3 Best Software to Download Games

I have a fond memory of playing my first game on a monochrome display during school recess at the age of 11, it was a rather simple version of Tetris, which I played non-stop for the next few days. Flash forward to today, there are many games out there that efficiently use the hardware power they run on, thus providing immersive gameplay.

If you are looking for the best place to download free games, then there are three popular platforms you can download from GOG, Origin, and Steam. All of these have millions of gamers downloading their software and then playing it on their budget gaming laptop or PC. Whether you love to play strategy games, platformers, action games, or RPG games online, there are games for everyone. I have prepared this complete list of Softwares and Websites where you can download your favorite Windows or Mac games!


Steam started in 2003 as a way to make it easy to download updates to Valve’s games and was created by Valve software. Over time it became a social network for gamers, and now offers many popular games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Warframe, Team Fortress 2, Portal 2, and many other game titles. 

Every game purchased on Steam comes with a free player card that can be collected or traded with others. The Steam summer sale usually starts at the end of June or the beginning of July each year and lasts about two weeks. During this sale, you can find bigger discounts on games than on any other website.

Steam – the largest online distribution service for computer games. Apart from the fact that you can download and play a game on your PC, it is also available for mobile devices. Steam service has more than 120 million registered users and is growing faster than other services. 

It is supported by both Windows and Mac OS. Although the Windows gaming collection is much larger than the Mac, you can still play most of the games on a powerful apple laptop.

You can search for free–to–play games, inexpensive indies, or full-blown AAA titles, and launch them directly from the software. Steam isn’t just a games platform; it’s a whole system unto itself that deserves praise. It is perhaps the most consumer-friendly gaming storefront, and also quite possibly the most secure.

Good Old Games (GOG)

GOG is a good destination to buy games that are unavailable on Steam and Origin: two dominant digital distribution platforms that most of the gaming world uses for buying PC games. GOG is available for both Windows and Mac OS. 

There are several exclusive games that are available on GOG.com and you should definitely check it out if you like Computer gaming. The guys behind GOG do not boast about a large games line-up as Steam does, but they still have a decent collection of amazing games for your PC that you can enjoy.

GOG is actually an acronym that stands for Good Old Games. It is a digital distribution platform for DRM-free video games and classic games developed in the 1990s. Initially, GOG was launched in 2008 as a platform for distributing DRM-free versions of older PC games. However, in 2009 GOG expanded its repertoire by adding newer titles designed to run on Microsoft Windows and Mac operating systems. In this sense, GOG has been compared to the Steam software distribution service powered by Valve Corporation.


Origin is a digital storefront that offers PC games to download, and exclusive in-game content for EA’s biggest franchises like FIFA, Battlefield, and The Sims. Origin was launched back in 2011 after experiencing success from its Epic Games store and has since gone on to become the biggest distribution network for EA games, offering new titles first. 

If you are playing one of the games by Electronic Arts, it is almost mandatory to have Origin. On this site, you can find all the newest releases and most recent updates for your games.  In addition to the monthly deals, it offers sales events on PC games and Mac.

Everybody loves a good deal and Origin gives players a one-stop-shop for all EA titles. 

Closing the gap between game creators and their broadcast audience is just one of the enhancements applied to the latest version of Origin. Two notable upgrades are: The Broadcaster tool and a revamped video capture system. Best of all, you can now use Origin to broadcast to all streaming services like: Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook Live with one link. With Origin, it’s not just about buying games; it’s about community and communication. Origin is available for both Mac and Windows platforms.


I hope that I was able to present you with some new alternatives so that you can have an easier time downloading your games and software. Whether you’re testing out a new piece of software or looking for a new site to try, the options we presented here should help. There are many ways to download games onto your computer, but these methods are our favorites.

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