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In previous days, I shared tips for taking a screenshot, photo slideshow showcasing, but I didn’t mention how to make a collage. Hereby, I will explain an easy way to make a cool collage out of any photos in the very tip. Think that you will soon know how to make a festival collage, a social collage, or a best-time memory photo with several pictures in, without any hassle and in a short period, won’t it be thrilling?

It’s time to unveil a collage software that works for each netizen who occupies a Windows PC. It’s FotoJet Collage Maker for Windows, a star product in the college field. It’s a versatile collage maker with supports for flexible college options and searching for related photos for a collage.

Streamline Collage Navigations

FotoJet Collage Maker uses an architecture that fits human understanding. There are 11 portals /nodes in the interface, each with an understandable explanation and each providing stunning ways to create a collage under the node. Each node always has tens of collage templates at least, so it offers us a multitude of ways to collage better.

Normally, you can choose between two paths to “collage” your own way. One way is to utilize its collage templates and add photos accordingly, as the screenshot shows below. The other way is to personalize your photo grid: set the number of photos you are about to blend in and decide how they look together, which is only available in the [Photo Grid] option at the entrance.

Fine Tune Your Collage

Switch positions: It takes a few tries to discover the easy way to adjust your photos in a collage. It’s easy to switch the positions of two photos in the [Photo Grid]: you can select and drag one Photo onto another photo. It will switch their positions automatically while noting that this method is not workable in those ready-made collage templates.

Easily add photos: You can upload all the photos you may use from the local drive once and for all when making a collage. Go [Photo] > Computer icon > [Add Photo]. Then go for a collage grid or a template, drag the photos under [Photo] to the [+] space, and release your mouse. The Photo will be there. While if you just click a photo in [Photo], the software will copy the Photo and float it above your collage art.

One-click and double click: There is a big difference between a single click and a double click after a photo is in place. One click on the Photo gives you the options of Property and Effect. A double click reserves the crop/resize feature. Likewise, you can drag and move the photo graphics in order to set the displaying part of a specific photo.

Other Useful Features

In the left option bar, there are also [Text], [Clipart] and [BKGround] for your selection. No need to explain specifically: [Text] adds art text assets. [Clipart] prepares adorable shapes, which you may use on the border of a photo or elsewhere to fill the space. [BKGround] is worthy of a highlight, as it keeps nicely-looking backgrounds.

After making a collage is finished, you will have the choice to download the collage to your PC or instantly share it to your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Tumblr account with a few lines(@someone). I guess not too many users will use the feature of saving a collage project for second or third editing, but FotoJet Collage Maker leaves the feature anyway, which may be an added plus for someone who needs it.

Closing Up

Windows FotoJet Collage Maker is helpful and efficient in designing a collage in an easy-to-follow way. It’s more straightforward to work out an up-to-par collage comparing Photoshop or GIMP navigation. And the pricing is more cost-effective: it’s a one-time fee: $29.99 for a computer, and now we have a 30% OFF coupon for the purchase – PEAR-DVBR-WPSC. Here is a workaround for those who don’t want to install any software to their PC: try online FotoJet Collage Maker. Differing from the installer we’ve explained in the tip, and the online version adopts subscription payment for those advanced features (more expensive in the long run), another thing is the online version has some free limited options. So judge the applications yourself

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