SaaS vs. License: Choosing the Right Software Model for Your EV Business

In the rapidly evolving electric vehicle industry, choosing the right software model is crucial for success. Saas and license comes with its unique advantages and disadvantages, and understanding the differences between them is essential for making an informed decision that aligns with your business goals.

The benefits of SaaS

In essence, when you choose a SaaS-based solution for managing your EV charging stations, you sign up for a cloud service that gives you access to the software and its features. Here are several strong justifications for the SaaS model:

1. Minimal Management and Maintenance


You are relieved of the responsibility of managing and maintaining your software, which is one of the key benefits of SaaS. Updates to software, security patches, and infrastructure maintenance are handled by the service provider. This frees up your team’s time and resources so they can concentrate on the essential functions of the business.

2. Reduced Capital Spending (CAPEX)


SaaS is a subscription-based payment approach, thus you must make repeating payments at predetermined intervals (such as monthly or yearly). Because of this, compared to conventional licensing schemes, the initial expenditure needed to install the program is quite modest. firms, especially startups and small firms, may deploy their resources more effectively because of the lower CAPEX.

In the free CPO calculator, you can compare the costs of the Saas and license: 

Objections to SaaS

1. Costs Rise with Growth

As your EV business grows, the SaaS subscription-based pricing model may prove to be a double-edged sword. Your membership costs will rise as you add more charging stations. The charges might rise sharply for larger businesses with hundreds or thousands of charging stations, potentially resulting in high expenditures over time.

2. Few Customization Possibilities

SaaS suppliers provide standardized solutions to serve a wide range of clients. While this guarantees seamless operation, it might not satisfy the particular needs of any EV company. SaaS may be restrictive in terms of customization for businesses that want highly specialized functionality or want to distinguish themselves through software improvements.

The Power of Licensing

In contrast to SaaS, the traditional licensing model empowers businesses to purchase software licenses upfront, granting them full ownership of the software. This brings certain advantages that might be particularly attractive for EV businesses aiming to achieve long-term growth and customization.

1. Full Control and Customization

Licensing allows you to gain complete control over the software. This means you have the freedom to tailor the application to your specific needs, making it a perfect fit for your EV charging station management. The ability to customize the software enables businesses to gain a competitive advantage, as they can implement unique features and functionalities.

2. Scaled Cost-Effectiveness

As your EV business grows, it will become clear that licensing is more cost-effective in the long run than SaaS, despite the greater initial expenditure. The licensing strategy avoids increasing rates with the number of charging stations because there is a fixed upfront cost. This cost predictability may result in significant savings over time.

Which one should I take for my brand?

Use the CPO calculator offered by to compare costs between SaaS and license models based on the number of charging stations you choose over a three-year period in order to help you make a more educated choice: 

Conclusion: Selecting the appropriate software model for your EV business

The best software solution for managing your EV charging stations will ultimately rely on the particular requirements and objectives of your company. SaaS might be a great choice for small firms with tight resources who prioritize usability and simplicity. The licensing model is perfect for larger businesses and those looking for a competitive edge since it provides more significant long-term savings and permits total customization to fit specific requirements. Contact Solidstudio for more information.

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