chrome:

Install Tampermonkey

Open the helper.user.js link and click Install to add the helper user script to Tampermonkey. helper userscript

How to download YouTube videos within Chrome/Firefox/Safari?

After the helper is added to Chrome, downloading YouTube videos is now super easy, and you can do so while watching. Let’s see how it works.

  • Open a YouTube URL as usual; let’s take a protected Vevo video from Taylor Swift as an example.
  • You will see a Download button that follows a resolution right after you open the link.
  • Click the number 720 (meaning 720P, the output video’s resolution is 1280×720) for more options. There you can see more videos in different resolutions and video formats. It also shows the video size, and you can download only the audio in AAC OGG in different kbps.

You see, the video in resolution 1080P does have audio, but you don’t seem to download the Full HD video with audio. This is the only con I have experienced.

Most conveniently, it supports embedded YouTube videos as well, meaning you can download them from any website where they are embedded. Check my post here, for example. A YouTube video is embedded in my post, and I can still use the helper to download this video. Click to play YouTube first, and with a mouse over YouTube, you will see the Download button.

Download Embedded YouTube in Chrome

You can click the drop-down menu to have more download options, choose one format, and the resolution you prefer to download.

Download 1080P, 4K, 8K YouTube

Are you able to download YouTube right within your browser now? 

As we can see above, Helper helps you download YouTube videos within Chrome, Firefox, and other browsers, but the resolution for YouTube downloading goes up to 720P only. For 1080P and above resolution, there is no sound for the downloaded video. How can we download 1080P, 2K, and even 4K and 8K YouTube videos? 

Here’s exactly how we can download 1080P, 4K, and even 8K YouTube videos.

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