The Best Way to Merge Photos Vertically or Horizontally

Combining and merging photos is a necessary tool for today’s generation of photo lovers. With countless shots taken on smartphones and high definition cameras, there must be an easy-to-use service that can successfully merge them together. It is difficult to replicate the same effect that occurs when viewing something in person versus a photo. By merging and combining photos, you are able to widen the field of view and recreate a real-life viewing experience. 

While it is true that Windows has its own set of editing tools, none of them get the job done easily. For example, Windows has two main types of editing programs for photos. They are Photoshop and Paint. Neither software is equipped with the right tools to easily combine and merge photos together. Photoshop has countless editing options on its platform. This can be overwhelming and confusing for users that simply want to combine/ merge photos together. This is not a practical option for users that are simply looking for one service. The Paint editing program has very limited options that require a lot of extra steps to make it somewhat viable. Paint requires copy-pasting and resizing. This can be extremely difficult to use and ineffective for merging photos.

Photo Stitcher for Windows and Mac

Photo Stitcher for Windows and Mac is the best option for merging and combining photos. This process is simple and straightforward compared to the alternatives. Photo stitcher allows users to merge multiple portraits, screenshots, etc. This tool allows merging and combining within one image. Photo Stitcher is one of the quickest tools for editing. The whole process is completed in minutes and the quality is not altered in any way. This ensures that the end result is detailed and sharp. Users have the freedom to choose many images at once to combine as there are no set limits. This adds versatility and functionality to the software. The ratios, order of photos, and spacing can all be modified with Photo Stitcher. This is beneficial as it allows users to customize their photos.

Why Do We Need Photo Stitcher for Our Images?

Photo Stitcher is the easiest and most convenient option for photo merging/ combining. No other editing software on Mac or Windows can compete with the simplicity of Photo Stitcher. Photo Stitcher is extremely user-friendly and can be used within minutes. 

Main Benefits of Photo Stitcher

The main benefits of photo Stitcher include the following… 
-Multiple image selection for merging 
-Modifiable ratios, order, and spacing
-Extra editing options to transform the look of an image
-User-friendly tools 
-No prior editing experience needed

Overview of Photo Stitcher

Easily created panorama photos are the main feature of the software. This includes long photos as well. It is effective for both professional and personal use. The software also provides extra features such as Watermark and annotation. This sets this software apart from others. 

How to Use Photo Stitcher

Step 1: Download Photo Stitcher

Step 2: Select the images you want by dragging/ dropping into the main area. Alternatively, you can use the “Add” feature.

Step 3: Make your desired edits

The following edits are available with Photo Stitcher… 

-Change the order of your selected images (drag/ drop)

-Change the direction of your selected images (vertical/ horizontal)

-Change the size of your selected images (3 variations available)

-Change the spacing of your selected images (add borders and modify border appearance)

-Utilize the drawing tools such as rectangles, arrows and freeform drawing 

-Utilize the mosaic feature to pixelate areas of your images 

-Utilize the multiple color options for mosaic feature, including transparent, red, white and blue 

-Utilize the Watermark feature for your images 

Step 4: Once you have completed all desired edits, use the “Export” feature to save the final image

Alternative Method

There is an alternative method known as PhotoJoiner. PhotoJoiner provides some of the same features as Photo Stitcher, however, it is important to note that they do not have all the features listed above. Photo Stitcher is more complete and interactive software. 

Conclusion on Photo Stitcher

Photo Stitcher is an easy-to-use, interactive and effective method for combing your favorite images. The quality remains high, even when combining multiple images. There are a plethora of extra editing tools to use. Images can be customized with borders and drawing tools to provide a brand new image within minutes.

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