Topaz Video AI 4 Pre-order: The Secret Weapon to Transform Your Videos from Meh to Wow

Topaz Video AI has been a game-changer for creatives seeking to enhance their footage with the power of AI. Now, Topaz Video AI 4, only after a year of version 3 released, represents the next evolution in intelligent video editing, with major advances that take image quality and workflow efficiency to the next level. With over two dozen optimized AI models, an all-new comparison interface, and performance improvements across the board, Version 4 is set to become an indispensable tool for any serious video editor.

What's new in Topaz Video AI 4

Topaz Video AI 4 represents a major leap forward in video enhancement technology. Trusted by Hollywood studios and creative professionals worldwide, Version 4 introduces an all-new compare interface that empowers you to easily review, compare, and select only the best results from 24 cutting-edge AI models.

Cinema-level de-noising that intelligently understands the difference between noise and detail, trained on millions of video frames for unmatched noise reduction without sacrificing detail. This hugely improves scalability and subject recognition.

Up to 16x frame rate conversion that matches cameras with different frame rates or achieves smooth slow motion without changing camera settings. Advanced frame interpolation generates new frames for incredibly fluid slow motion.

Powerful stabilization that steadies frames, recovers lost detail from unwanted camera movement, and reduces motion blur and artifacts from slow shutter speeds—all in post without needing gimbals.

With these and other enhancements, Video AI 4 represents a massive leap in unlocking visual quality using the most advanced video AI in the world. The October 17 release will be a landmark for creative professionals seeking to enhance their footage.

Other New Features in Topaz Video AI 4

There are a lot other new features in Topaz Video AI 4, including: 

  • Improved Nyx v2: With enhanced training on millions more video frames, Nyx v2 intelligently eliminates noise and compression artifacts for superior detail and clarity.
  • Nyx 2X Scale Mode: Nyx can now sharpen and enhance footage fidelity at double scale during denoising for extra sharpness.
  • Nyx Compression Artifact Removal: Nyx v2 can now detect and heal common visual artifacts created by destructive video compression algorithms.
  • Enhanced Iris MQ Face Recovery: Iris MQ leverages more advanced training to improve facial detail reconstruction on low-quality footage.
  • 50% Speed Boost: Compatible GPUs see up to 50% faster processing thanks to GPU optimization.
  • AV1 Encoding for AMD: Leverage high efficiency AV1 codec on latest AMD GPUs.
  • Custom Black & White Mode: Dedicated mode for enhancing monochrome footage.
  • 3:2 Pulldown Support: Correct and process problematic 3:2 pulldown footage.
  • Deinterlacing Options: Choose single or double frame rate deinterlacing.
  • Split Iris LQ/MQ: Separate low & medium quality modes for more control.
  • Faster Load Times: AI models now load significantly faster.
  • 90/180/270 Degree Rotation: Correct missing metadata by rotating footage in 90 degree increments.
  • Dual Enhancement Stacking: Use two Enhancement filters together for easier multi-step processing.
  • Tutorial Tooltips: Animated hints guide new users through the Preview system.
  • Improved Dynamic Bitrate: Better optimize exports for visual quality.
  • Lossless FFV1 Codec: Export pristine lossless video with chroma subsampling options.
  • Multi Subtitle Track Support: Retain all subtitle tracks in MKV exports.
  • Image Sequence Support: Easily import sequential image files.

Topaz Video AI 4 Pre-order Discount

Pre-ordering Video AI 4 can save you $50 off the regular price, a significant discount. Even better, pre-orders come with a bonus 3 months of weekly video AI app updates, for a total of 15 months of continuous improvements to make Video AI 4 even more powerful over time. This bonus update period is only available for pre-orders, so act now to get the full 15 months of updates.

If you pre-order, you’ll gain instant access to download Video AI 4 the moment it launches on October 17. You’ll be among the very first to get your hands on the latest version and its groundbreaking new features before anyone else.

If you already own Topaz Video AI and your upgrade plan is still active when Video AI 4 launches on October 17, you get the new version automatically at no additional cost. Your license carries over.

If your current Video AI upgrade plan has expired, don’t worry – you can continue using your existing version indefinitely. And as a loyal customer, you’ll receive a special discounted upgrade offer for Video AI 4 on launch day, October 17. You aren’t required to upgrade, but will have the option to access the new features at a lower price.

Final Words

With features like cinema-grade noise reduction, buttery smooth variable frame rate conversion, and multi-step enhancement stacking, Topaz Video AI 4 brings advanced techniques once limited to Hollywood within reach of all creators. Its intuitive yet powerful interface empowers artists to unlock the true potential of their video like never before. For anyone seeking to produce their best work and stand out from the crowd, Topaz Video AI 4 is a must-have upgrade that will reinvent how you edit.

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