How many gigabytes of videos do you record with your phone, camera, camcorder or DV during your trip to 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia? I know you may have 256 GB space on your iPhone X, but I still strongly recommend you to backup your 2018 World Cup videos you recorded as I know there must be splendid moments during the World Cup and I understand how heart-breaking it would be if we lost those recordings.

And today I’m gonna show your four 100% working ways to backup your 2018 FIFA World Cup videos you recorded with your iPhone X, iPhone 8/8P, Galaxy S9/S9 Plus as well as many other iOS or Android devices. You are able to backup your Russia World Cup recording to cloud directly on your phone, but for other three, I suggest you to backup them first to computers before we continue. OK, let’s go.

We are always able to back up our video recordings during 2018 FIFA World Cup from iPhone/iPad to PC or Mac with iTunes, how I just don’t like iTunes and I think many hate it as well. Also, for Android users who record your World Cup videos and want to backup on Mac, you will find nothing happens if you connect your Android phone/tablets to the Mac. Anyway, I’d like to recommend the best alternative that is able to transfer your World Cup 2018 recording videos from iOS and Android to PC and Mac. Please simply follow the two buttons to download and install Wondershare Dr.Fone.

Wondershare Dr.Fone [check to see the Dr.Fone Transfer review] is a collection of tools by Wondershare that is able to recovery, transfer, backup your iOS/Android. If you just need to transfer, no worry, you don’t have to pay for the other function. And below is the detailed guide how to transfer and backup 2018 World Cup videos recorded from iPhone X, iPad, Galaxy S9 or other iOS and Android devices to your computer.

Step 1. Download Transfer

Although Dr.Fone is an all-in-one solution, it only installs Recover as the default function to reduce file size. You can freely download each function module for your needs.

As is shown in the above screenshot, move your mouse over Transfer and hit the Download button. There is no need to restart the app.

Step 2. Connect iOS/Android

Connect your iOS or Android device to your computer. For Android on Windows, please wait the driver is fully installed. Click Transfer, and Wondershare will automatically connect your device. For iOS, make sure you trust your computer. And, for the first time connecting, it may take longer. 

Please note Wondershare will install an app called MobileoConnector on your Android device. And, if you want to transfer photos to Camera Roll on iPhone, iPad, and iPod, you will be requested to install dr.fone App. For details, you can visit my review here.

Step 3. Backup World Cup Recordings

You are able to transfer all your World Cup videos you record or photos you take to the computer for Backup. To backup World Cup videos 2018, go for Videos tab. Choose the videos you want to backup and drag and drop to the program for transferring. 

Backup 2018 FIFA World Cup Video to YouTube

As the largest video sharing site, YouTube is a reliable place to go for Russia World Cup video backup and after that, you are able to watch your videos anywhere you go! You can set the backup to public so anyone can see or set it to private so only you can see or share it with specific people. 

And what you will do is create Gmail account in order to backup FIFA World Cup videos you recorded in Russia. Simply click the button below:

Or the Upload icon in the screenshot:

Then you can drag your World Cup videos as requested. Edit the title, give it a description and set who can see it:

Tips on World Cup Video 2018 Backup to YouTube

Before you backup Russia World Cup recording videos to YouTube, make sure to verify your account so as to upload videos longer than 15 minutes. 

According to Google, you are not able to upload any video to YouTube as you want. If you are getting an error message like “invalid file format”, it means you are uploading something YouTube does not support. For example, if you want to backup your 2018 FIFA World Cup videos you recorded with your Sony camcorder that is in AVCHD, make sure you convert AVCHD to the following formats:

  • .MOV
  • .MPEG4
  • .MP4
  • .AVI
  • .WMV
  • .FLV
  • 3GPP
  • WebM
  • DNxHR
  • ProRes
  • CineForm
  • HEVC (h265)

Also, Google recommends streamable file format like H.264. So, if your World Cup Videos are in other video formats that Google does not support, like AVCHD, it is recommended to convert them to MP4 H.264. And I’d like to recommend Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate for converting AVCHD/M2TS/MTS to MP4.

Backup World Cup Videos to Cloud

I always believe cloud is one of our future and there are a lot of cloud storages like Google Drive, Dropbox etc and I even have a guide on how to backup Bluray DVD to cloud. When it comes to World Cup video backup in the year of 2018, we are also able to upload FIFA World Cup recordings to cloud storage. Like YouTube, you are able to get access to your backups anywhere, but you just don’t have to convert them first as cloud storage support all kinds of video uploading. However, please note, it does not mean it plays all kinds of videos directly online. It depends on what kind of videos the cloud support. As far as I know, MP4 H.264 is the most compatible one for all cloud storage. 

To backup World Cup video recordings 2018, I’d like to recommend pCloud because it offers LIFETIME storage to up 2 TB while others charge you monthly/yearly.

You can follow this link to sign up and get up to 20 GB free storage.

It is easy to back up Russia World Cup videos to pCloud Drive, whether they are in MP4 or AVCHD. pCloud Drive works as a virtual hard drive/USB drive. You can simply drag your World Cup recordings to it and it will upload automatically.

plcoud drive

Backup FIFA World Cup Video to DVD/Bluray

I think I myself am a kind of traditional as I have a lot of DVD collections and a lot of Bluray discs. I rip, backup and copy DVDs as well as Bluray so I know how to backup 2018 FIFA World Cup videos to Bluray or DVD. DVD and Bluray discs seem cumbersome, but, believe me, or not, they can be kept much longer than hard drives. I will have a more detail guide on we can backup FIFA World Cup recording videos to Bluray or DVD later in a new post. Stay tuned! 

And, the guide is right here! You can burn 2018 FIFA World Cup videos, recordings, and photos all together on PC and Mac! 

Among the four ways, which do you prefer? And what is your way to back up 2018 FIFA World Cup videos, photos, and recordings?

4 Best Ways to Fully Backup 2018 FIFA World Cup Videos You Recorded
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