How to Improve and Enhance Video Quality Online with 2 AI Video Upscaling Software

When I did a Google search about how to improve or enhance video quality online, I got optimized articles about tools that are actually video editors that can adjust contrast, brightness, or some others. Hence, you believe your video quality is improved and enhanced. But how much? 10% or 100%?

In this post, I’d like to recommend two working video quality increaser online that are valid answers to help you improve and increase video quality online with the help of machine learning and AI.

Before we start, let’s watch a YouTube video I made. It compares the AI upscaled 4K video with the downloaded 360P video and the original 1080P video.

How does AI increase video quality?

The technique that is used to improve the image and video quality is called AI upscaling. Essentially, there are no significant differences between traditional upscaling and AI upscaling. They both use the existing image information to predict the required pixels. 

However, with the development of image processing theory, the popularization of machine learning, and the emergence of higher-performance processors, various better algorithms have emerged one after another, making the upscaling much better and much faster.

In order to obtain more accurate upscaling, the prediction model of modern AI upscaling algorithms is much more complicated, and it will be trained with millions of images and videos. After that, the video quality increaser powered by AI can take a low-resolution video and “imagine” the lost pixels by analyzing each frame, resulting in an exponential improvement in video quality over time.

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Is there online AI upscaling software to improve and enhance video quality? Yes! In this post, I’d like to recommend two for you.

Pixop-Best Way to Improve Video Quality Online

Pixop is a 100% online-based AI video upscaling service. It was co-founded in 2017 by Jon Frydensbjerg and Morten Kolle as they believed AI could bring old and low-quality videos a second life.

With Pixop, you can enhance video quality 100% online, up to 8K on your PC, Mac, iOS, Android, or any OS that comes with a browser. Besides, it also deinterlaces, denoises, and stabilizes your video while upscaling. Moreover, you can boost your low FPS video up to 120 FPS.

How to Increase Video Quality Online

As an AI video quality increaser online, you can almost improve your video quality in four steps. That is uploading, upscaling, and downloading. Let’s see how we can do so in detail.

Before we get started, you need to create an account with Pixop or log in with your Gmail account. Ready? Go!

Step 1. Upload

Drag and drop your video to the online upscaling software. You can also create a new project first or go to one project for uploading.

Step 2. Go for Video

Click the video you just uploaded, which will take you to the project, and click the video again for the upscaling window.  

Step 3. Upscale

Click the Process button beneath the video for the upscaling process. Here, you can choose Factory Presets like Enhance UHD 4K to increase video quality online to 4K. You can also go for Format to change the container, bitrate, or Filters to change the AI algorithms if you want to do deinterlacing, denoising, or FPS boosting while you improve the video quality.

Step 4. Preview and Compare[Optional]

Before you finally decide to enhance your video online with the help of Pixop, you can create a 10 seconds preview for free and compare it with your video to see it works.

pixop compare video

Step 5. Enhance Video Quality Online

If you didn’t click Preview, you could directly click Process and Pixop. The AI video enhancer online will go now to upscale video for you. If you did click Preview, you would need to go back to Step 3, choose a preset, do the settings or adjustments you want, and press Process again to start the upscaling.

Step 6. Download

After upscaling, you will have the option to download the enhanced video.

Neural.Love-Simple AI Video Increaser Online

Neural.Love is a full-automatic web application that does video and image upscaling, portrait generating, etc. About AI video upscaling, it enhances video quality and increases the resolution to 400% (up to 4k), creates additional frames (up to 60 FPS), does facial restoration with more details, makes your monochromatic video colorized, and creates up to 10% slow-motion of your video.

Enhancing videos online is super-easy in the web application What you need to do is visit its website, sign up and log in, upload your video, and enable upscaling.

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