[Majove & Windows 10 Compatible]How to Rip Bluray DVD Early Man to MP4 AVI Apple TV

We have many DVDs and I was looking for a ripper or copier which will fully functionally rip and copy my personal DVDs including my copy protected movies mostly from Disney for kids I want to protect with a copy on HDD that I can put them on a single portable disk that we could either take with us when we travel or hook up to our router and watch from Apple TV. I also prefer watching my DVD videos in MP4 or AVI on Windows 10 or macOS Majove or on my iPad with kids and sometimes on iPhone myself. My grungy kids sometimes screw-up my DVDs & I want a real useable DVD copy so I have those covered… I want copies of the likes of COCO, The Breadwinner, Ethel & Ernest, The Star, Loving Vincent, My Little Pony: The Movie, The LEGO NINJAGO Movie, Despicable Me 3 etc. 

I have a new DVD, Early Man, because kids like it very much after watching it and want me to rip it to MP4 for iPad and the new Apple TV so that they can watch it them whenever they like. I also like to rip Bluray DVD Early Man to MP4 or AVI and I have an easy solution for ripping Early Man either the Bluray edition or DVD to MP4, AVI, MKV, iPhone/iPad, Apple TV. Here we go. 

Easy Ripping Solution for Bluray DVD Early Man

Life is tough and we’d always like to rip Blu-ray and DVDs with ease. There are a great many free ripping solutions like Handbrake and MakeMKV but neither of them is a perfect ripper for the Bluray DVD Early Man. Handbrake totally crashes itself while ripping Early Man to MP4, MKV or Apple TV as it does not always do good jobs on encrypted DVDs, not to mention Blu-ray disc. MakeMKV rips two titles for me but MKV is not my choice for Apple TV, nor iPad/iPhone.

Leawo Bluray Ripper is an ideal solution for ripping Bluray and DVD edition of Early Man to any video format you want including basic video formats MP4, AVI, MOV, and WMV and various phones, tablets, and smart TVs. HD videos like MTS/M2TS, MKV is also no problem. With a powerful coding and encoding tech in, it rips protected Bluray DVDs with easy.

Leawo Bluray Ripper is fully compatible with the latest operating systems like macOS Majove, High Sierra and Windows 10 etc. It rips both Bluray and DVDs. If you only want to rip DVD edition, Early Man, you use Leawo DVD Ripper and the above download links also work as Leawo combines all its programs into one called Leawo Prof. Media. Both Bluray ripper and DVD ripper are part of the program and can be used and activated individually. 

How to rip Bluray DVD Early Man to MP4/AVI iPhone/iPad

Ripping Bluray DVDs with Leawo Bluray or DVD Ripper is omnipotent and it is so easy to find your expected profile. Ripping protected Bluray and DVDs is as easy as ripping other homemade or non-encrypted ones with this Early Man Bluray DVD Ripper. I am gonna show you how to use Leawo to rip Eary Man, the DVD edition, and will take the Apple TV as an example. Remember you are always free to choose profiles you like and customize them and save as your own.

Besides, this guide for ripping Early Man applies for both the Bluray and DVD edition and the Windows and macOS version.

Step 1. Getting Ready

Insert your Early Man into your computer’s DVD/Blu-ray drive and download, install and launch the Early Man Bluray DVD Ripper via the above buttons.

Step 2. Load Early Man

Click Blu-ray Ripper or DVD Ripper on the main screen or Convert tab on tap. Load the Bluray or DVD Early Man from “Add Blu-ray/DVD”-“Add from CDbROM”. Choose Early Man in the drive. Then the program will start analyzing the disc.

load dvd cars3

After loading, you will see the program has already selected the right title for you with a preview window. Generally, for movie Blu-ray and DVDs, we leave the default Main Mode and for TV shows or workout DVDs from Beachboy, we go Custom Mode and the needed title. Full Mode is NOT recommended for Bluray and DVD ripping. 

Step 3. Profile

Specify Apple TV as the output format. Click on MP4 Video, which is the default one, click Change and target to Apple. You will see the profiles for different Apple TV models. But you will still be available to custom the profile and save as your own. Say you can specify the output resolution and codec instead of the default Smart Fit.

change profile

Step 4. Rip Bluray DVD Early Man to MP4 Apple TV

You are ready to run and rip Bluray DVD Early Man to the new Apple TV or whatever video formats you need, like MP4, AVI, MKV etc. Just click the Convert button to do so and enjoy the perfect copy on the new Apple TV. 

Early Man Ripping Tips

There are some tips for you while you are ripping Early Man with Leawo Blu-ray or DVD Ripper:

  1. For the Windows version, the output folder is in C:/, the system drive. If you want to save the output file to somewhere else, say the external hard drive, you can able to change one after you click Convert. 
  2. The subtitle for Blu-ray DVD Early Man is disabled by default. If you like a subtitle or add one for your own, click the drop-down menu from No Subtitle and select the one you need. Besides, in this Early Man Blu-ray DVD Ripper, Forced Subtitle is always enabled. 
  3. Edit is quite powerful in Leawo. It allows you to trim, flip, rotate, take screenshots as well as crop. Do as you like.

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