Keep Classics FOREVER-Rip/Backup Shakespeare DVD Collections from BBC

“To be, or not to be, that is the question” is my favorite sentence when I read Hamlet. In April when Shakespeare’s birthday came, I watched Shakespeare DVDs again. However, I found my Shakespeare DVD Collections do not play as smoothly as before. If you have Shakespeare DVD Collections from BBC and want to keep the classics forever, it’s time we take action and backup Shakespeare DVD.

To back up, or not to backup Shakespeare BBC DVDs, that is NOT a question. This is just because DVDs are easily get scratched and it is far easier if you have a kid! So, I highly recommend you guys you rip Shakespeare BBC DVD collections to MP4, AVI, MKV, etc or backup them to another DVD so as to keep those classics forever!

In this post, I’d like to recommend you guys an awesome BBC DVD ripper and copier that is 100% compatible with the latest operating systems from Microsoft and Apple. Ready? Let’s go.

Shakespeare BBC DVD Ripper and Copier

The very Shakespeare DVD ripper and copier are called Leawo DVD Ripper and Leawo DVD Copy, both are function modules of Leawo’s all-in-one media solution, Leawo Prof. Media.

With the DVD Ripper function, we are able to rip Shakespeare BBC DVDs to whatever video format and devices we need, like MP4, AVI, WMV, MKV, iPhone/iPad, Apple TV, etc. I have been using the BBC DVD ripper to rip BBC DVDs like Sister Windy, Waking the Dead, Fawlty Towers Series, Blue Planet, etc., and it also helps me to change DVD’s aspect ratio from 4:3 to 16:9 for better playback on smart TVs. Leawo DVD Ripper works great on protected DVDs from Disney, Beachbody, BBC, etc. And it keeps upgrading to always support the latest copy protections.

With Leawo DVD Copy, copying Shakespeare’s DVD collection is no longer hard with its three copy mode “Full Movie”, “Main Movie” and “Custom Movie” and we are able to do 1:1 DVD backup of Shakespeare DVDs or compress them to standard DVD5. The Shakespeare DVD Copier can also create a 1:1 copy with original menus in ISO or VIDEO_TS folder and save it to a hard drive.

You can download a free trial from the below buttons and follow my guide to see how we rip and backup Shakespeare DVDs.

Rip Shakespeare DVD from BBC to MP4 AVI MKV iPhone iPad

I have quite a few step-by-step guides on how to rip DVDs and some for BBC ones. When it comes to Shakespeare’s DVD ripping, things are more or less the same. But I will still give you a detailed guide on how to rip the Shakespeare DVD collection on PC and Mac.

Before we get started, please download a free copy of Leawo Prof. Media, install and launch it. Insert your Shakespeare DVD into your DVD drive.

Step 1. Load DVD

Click the Convert tab on top and load Shakespeare DVDs from “Add Blu-ray/DVD drive”. If you have already saved the DVDs to ISO or VIDEO_TS folder on your HDD, add them from ISO or Folder.

Step 2. Main/Custom Mode

Leawo offers three modes for ripping Shakespeare’s DVD. 

I suggest you confirm the right titles for each episode in the DVD and go Custom Mode to check the titles for each episode. 

Step 3. Choose Profile[Optional]

Your previously used profile or MP4 Video is the default profile for ripping Shakespeare BBC DVDs. Click on MP4 Video, and Edit or Change to whatever video format you need.

Step 4. Rip Shakespeare DVDs to MP4 AVI iPhone
Click the big Convert button, set your destination folder and start ripping the BBC DVDs.

Copy/Compress to Backup Shakespeare DVD

Coping Shakespeare BBC DVDs to another DVD with Leawo DVD Copy is just within a few mouse clicks. With the Shakespeare DVD Copier, you are able to copy the DVD with 1:1 video quality and keep the original menus, chapters, episodes, etc and you are also able to compress the DVD to standard DVD 5 with 4.7GB free space. And below is the detailed guide on how to copy, compress and backup Shakespeare DVDs from BBC.

Step 1. Load DVD

Click DVD Copy or Copy Tab and load Shakespeare BBC DVDs via “Add Blu-ray/DVD”.

Step 2. Full Movie/Main Movie

I suggest you choose Full Movie if you want to do a 1:1 backup.

Step 3. DVD9/DVD5

If you want to compress DVD9 of your Shakespeare BBC DVDs to DVD5, make sure to choose DVD5 here:

Step 4. Backup Shakespeare DVDs

Click Copy to start backing up BBC Shakespeare DVDs. You are also able to copy the DVDs to VIDEO_TS folder and ISO file.

Shakespeare DVD Collections from BBC

The below content is from Amazon.

BBC Shakespeare is a unique collection of some of the finest dramas in the English language, each producing a celebration of the greatest talents in contemporary British theatre and television. These plays feature the cream of the 20th century’s acting talent. Among the great actors featured in these plays are Laurence Olivier, Brenda Blethyn, John Gielgud, Jonathan Pryce, Michael Hordern, Felicity Kendall, Diana Rigg, John Hurt, Bernard Hill, John Cleese, Zoe Wanamaker, and Robert Lindsay.

This thirty-seven disc box set includes the following BBC Shakespeare Adaptations from the BBC series from 1978 to 1985:

1. Romeo And Juliet - Directed by Alvin Rakoff (1978)
2. Richard II - Directed by Jane Howell (1983)
3. As You Like It - Directed by Basil Coleman (1978)
4. Julius Caesar - Directed by Herbert Wise (1979)
5. Measure For Measure - Directed by Desmond Davis (1979)
6. Henry VIII - Directed Kevin Billington (1979)
7. Henry IV: Parts I & II - Directed by David Giles (1979)
8. Henry V: Parts I & II - Directed by David Giles (1979)
9. Twelfth Night - Directed by John Gorrie (1980)
10. The Tempest - Directed by John Gorrie (1980)
11. The Taming Of The Shrew - Directed by Jonathan Miller (1980)
12. The Merchant Of Venice - Directed by Jack Gold (1980)
13. All's Well That Ends Well - Directed by Elijah Moshinsky (1981)
14. The Winter's Tale - Directed by Jane Howell (1981)
15. Timon Of Athens - Directed by Jonathan Miller (1981)
16. Antony And Cleopatra - Directed by Jonathan Miller (1981)
17. Othello - Directed by Jonathan Miller (1981)
18. Troilus And Cressada - Directed by Jonathan Miller (1981)
19. The Merry Wives of Windsor - Directed by David Hugh Jones (1982)
20. Henry VI: Parts I, II & III - Directed by Jane Howell (1983)
21. The Tragedy Of Richard III - Directed by Jane Howell (1983)
22. Cymbeline - Directed by Elijah Moshinsky (1982)
23. The Comedy Of Errors - Directed by James Cellan Jones (1983)
24. Two Gentlemen Of Verona - Directed by Don Taylor (1983)
25. Coriolanus - Directed by Elijah Moshinsky (1984)
26. The Life And Death Of King John - Directed by David Giles (1984)
27. Pericles: Prince Of Tyre - Directed by David Hugh Jones (1984)
28. Much Ado About Nothing - Directed by Stuart Burge (1984)
29. Love's Labour's Lost - Directed by Elijah Moshinsky (1985)
30. Titus Andronicus - Directed by Jane Howell (1985)
31. Hamlet - Directed by Rodney Bennett (1980)
32. King Lear - Directed by Jonathan Miller (1982)
33. Macbeth - Directed by Jack Gold (1983)
34. A Midsummer Night's Dream - Directed by Elijah Moshinsky (1981)
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