Best Internet Speed Testing Apps

In uncertain times like global pandemic outbreaks, we are facing an economic downfall. This is the time to change as a person and be smart. Be well informed about the things that you use in your daily life. The Internet is something that we use on a regular basis. All our work, relations, or education is facilitated by our internet connections. What if you get to know that you are paying hundreds of dollars every year for internet speed that you never really got? This sounds crazy, but today when you read this blog you will find out the way through which you can become a more informed internet user.

There are ways to find out the internet speed that you are getting. You can use the best internet speed testing apps and you can also approach your ISP. Before we dive into the details of the best internet speed testing app, let’s look at an example of how you can approach your ISP to find out about the speed that you are getting.

How to Approach an ISP to Find Out Internet Speed

You should be aware of what you are getting or what you are signing up for. The first step is the customer service department, which informs you about your services and their characteristics. For instance, Spectrum is the second-largest internet service provider in the United States. When you click and approach Spectrum Customer Service, you will get connected to a customer service rep where you can easily ask them about the internet speed you already have or want to have.

To check what speeds you are currently getting, you will be required to provide your official account number visible on your bills. If you don’t have access, you can give the phone number linked to your account or an email address.

Once you have given the required information and your address, you will determine what speed you are currently getting. If you are going to sign up for the new services, always ask twice about the internet speed you will get. The good thing is that Spectrum is offering promotional discounts too. You can check that out, but we are here to help you out so that you will stay away from the scams.

The best way to see if you are getting the Spectrum internet speeds and prices as claimed by your provider is to monitor them through the speed test apps available on your app store. Well, most of the speed testing apps are free of cost. Some of them might require a small sum subscription fee, but it is a safe investment as you will know your speed so that you can question your provider about it.

We are mentioning the most reliable and best internet testing apps that are most commonly used. You can easily download these apps and monitor your internet speed.

Online Monitoring Apps:

There are many internet speed test monitoring apps available online which you can also download on your phone.

1. or Fast App

It is the internet speed test app that was specially made by Netflix. You can keep track of the internet speed to check if you are actually getting the internet speed that you chose and are paying for. This app gives you accurate results as it was specially designed to see if your internet speed is enough to help you watch all Netflix shows without any intrusion.


Another very popular app that is largely being used by many people at the moment is The best thing about this app is that it will store your previous internet speed test record as well, so you can double-check your current internet speeds. You don’t need to keep a record of your average internet speed by saving it somewhere else because it will be saved with the speed test app that gives the most accurate results.


Another amazing internet speed test app with a unique feature is, which allows you to compare your present internet speed test results with previous results. This comparison feature gives you the most accurate record details because you will be aware of the best speed you were or are getting from your internet service provider and the lowest speed you are getting. This app is straightforward and has brief and direct options. In short, the interface that it provides is user-friendly, and you can use it very easily without needing to make any extra effort.

Furthermore, we would like to give you a tip that you should follow when running a speed test for internet speed.

Moreover, you might only run a speed test when you face issues with your internet speed, but it is better to stay aware anyway. Keep in mind that when you meet those problems, you can experience temporary internet speed lags at times, which is normal.

It would be best not to panic when you face speed lags. There can be various reasons for that, some of which are mentioned below.

Why do you face speed lags?

Sometimes you will notice that your speed testing app will show a really low speed, but that will happen rarely for a few days only. In such cases, the reason is not the quality of the internet service that you have, but the weather conditions that can affect your internet signals. It might take some time, but such issues usually get resolved within a day or two. You don’t need to worry about such scenarios.

Wrapping Up

You should always be aware of the internet speed that you are getting. In this article, we have mentioned the best internet speed testing apps that you can use to be aware of the internet speed that you are getting.

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