FineShare FineVoice Review: AI Voice Studio Lets You Sound Like ANYONE (Even Morgan Freeman!)

FineShare FineVoice is an AI voice studio software that satisfies your every need for voice creation with its set of handy tools like text to speech, transcriber, and AI voice changer.

We will give a detailed review of this software to ensure you understand it and guide your decision on why FineVoice is the best AI voice studio for you. Keep reading and find out.

Key Features of FineShare FineVoice

Any review must talk about the features of the subject. For this case, FineVoice offers plenty of features to ensure all users can maximize it. Read on as we discuss some key features that FineShare FineVoice offers.

  1. Diverse AI Voice Options

One thing that makes FineShare FineVoice stand out is its rich selection of diverse AI voices. It has over 500 AI voices to suit any need. All these AI voices guarantee that you can effortlessly transform your voice for any situation to make it sound how you want.

Whether you want to sound like a celebrity, a cartoon character, an animal, a child, a robot, etc., there is a voice option for you. Therefore, you have no excuses for not using it for any purpose, including video production, voice messages, gaming, etc.

  1. Precision Control

With FineVoice, you get better precision control over the text to speech voice. You can quickly tune different options like speed, pauses, and pitches to attain better results. The aim is to ensure that you, as the user, have control over how you want your output text to speech voice to be.

  1. Voice Gender Conversion

Imagine you want to prank your friend or protect your privacy online by changing your voice. Such cases call for a voice changer supporting voice gender conversion. With FineVoice, you can quickly transform your voice from male to female. Besides, it’s possible to mimic voices of varying ages for better voice gender conversion.

  1. Custom Voice

You may start with FineVoice but fail to get the ideal AI voice for a given scenario. Don’t worry, this tool gives you the option to voice recordings to clone the voice. Then you can use any voice you like in FineVoice.

  1. Automatic Transcription

FineVoice works as a transcriber tool and supports multiple languages. You can convert audio in other languages into text accurately and fast. You can save a lot of time and effort while giving quality results.

  1. ConvenientCreation

Besides the desktop application, there’s also an online version of FineVoice that is accessible with any web browser on your PC or phone. With FineVoice, you can start creation anywhere anytime.

Pros and Cons

So far, we’ve discussed the features that FineVoice offers. However, we’ve not given the pros and cons you get from using it as your voice-changer tool. Let’s quickly cover them.

Strengths of FineShare FineVoice

  1. You can get started for free and access basic functionalities.
  2. It has a full suite of tools for speech-processing tasks, such as text to speech and AI voice changer.
  3. Fast and quality voice cloning.
  4. FineVoice has numerous AI voice models to choose from.
  5. A simple and intuitive interface that is friendly to beginners.
  6. Practical test voice tools to help users play with different voices to guide their decisions.

Areas for Improvement

  1. Some of the features are limited on free plan.
  2. Users should be able to edit the audio output before downloading it.
  3. Speech to text feature needs more language options.

User Testimonials

Every user who has interacted with FineVoice has something to say. Their positive user experience reviews prove that this powerful software meets the expectations and features. Moreover, FineShare FineVoice is trusted by different companies. For instance, it has been featured by SaaS AI tools, GPTtool, Tool Pilot, etc.

All these confirm that it is used worldwide and attains customer satisfaction thanks to its features.

Pricing and Packages

FineVoice has a monthly and yearly plan for its three pricing tiers. Under the monthly plan, the basic plan starts at $8.99 for 1 PC, the pro plan costs $17.99 for 2 PCs, and the enterprise plan costs $31.99 for 5 PCs.

Meanwhile, for the yearly plan, the basic plan costs $5.99 for 1 PC, the pro plan costs $11.99 for 2 PCs, and the enterprise plan costs $31.99 for 5 PCs. With the yearly plan, you save about 33% for any plan, depending on the features you want to use.

The best thing about FineVoice is that it gives value for your money. Comparing the features it offers against other voice changers, you are getting a better deal using FineVoice. Feel free to explore the pricing plans and the features they offer to choose the best one.


Different voice changers are in the market, but this review explains why FineShare FineVoice stands out as the best AI voice studio software. Everything about it, from the diverse AI voices to precision control to audio enhancements to custom voice models, is why FineVoice is the best choice. If you’ve not tried FineVoice, you miss out on a lot. Try it today and enjoy the brand-new voice creation experience for yourself by maximizing all the features it offers.

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