UkeySoft M4V Converter Review: Your Best Tool to Remove DRM from iTunes Movies/TV Shows

There are many movies, TV shows, and music videos are available for rental in iTunes Store, iTunes Movie Rentals get more and more popular for Movie fans, it’s much cheaper to rent movies on iTunes than purchase the movies. So more and more people prefer to rent the movie from iTunes Store for a one-time watch. However, after you start watching the iTunes rented movie, you have 24 hours to finish it. In addition, if you don’t start watching a movie within 30 days, you need to rent it again.

Because all iTunes movies/videos are encrypted and protected by DRM (Digital Rights Management), the downloaded movie is saved in iTunes – iTunes Media – Movie.
C:\Users\Your Name\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Movie
Check the videos and you will find they are in .m4v format, which is DRM protected and can only be played with authorized iTunes.

Even though you have downloaded movies from iTunes Store to your computer, you can’t play them on non-Apple devices such as Android phones, Android tablets, Android smart TV, PS4, Xbox, MP4 player, etc. All the limitations are boring, do you want to watch your purchased or rented iTunes movies on any device or media player? Wana download iTunes movies for offline playing on non-Apple devices? Are you looking for a way to keep the iTunes rentals forever?

If you want to enjoy iTunes purchased or rented movies on non-Apple devices, you need an iTunes movie DRM Removal tool to remove DRM from iTunes movies and convert M4V files to MP4.

To remove this restriction and better play your iTunes movies on any device, what you need is a professional third-party iTunes M4V to MP4 converter such as UkeySoft M4V Converter. Today, I wrote this review about UkeySoft M4V Converter, in order to teach users how to save iTunes purchased or rented movies forever and enjoying iTunes rental on any devices. Let’s learn more about the features, pros, and cons of the program, and then, I will show you further how to use it to remove DRM from iTunes movies, music videos, and TV shows, either purchased or rented.

UkeySoft M4V Converter Review 2023: What is it?

Developed by UkeySoft, M4V Converter is a powerful iTunes video DRM removal application and iTunes M4V to MP4 converter. The software not only allows you to remove DRM protection from movies, music videos, and TV episodes purchased or rented from iTunes, but also enables users easily to convert iTunes M4V videos to MP4 format, then you can play iTunes videos/movies on any device or media player freely.

This is an easy-to-use program that enables users to unlock DRM from iTunes movies/TV shows/music videos and more M4V videos. Moreover, it will keep 100% video quality and preserve all multilingual subtitles and audio tracks, Dolby 5.1 track, closed captions, and audio descriptions after conversion. It comes with various fantastic and practical features to help you convert iTunes Video to MP4 with 1080P Full HD/720P HD quality easily. Next, let’s explore more features of this powerful iTunes video converter.

Key Features of UkeySoft M4V Converter

Let’s take a quick look at the top features of the UkeySoft M4V converter, you will learn how easy it is to convert iTunes M4V video for watching offline.

Bypass DRM Restriction

As we all know, all iTunes media contents are comes with DRM protection, it’s no easy to get iTunes movies converted to MP4. If you try to record iTunes videos with general video recorder software or screen recorder, which is impossible, you just get a video with a black screen. Because Apple uses special encryption technology, no software can record iTunes videos, unless you use a professional iTunes video DRM removal tool like UkeySoft M4V Converter, it can effortlessly remove DRM protection from iTunes M4V movies and TV shows and convert them to popular DRM-free MP4 video format so that you can offline play iTunes movies without an internet connection and across devices.

Convert iTunes M4V Videos to MP4 Losslessly

Most devices or media players support MP4 video format, UkeySoft M4V Converter can easily convert iTunes M4V videos, music, or movies to MP4 so that you are able to keep iTunes rentals forever and enjoy them on any MP4 players. It provides you with an iTunes-like user interface and you can easily use the tool to convert M4V video to MP4. In addition, if you want to convert other video files to MP4, you can import the videos to iTunes and make sure iTunes can play them, then launch the UkeySoft M4V Converter, which can convert all videos that iTunes can plays.

30X Faster Conversion Speed, Keep 100% Original Quality

Thanks to the unique conversion technology adopted in this program, it can convert iTunes M4V videos at a 30X faster speed, then you can use it to save iTunes movies and TV shows (rented or purchased) as 1080p Full HD or 720p HD quality. In addition, one of the UkeySoft M4V Converter’s key features is that it can save all original subtitles, closed captions and Dolby 5.1 audio tracks of iTunes movie/TV show after conversion.

Watch iTunes Movies on Various Devices

After converting iTunes M4V movies to MP4 with UkeySoft M4V Converter, you can watch the iTunes movies and TV shows offline on any device as you like, such as smartphones (iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, Oneplus, Google Pixel, Motorola, Sony, Windows Phone), tablets (iPad, Android tablets), TVs (Apple TV, Android smart TVs), game consoles (Xbox One, PSP, PS4) and more MP4 players.

How to Remove DRM from iTunes Movies with UkeySoft M4V Converter?

Please note if you want to remove DRM from iTunes movies on macOS Catalina or Big Sur, you need to check this guide for more help.

Step 1: Launch UkeySoft M4V Converter and iTunes will be automatically launched as well. Click the “Add Files” button to load your iTunes library. All your purchases and rentals will be loaded into the converter.

Step 2: Choose one or multiple movies to add, or click “Add all” to add rented movies that you want to convert.

Step 3: All subtitles and audio tracks that come with rented movies will be preserved in output MP4 files by default, you can skip this step.

Step 4: Just click the “Convert” button to start converting iTunes rentals to MP4. DRM protection will be removed after conversion.

Step 5: After conversion, you can click the “History” button to check the converted iTunes movies. Then open the output folder and you will get the MP4 files, now you can watch movies on a computer without using iTunes, or transfer them to any devices for offline playing.

Pros and Cons


  • Convert multiple iTunes M4V movies/TV shows at batch.
  • Detect iTunes movies/TV shows automatically, and load them into the converter.
  • 30X speed to convert iTunes M4V videos to MP4 and save original quality.
  • The Mac version supports converting iTunes movie rentals and purchases legally.


  • Windows version: Only compatible with iTunes 12.2 – iTunes 12.9.0
  • Mac version: Only compatible with macOS 10.12 and older.
  • The Windows version only supports convert iTunes purchased contents.
  • Neither iOS and Android are supported.

Conclusion & Suggestion

To make sure that you can convert iTunes movies successfully, I suggest you should download movies to the iTunes library firstly and make sure you can play them without obstacles. When you use UkeySoft M4V Converter to convert the rental/purchased movie, then iTunes will start playback them in the background, please don’t use iTunes to play other files and don’t exit the iTunes, the program will losslessly convert M4V movies from iTunes to MP4 format at fast speed. After the conversion is completed, the 48-hour limitation has been removed, please note you can only keep iTunes movies for your personal playback, this software is a home edition and it’s for personal use only, please don’t share your converted files on the internet. 

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