With a lot of videos you take during the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, I always suggest you guys to backup them and watermark them. If you plan to share your World Cup videos/recordings to video sharing sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc, it is a good idea to edit FIFA World Cup videos 2018, like removing unwanted background noise, flipping and rotating, color tuning, panning and zooming, splitting screens, etc to make your Russia World Cup videos/recordings more impactful and professional. Today, I am going to recommend the best 2018 FIFA World Video Editor for you to edit 4K Russia World Cup videos and recordings with over 1,000 effects!

Filmora, launched in April 2015, is a simple, stylish and powerful video editing software, one of the Wondershare’s masterpieces in recent years.

In the past three years, Filmora stands the test of time by millions of users worldwide. It has evolved from a single video editing software to a comprehensive one with multiple functions such as video editing, video converting, screen recording etc.  Due to its powerful and functional experience, Filmora has been able to stand out from other well-known software such as Movie Maker, Video Studio, and Premiere Elements, and becomes more and more popular.

Nice UI for Convenient World Cup Video Editing

Being unanimously favored by users worldwide, Filmora must have its own uniqueness. Either the function of World Cup video editor 2018 or the user interface, Filmora can meet the explicit and implicit needs in video editing, making it look fashionable and work functionally.

Unlike other products with a single gray interface, Filmora is composed of dark green and deep navy blue. The functional areas are concise and clearly structured. In order to satisfy different users, Filmora also offers a light-colored interface that is made of gemstone green and beige. I must say this is the most beautiful and convenient video editing software I have ever seen. 

For non-professional users to edit 4K FIFA World Cup videos, Filmora provides an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that allows users to get started without professional training. Filmora provides over 1,000 elements and massive templates and materials for users to directly apply, including thousands of Hollywood blockbuster special effects, 300+ kinds of subtitles, and 400+ kinds of overlays.

Powerful functions to Edit FIFA World CUP Videos

Talking about video editing, Filmora has professional editing tracks, with real-time screen capturing, voice-over, precision speed control(up to 100 times faster or slower), video rotation, diversified debugging functions as well as many others, which are enough to meet junior editors in 2018 FIFA World Cup video editing.

In audio editing, Wondershare’s World Cup 2018 video editing software Filmora has over 50 free music presets and has set up a separate cover for them to use. In addition, with frame-by-frame preview, you take full control of every frame of audio music files and videos, making the editing more accurate.

In terms of subtitle, title, opener and other TEXT/CRE editing, there is unique and professional editing track for them with hundreds of special effects. The classification for those TEXT/CRE is clear and you are able to preview them before you add subtitles/title/opener to FIFA World Cup videos 2018. It is convenient for you to collect your favorite materials for future FIFA World Cup video editing. 


Besides, Filmora still has many user-friendly features in transition, superimposed materials, and export formats. As such, it is not difficult to understand why I recommend Wondershare Filmora for you to edit 4K FIFA 2018 World Cup videos with hundreds and thousands of elements. 

Edit 4K Russia World Cup Video/Recording

Although it is easy with Filmora to edit 4K FIFA World Cup videos or recordings, it is still hard to tell in a single post. So I suggest you visit Wondershare’s official guide center or its YouTube channel

Best 2018 FIFA World Cup Video Editor-Edit 4K Russia World Cup Video/Recording with 1000 Effects on PC/Mac
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