How to boost your YouTube channel with live streams

Many bloggers and creators have noticed a decline in the performance of regular videos compared to live broadcasts. What worked before doesn’t get that many views anymore. 

In connection with the pandemic, the whole world has gone online communication, and this has affected the behavior of the audience online. Lives have become the main content format for many creators, which allows them to interact with the audience most actively at the moment. And speaking of YouTube, the platform’s algorithms have begun to prioritize and actively promote this type of content – live videos are higher in search results, generate more traffic and increase Watch Time on the channel.

5 metrics that live broadcasts affect

  • Watch time.
  • The number of spectators.
  • The number of subscribers.
  • Cost per thousand impressions.
  • Income.

The only difficulty is that the broadcasts require more preparation, the constant presence of the blogger on the air and more serious technical support, which often makes their launch uncomfortable or even impossible for some creators.

In response to this pain for bloggers, looping solutions have emerged that allow existing content to go live with minimal effort. Let’s see what it is and how it differs from classic live broadcasts.

How to start a looped broadcast?

As one of the options, you can use the well-known OBS Studio for this – a program for streaming, the functionality of which allows you to loop the video in the stream 24/7. But for this you need to have certain technical skills, go through a number of setup steps, and also use powerful equipment that can provide an uninterrupted flow. These disadvantages make setting up a cyclic broadcast no easier than going on a classic live broadcast, and even more difficult.

There are also services for launching cyclic broadcasts that allow you to launch such a stream in three clicks on a remote server, avoiding technically complex manipulations and loading your own equipment.

How to use services for launching cyclic broadcasts?

  • Register on the service and a server will be automatically created for you.
  • Prepare the video you want to broadcast live. The video must comply with YouTube’s guidelines, which can be found in the Video Encoder Settings Guidelines.
  • Through your personal account on the service, upload the video to your separate server.
  • Create a broadcast on YouTube and specify its data in the service (Key and broadcast ID).
  • Start broadcasting with just one click.

You can learn more about the mechanism for launching cyclic broadcasts using the example of one of these services – It is now available to all bloggers from the AIR Creators Ecosystem, a YouTube Certified Partner.

Is it safe to use loop broadcast services?

Many creators avoid such services for fear that YouTube will perceive the looping videos as spam. This fear is understandable, especially considering that such services are external software. Experts from the AIR Creators Ecosystem conducted a series of tests and studies to dispel this myth.

Firstly, the platform itself provides a looping broadcast function, which makes this content format acceptable for YouTube. During launch, you will be prompted to select a source, and you will simply need to specify the loop broadcast service instead of the resource you are used to.

Secondly, such services work with the platform in good faith, without trying to hack or outwit algorithms, cheat views or do any other prohibited action. So, VidIQ is a prime example of how external services can be more than useful for a channel.

Thirdly, even official YouTube partners with thousands of connected channels choose similar solutions for their bloggers. Tracking the reaction of the platform to such software and monitoring the indicators, they came to the conclusion that such services do not pose a threat to the channel.

The security of this particular service also lies in the fact that you do not need to log in to the site using your YouTube account, you simply upload the video to a remote server, and then, using the key, it gets to your channel as a live stream.

Using the example of a channel from one of the AIR Creators Ecosystem, we will show how the round-robin broadcast service affects the main metrics compared to the regular video:

results that can be achieved. Gyre

Let’s analyze what results the client got:

– 10 times faster;

– +200 subscribers in just 5 days;

– retention time increased;

– almost 5 times more income;

– the price for 1000 impressions and views is higher.

It should be noted that the results are quite impressive.

Which channels are suitable for round-robin live streams?

Cyclic broadcasts can be launched on channels of different topics. No matter what size your channel is, as long as you have quality and interesting content, Gyre will help you grow and drive more traffic to your channel. Your audience may well perceive this format of content, and then the growth of indicators will not be long in coming.

Of course, there is a chance that the numbers may not be so impressive, and then you can decide for yourself whether it is worth continuing to launch streams. In any case, the broadcast launcher services provide a free trial period so that you can make sure you need them for yourself before subscribing. In Gyre, for example, this trial period is 14 days.

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