What Is The Future Of Artificial Intelligence In Photo Editing?

Artificial intelligence was introduced into our minds in the first half of the 20th century, but the concept has taken over all aspects of our lives. Currently, AI is applied greatly in all industries, from social media to construction, medicine, and many others. Is artificial intelligence revolutionizing the photography industry?

In this blog post, we explore AI’s current and future applications in photo editing. Let’s get started.

Why Use AI in Photo Editing?

If you were looking for college paper help today, Google would show you suitable paper writing companies based on the terms you searched for. That’s AI working behind the scenes.

It’s also happening in photo editing.

While it may seem simple, photo editing can be challenging even for professional photo editors. But why?

A simple image might take hours and require multiple editing techniques before it appears beautiful in people’s eyes. And this is entirely dependent on the desired outcome and where the photo will be used.

Fortunately, AI simplifies the whole photo editing experience by automating a lot of mundane tasks that can take up your time, thus relieving you from repetitive and manually-intensive tasks.

AI can learn what people want in a photo and quickly implement it more easily. By automating photo editing, AI reduces human error, thus helping editors achieve superior results when editing photos.

The good thing is that AI comes with tons of powerful photo editing services to simplify the whole experience.

What’s more, you don’t have to be a professional photo editor to get superior results. Unlike in the past when you had to hire experience editing services or struggle for hours to edit your photos, artificial intelligence helps you bypass complex editing tasks and is more cost-efficient than editing services.

Want to know how AI can benefit photo editors? Keep reading.

1. AI Can Help to Automate Photo Selection

In a normal photo shooting session, a photographer takes plenty of photos so that you can choose the best one out of all. But this can be tiresome. Think about if you shot a thousand shots. In fact, you probably might end up picking the bad one because viewing a thousand photos just to pick a few can make your eyes tired of recognizing the perfect one.

Fortunately, AI uses huge amounts of data to determine what’s best for us. Thus, it can sort through thousands of photos and automatically highlight the best one for you.

Watch how AfterShoot uses AI to select client images in the video below:

2. Enhance Low-Resolution Images

If you are an essay reviewer looking to use beautiful photos to enhance your writing, then you understand the importance of photographs that look professional. That’s what AI can help you achieve.

Ever seen a beautiful photo on a wall or online that made you wonder how on earth such a beautiful image can come from? That’s the work of artificial intelligence.

Today, you can pick a low-resolution photo and upscale and enhance it, thanks to Photoshop and Lightroom, which use AI and ML to determine suitable pixels for the context of each image.

3. AI Removes Backgrounds Automatically

Here is a short video demonstrating how AI can be used to remove backgrounds in photos and even videos:

Do you have a photo that you can’t share with your friends on social media because you took it in front of an object that you feel uncomfortable with?

Don’t worry because AI can get rid of that background in just a few clicks. See, gone are the days when replacing backgrounds on photos could take editors hours to do it.

AI tools can help you take out a photo from a background you don’t want and insert it into a background you love in seconds. Do you want your photo to appear as if it was taken inside a plane? That’s possible with AI.

In fact, AI in photo editing has come at the right time when e-commerce store owners need to customize photos of their products based on their target audience.

4. Saves Money on Photo Editing

Think about it. 

If you hire a traditional photo editor, you might spend $1 or even more than that to have one photo enhanced. Imagine the amount you can spend if you want to edit thousands of photos. Mind you, some photos require more complex editing, especially property photos.

Automating photo editing with AI can reduce editing costs significantly. The best thing? The process happens faster and more accurately than you can imagine, so you save money and time.

5. Adjust Color and Exposure in One Click

Color balance is one of the complex tasks in photo editing. In fact, it’s almost impossible to get the right balance of color and exposure if you use traditional editing.

That’s why many photo editing platforms and cameras are using AI to balance color and exposure automatically.

In fact, AI photo editing tools are programmed to balance contrast, color, exposure, and other elements automatically; thus, you can expect any human errors on an edited photo.

Another incredible thing about AI is that it can detect the color of the place you’re taking photos and adjust it in case it’s not suitable for taking great pictures. 

For instance, if the photo is too warm, AI can automatically add a suitable color balance automatically. Note that sometimes AI can exaggerate things, so you must be careful how you use the automatic color balance feature.

What’s The Future of AI in the Photo Editing Industry Like?

AI has undoubtedly recolonized the photography industry, and more technological advancements are coming up each day. AI in photo editing is used for many tasks.

For instance, this advanced technology can help photographers shoot and enhance wedding photos, event photos, magazine covers, etc.

As technology continues to advance, we can expect to have photo editing tools that can correct mistakes made during photo shoots, remove unwanted elements from a photo and do more to enhance the appearance of images.

A lot of research is being conducted around this area already. For instance, Google Research and the University of California Berkeley conducted a study demonstrating how AI can clear unwanted shadows from a picture.

Moving forward, AI photo editing tools will become more helpful when handling tasks like editing backgrounds while considering small details such as filling in missing parts that are selectively taken out from a background, a person’s hair, etc.

The Impact of Using AI on Traditional Photo Editors

Is AI replacing traditional photo editors for good?

The answer to this is a big NO. 

At its core, AI comes to improve their skills and speed up the editing process while helping them deliver superior results.

The reality is that; artificial intelligence cannot completely eliminate human involvement in photo editing, no matter how many advancements are made to the technology.

The Impact of AI Photo Editing on E-commerce Stores

The introduction of artificial intelligence in photography comes with valid concerns for e-commerce marketers. The increase in AI adoption may lower the credibility and originality of photos since it will become too difficult to determine a fake and an original photograph. Besides, scammers can easily manipulate pictures.

For instance, a scammer can launch an e-commerce store and sell poor-quality products with manipulated photos, misleading unsuspecting customers and damaging the trust of online store owners.

The good thing is that industry experts have already anticipated this and are working around the clock to prevent this from happening.

Final Thoughts

All done and dusted, artificial intelligence proves to be a great asset for business owners, marketers, and other professionals out there. As seen above, AI can help online retailers, photo editors, and other professionals elevate their creative heights with affordable and time-saving approaches.

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